Bigfoot Are The Old People of the Forest

Bart Nunnelly expects his book, Mysterious Kentucky, to be published this summer. He is also part owner of Kentucky Bigfoot, along with Charlie Raymond. About.Com has published an article he wrote about a Cherokee man he visited while researching his book, in Bigfoot and the Cherokee Hill. The article was previously published at Kentucky Bigfoot Sightings Reports along with lots of pictures.

This article gives one of the best descriptions of the physical appearance of a Bigfoot that I’ve read. There’s also a Bigfoot picture which Nunnelly sketched with the help of his Cherokee friend. Very impressive!

The Cherokee man, named only M.F. in the article, said he had frequent Bigfoot sightings during his youth, including observing them regularly at a field where they scavenged for roots and grasses. Nunnelly recounts an incident when M.F.’s grandfather watched a Bigfoot carry away two full-grown pigs weighing two hundred pounds each.

M.F. carried with him a huge tooth he believed came from a Bigfoot. He showed Nunnelly where he found it – in a valley filled with Cherokee graves. Maybe some of my ancestors are there – my great-grandfather was Cherokee. I was touched by Nunnelly’s description of the area, which he’s promised to keep a secret.

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  1. If descriptions about full grown male ‘squatches are to be believed, these are top of the food chain, enormous and unbelievably powerful animals. I’m talking about 12 ft. tall, perhaps a ton in weight- real life GIANTS! I believe cryptozoologist Loren Coleman refers to these guys as ‘true giants’.

    These arent ‘people’ at all. They are something quite different. They are simply far too large and powerful to be anything remotely human.

  2. also read a paperback book called the bible and the bermuda triangle.sure gave some good evidence about bigfoot.published in the 1970’s. could these creatures be fallen angels.some other people from websites placed an article about decendants of esau and the edomites(hope i spelled this name right
    ) from the this paperback this was a good source of information.

  3. somewhere in the article is said these are older ones.this is true,should sure get around good for there years.

  4. Do you need to be shot to prove you exist?

    That is the silliest thing I have ever heard.

    Yes, we need solid proof, something irrefutable to the scientific community. But it doesn’t need to be a dead body. It needs to be a live body, someone who can handle himself just fine around our government, someone strong and smart enough to deal with the people who insist on believing that “the only good Sasquatch is a dead Sasquatch.”

    Someone who can talk clearly to even the least intelligent in our violent society. Someone who can prove their existence, without a doubt, and lay all the questions to rest, finally!!! That person knows who he is, who I am talking about. I leave it up to him whether to answer this ‘challenge’. Thank you.


  5. If bigfoot is out there someone needs STRONG evidence yes a body thats real so many poeple see this creature it seems to be to smart to be for humans to catch so there for bigfoot must be shot this will prove that bigfoot exists and yes ive seen the brand new pics on the news and on the net lets hope this is real the world deserves to know if bigfoot is fake or NOT???

  6. Couldn’t Sasquatch actually be a hairy Native American-Meek& intelligent enough to stay away from colonials & settlers?Or even biblically the one who was cursed to roam the earth.Wouldn’t God give the cursed one a coat?And say, his imidiate Family as well?Bigfoot ,Yeti -all one group of indiginous people W/ a giant stride-migrating, naturally!

  7. I believe you’re right. They seem to be intelligent enough to know that staying away from adult humans is a good idea. But children? They may think that seeing a human child is a good opportunity to learn about us, without getting shot at.

  8. I have reason to beleive that they will let children see them more than adults. They dont feel intimidated by children. I wont tell you why! Yet.

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