A stone aged Bigfoot footprint?

>A man in Hudson’s Hope, British Columbia, thinks he may have found a Bigfoot print embedded in a rock found in his yard while mowing the lawn. Hudson’s Hope is a small community in the Rocky Mountain foothills close to the Alberta border, dubbed “The Land of Dinosaurs and Dams”.

Neil Bitterman’s rock is the size of a watermelon and contains what looks like a four-toed footprint, about size ten. So are we assuming the print is from a small Bigfoot? Could it have been from one of the humans that were alive at that time? I know people like to deny that humans lived on earth hundreds of thousands of years ago, but according to Michael Cremo of Forbidden Archeology fame, it is proven absolutely and without a doubt.

Source: Is Bigfoot’s footprint preserved in stone? published on August 6, 2009 by the CanWest News Service.

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