Bigfoot Psychics v. Bigfoot Conventionalists – Must It Be This Way?

I got Bobbie’s message today.

Do you know Bobbie?

She’s the creator of one of the oldest Bigfoot websites on the internet, Bigfoot Encounters.

She’s been collecting Bigfoot information there for years!

Bobbie Short’s Bigfoot Newsletter Online just published its 262nd monthly issue today, so you know she’s been working on collecting the news for a long time!

This time she opened with a word about occult practices, something she normally doesn’t do.

“The Sasquatch and occult practices…
Google’s definition of the term “Occult:” (noun) Supernatural, mystical, or magical beliefs, practices, or such phenomena and as an adjective, occult means: Of, involving or relating to supernatural, mystical or magical powers or w/phenomena such as BF. For those who don’t know me, the editor of this newsletter is a staunch flesh & blood conventionalist. I do not advocate any connection between the Sasquatch people and any occult/paranormal discipline or viewpoint because it sets this research off course and spreads misinformation.”
– Bobbie Short of Bigfoot Encounters, Bigfoot Newsletter Online #262, June 1, 2012

I don’t know if this was a response to my recent decision to announce my feelings about telepathy, or if it is a response to a trend among many Bigfoot researchers.

Bigfoot Communication
Bigfoot Communication - Art by Linda Jo Martin

I do respect Bobbie’s decision to remind us of her conventionalism.

But I find it sad.

I’m not sad that Bobbie isn’t into psychic phenomena.

That’s fine.

I understand that 90% of the Bigfoot researchers are so concerned about respect for the Bigfoot research field that they focus only on physical evidence and sighting reports.

What I find sad is that something as important as telepathy is swept under the rug as if it weren’t important at all!

Here in America we are brainwashed from birth to believe that ESP is unreliable, unimportant, and probably unreal.

Just as there are many Bigfoot experiencers telling us that Bigfoot people live in our forest, there are many psychics telling us that mental telepathy is a real phenomenon.

Who are you going to believe?

Most people choose to believe their own experiences.

Good choice!

I’ll bet there are a lot more people with psychic experiences than there are people with Bigfoot sighting experiences!

For those of you who are Bigfoot researchers who haven’t had psychic experiences, you probably think I’ve gone on the woo-woo bandwagon. I wonder if any of you are even still reading this blog! Leave a comment to let me know if you got this far!

I’m not crying over a loss of readership here.

I know there are many people with psychic experience that also are interested in learning more about Bigfoot, and it is for them that I’m writing now.

As a long-time blogger I need to differentiate my blog. There are dozens of Bigfoot blogs on the internet.

FYI. When I started this blog in April 2005 it was the second Bigfoot blog on the web, closely following Daniel Perez’ blog startup in November 2004.

I think Craig Woolheater bought the Cryptomundo domain before I bought mine but his blog wasn’t started until after mine.

If I’ve got my facts wrong please tell me in comments.

At the time I didn’t know anything about Daniel Perez and his Bigfoot Times website. I thought I might be the first, but I wasn’t.
You see, I was not very savvy about Bigfoot research at all in 2005.

I was a beginner.

I started the blog because there had been Bigfoot sightings near my town and I wanted to write about them and learn more.

And because I’m a writer and blogger. It is what I do.

My blog has been very generalized over the years, and over the years, many others have taken up the hobby of blogging about Bigfoot.

When my blog started, it was a noticeable frog in a small pond.

Not now.

These days there are LOTS of Bigfoot bloggers.

It is hard to distinguish oneself among them, so I need a specialty.

I am not the greatest Bigfoot forest investigator ever, even though I live in the center of a forest known for Bigfoot sightings. I’m a 59-year-old woman and essentially, I’m a writer and blogger, not a tracker or outdoorsman.

I am not the greatest scientist ever. Definitely not a scientist though I do have an analytical mind at times. Most of the time.

I am not the greatest cook. But that’s another matter!


I got real honest with myself and realized that what I am is a psychic writer who has a huge interest in Bigfoot.


That’s a bad word in the Bigfoot research community.

But how many psychics have been shooed out of the Bigfoot research community by loud guys that laugh at them?

Okay, I’m joining that crowd.

I fit.

I write and I’ll blog about it.

