Report of Bigfoot Found in Backyard – a Mental Aberration?

The aforementioned Bigfoot found in a backyard is apparently turning out to be an error in judgment, however a Facebook group owner who investigated the matter has been asked to wait until after Monday evening’s broadcast of Overnight AM, to share his report. He kindly agreed to that.

Could it be that “Mr. Mike” imagined all the Bigfoots in his yard, that the private investigator’s photo is a blobsquatch, and that we’re once again facing a case of false claims and disappointed hopes?

A few weeks ago I wrote about my frustration with false Bigfoot reports. I have heard too many of them at this point, and find it distressing whenever a sighting report proves insubstantial. It would help if people who are not absolutely certain of what they saw would quit making grandiose claims.

The implication is that Mr. Mike may have made an error in identifying … shadows, perhaps. But we’ll just have to wait a few more hours to get the rest of the story.

[Update: After hearing the radio broadcast on July 12 I changed my mind about this, and now feel it is possible that there’s another explanation that does not indicate any dementia on the part of the man who reported these Bigfoot sightings. See my report: Bigfoot in Mr. Mike’s Backyard: Follow-Up on Lan Lamphere’s Internet Radio Broadcast.]

4 Replies to “Report of Bigfoot Found in Backyard – a Mental Aberration?”

  1. hi sir i am 62 an have lived in the philippines for 9 years in the philippines they have a large spirit man called a capree this man will be 12 ft or more an covered with hair people hear can sometimes see this man in the physical but he is a spirit person this man will sometimes leave tracks an several months ago i was told of a three toed track these capree are famous for their strong bad smell i have drawings an storys of the capree from people an hope to see one myself one day what i am saying to you is that it could be true that big foot may be able to vanish into the spirit world at will the capree can also appear as a big pig or a big dog now the capree is also known for pasessing people his spirit will go into someone an they will become very heavy an very strong i have saw this happen three times these pasesions can be on a ( off on ) bases for years maby my info to you can help you dial in your knowledge an thoughts of big foot if you can send me a mailing address i will send you some drawings of the capree thanks

  2. Yeah, well, I sorta think that all reports must be gathered whether or not they see shadows or blobs. I for fact know he exists, I’m 100% sure of what I saw ….and I have some deep ideas of what he is….we can not count this out yet. I think maybe there is something to this story.
    grandoise or not, with out the reports, we can’t track him or investigate. I think we will get some good stuff soon. He can not remain dormant forever although he seems to be hiding out alot more lately.
    I know the false reports are disheartening, but we gotta keep the faith….BF’s are out there.

  3. A mental abbreviation? More like a mental patient. It gets old hearing people claim they have evidence and it turns out to be a hoax. It does nothing for our cause.

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