Alberta: Bigfoot Walking on Water

I just had to use that title! …But the water was frozen, so it was actually walking on ice. I recently received this Bigfoot sighting report from Alberta, Canada. The sighting was in 1991 – about twenty years ago.

It was January 1991 and I was south of Valleyview, Alberta Canada about 10 pm with a co-worker in the woods. We were crossing a bridge in our truck, and when I looked down I saw a large, black, being marching across the frozen river. It was swinging its’ arms. I knew it wasn’t a man because of its size and color. When I told people what I saw they just laughed, but I know what I saw was Bigfoot.

To the person who sent me this report: I’m not laughing because… I believe Bigfoot exists. I admit I laughed a little, but only because you saw one walking on water (frozen) which I believe is fairly unique! Maybe not in your neck of the woods, though. Where I live, the water doesn’t freeze over.

Because many people laugh and scoff at the idea of a Bigfoot sighting, many experiencers stop telling what they saw. I find that sad and frustrating because there are a lot of people, like myself, that love to hear about Bigfoot. We want to know the habits, habitat, and actions observed during each sighting so we can learn more about our elusive, primitive cousins.

On the map, near the sighting location, there’s a lot of forested territory. There’s also the Willmore Wilderness Area, the Kakwa Provincial Park, and five other provincial parks and three national parks! It must be a beautiful area!

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  1. I saw something walking on 2 legs that was approximately 7 foot tall and had broad shoulders, out in the middle of a farmers field walking in broad daylight. It was walking towards the North Saskatchewan River valley which was about half a mile away.

  2. Yes. I too know they are out there. But as I feel they have eluded the main part of the world,,,ESP the part that would harm them/exploit them for profit and etc,except for those few tragic twists of fate,,for so long now that if they are “discovered” officially by “scientists” and confirmed as a new species it may not be even noticeable to them. I think they will keep doin what they do best. Our kind who has only good intentions will be able to spend time around their home,,,hopefully welcomed even,,to see and share nature,, and the ones with the bad intentions will still be made nervous enough that they leave the woods on their own two feet,,,just as quickly as before lol

  3. With all the sightings worldwide Bigfoot/Yeti/Skunk ape/Sasquatch/Saunemin Giant must be a reality If ever Bigfoot is found and the area where he/she lives won’t it be a sad day when all the tourists/hunters converge on that area to see bigfoot, yes one day someone somewhere will capture/kill bigfoot and destroy the myth-I sincerely hope that bigfoot and his relatives live in peace forever.

    1. Recently read the story of a Kentucky family who
      befriended a lone bigfoot male they named Samuel.
      He loved raw corn, chewing tobacco and veges. He visited their woods home many times where they tended his wounds etc. No mention if he still is
      coming around still.

  4. I have heard of sightings of the “Saunemin Giant” walking across a frozen creek so it must be common -but I’m not sure if the “Saunemin Giant” is the same as a bigfoot. (seen near Saunemin,IL. )

  5. Very cool. Always enjoy reading about sightings close to where I live. I’m 4 hours SW of Valleyview. I’ve never been there but I’ve read of a few sightings in that area.

    1. Hi everyone I’m not sure if people are still reading this thread. And I am not trying to take any reports away from this organization. But I have recently jumped in as designated sasquatch researcher for this area of alberta. So if you or anyone near the peace region has sightings/ encounters I would like to encourage you to also report to my web site if that’s ok. It’s at
      I also have facebook page you can follow at alberta sasquatch research and exploration.

      I intend to do in field investigations of reports so the more details o can gather of one area helps in finding the sasquatch clan and studying them. Thank you

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