What do you want to bet that ten years from now psychic Bigfoot research will be commonplace and there will be so many blogs about it that I’ll have to differentiate my blog even further?

We’ll see!

If you want to stay on board with my postings here at Bigfoot Sightings please subscribe by email. Or try the RSS feed.

It is the best way to stay informed about new articles.

Also, leave a comment and let us know how you feel about the direction this blog is taking.

Are you a strict conventionalist who believes there’s no room for psychic phenomena in the field of Bigfoot research?

Or are you open minded enough to believe a good psychic could help lead you to the evidence you’ve been looking for?

21 Replies to “Bigfoot Psychics v. Bigfoot Conventionalists – Must It Be This Way?”

  1. There may or may not be anything supernatural about bigfoot. We just don’t have conclusive enough information. A prime example is the “Saunemin Giant” which is perhaps the best documented bigfoot in Illinois. It has been seen over a long timeline and by a wide assortment of people. The area of the sightings is relatively small, along 5 Mile Creek, near the small town. some think it’s a ghost, with the ability to hover above the ground and walk through fences, while others say that it’s a physical animal that leaves footprints . some reports even say that it hurled rocks at ATVs and broke out of a barn where a farmer had trapped it. I’d like to see more studies and discussions of the “Saunemin Giant”

  2. floow up with those of us that also claim the telepathic events in association with bigfoot activity.. Cliff above sounds like one. It is possible to collect these witnesses, and they are disparate and plentiful, together without committing to a particular conclusion, just getting it out in a factual manner would be enough. I have had experiences similar to Cliff and more. Perhaps a way to direct the blog is to begin to post those stories one by they contact you or you discover them, and allow them anonymity, protect your sources, you may be on to something. It will be good reading at the least.
    You weren’t hard on Bobbie in this, she was a hard nut to crack on certain issues and consciously elected to not address the UFO/Paranormal question, as it had no place in her efforts, understandably too.

  3. I believe a few humans are born with some telepathic abilities. Some humans have more, some have less or none. Our genetic dilution, generation after generation of domestication has weakened the natural instinct. It is neither encouraged nor acknowledged, thus acting much like an appendix, there but not needed. ESP would be a valuable survival tool, hence rewarded and passed on genetically in a true survival of the fittest situation. Humans have become a social or group animal, taking care of the weak, allowing them to survive and pass on their weaker genetics to the next generation. This hasn’t happened to the Sasquatch, the exact opposite has…ESP has been promoted genetically for thousands & thousands of years. They can communicate with each other from short distances and I believe they can pick up our general vibes. This sounds insane, I thought so as well until I experienced two cooperating on an approach and exit perfectly. How can you explain the vast numbers of human reports of ESP? It is a primal tool that rarely pops up in our genetic pool today. If you told a domesticated turkey that his wings allowed his ancestors to fly over 2 miles, he’d laugh and tell you no way. That would be until he ran into his wild cousin the wild turkey. His wings are fully functional and a survival tool. We can’t comprehend the amazing & “Superhuman” abilities of the deer’s nose, the eagle’s eyes, and the bat’s ears. Imagine if a brain took the same path in enhancement. Our top scientist today still can not completely understand or explain how our brains work. Then how can we understand the abilities of a undiluted, strengthened, and 100% functional Sasquatch brain? We are the dumb domesticated turkey who thinks his wings are just fine. I believe a Sasquatch’s brain has evolved into an amazing survival tool capable of way more than we can understand much like the other animals varied incredible senses. Quite amazing if you allow yourself to ponder the possibilities & results of natural selection.

  4. Amazes me that “conventionalists” will believe a large bipedal ape habituates the forests, swamps, mountains and deserts of almost every state in the U.S.(based on sightings) and yet we still do not have solid evidence that it really exists. Think about that near impossibility for a moment. Then consider the possibility of other creatures, like the Dogman sightings in WI and MI being of the same nature as Bigfoot. In my opinion, the odds favor that Bigfoot is not a conventional animal more than they do it’s a North American ape. What it is I don’t know… but unless the paradigm shifts and people open their minds to other explanations they won’t be asking the right questions, and hence, getting no closer to an answer.

  5. The psychic aspect is a valid approach. There could possibly be different types of these creatures in which one or all could possibly possess these abilities. I have had a few experiences that are hard to explain while camping in Florida. These involved vivid dreams with communication from something that seems to be from this type of creature. This did not happen every time and I am not prone to having what you might call ‘waking dreams’ or having other over imaginative behavior. Perhaps on this sight others could share their experiences, no mater how big or small and some sort of pattern could be established. Thank you and good luck with your endeavors.

  6. Last but not least.. an excerpt from DB’s interview with Franzoni:

    Henry: I said maybe there?s some way they could actually walk through the snow and not leave a trace. It just seemed like.. I couldn?t imagine what the logical explanation was for it, but I said, maybe that could happen. Now, once again, later,and I even bring it up in my book, I had an Indian friend who described that happening to him. He was sitting at a campfire in the middle of the winter in the middle of the woods, and bigfoot came up and shared his campfire with him. And as he walked up he left no tracks in the snow.

    DB: Uh huh!

    Henry: And then I said, ah, okay! And this was an Indian witness that I really trusted,who had 100% credibility with me. And I said, well, okay, they really can do that. I actually bring that story into my book.

    DB: Cool.

    Henry: That was one of those first hand times, early on — that happened in 1994, and that was one of those times where I said, wow, this bigfoot thing is way weirder than all of these people want to portray it.

  7. Linda Jo, I know nothing about your site but I have run across a couple of your posts. The one about the Patterson film and the various viewpoints about it was really quite interesting. I have been looking into Henry Franzoni’s take- via his interview with DB Donlon (alias Blogsquatcher)- on Seatco- another name for Bigfoot. Without a doubt Franzoni had some of those telepathic experiences you are talking about. It is part of the real phenomenon as opposed to the ‘imaginary’ one many blogs seem to want to address. If you dont account for all the facts your ‘solution to the mystery’ aint worth much.

  8. When you think “out of the box” you discover and see more and experience more. If you do not expand from everything you are taught in school and in general life, it is like being in a vacuum, swirling around and not reaching out to discover. I have seen the “how could this be” …and i will always be in awe.

  9. HI LINDA,

  10. Excellent comments Linda. The bigfoot discussion deserves a variety of viewpoints and investigations. Near Saunemin,IL. there have been numerous sightings of the Saunemin Giant over several decades. It appears to be a bigfoot based on appearance and behavior. There have been photos and at least some physical evidence (tracks in mud and snow). Yet some witnesses say that the Saunemin Giant is like a ghost. They say it walks through fences and sometimes seems to float about a foot above the ground. Is the Saunemin Giant a bigfoot or a ghost, or the ghost of a bigfoot? Perhaps we will never know…..

  11. I love that you’re a pet communicator, Karen. I communicate with them some.. but mainly with my own pets. They always let me know when they are hungry!

    I’ve been telepathic for years but only recently decided that this would become my specialty in Bigfoot research. Not that I find it easy, but I do experiments, many of them successful. My plan is to become more methodical in my research and to stop letting other people’s opinions dissuade me.

    There are plenty of researchers in the flesh-and-blood camp and I’m all for what they’re doing because we need the physical proof. However there’s a non-physical element of life that appeals to me and I want to be part of the study of it.

  12. Linda, I’m a professional animal communicator (a.k.a “pet psychic”). I’ve been a Bigfoot “fan” for so long that I can’t remember where I first heard about the phenomenon, probably from the Jerry Crew experiences that happened when I was a very little kid.

    The internet feeds my fascination, but I get dismayed by the heated conflicts between the flesh-and-blood camp and those with a more woo-woo take on the situation. Learning to open my telepathic skills (yes, they’re innate, we all have them) to become an AC has changed the world for me. There is SO much more going on in our world, but we’re schooled to ignore or disbelieve it.

    I live in the oh so pragmatic Midwest and I’m still touchy about being perceived as a flake, so I haven’t personally attempted any contact with the consciousness known as Bigfoot. Maybe some day. For now, there are lots of domesticated creatures that need assistance, and I’m honored to be of service.

  13. I dont know any thing about telepathy but when I was younger and spent hours upon hours in the woods ,I noticed that,I was never surprised by any body I always saw them first,My eye sight was better than excellant but I was a bigtime day dreamer,There is no telling how many LSU touchdowns I scored in those woods but yet I was not ever spotted first by any body,I would stand and watch them un til they see me or go 0n. I think wild creatures are like this too,maybe we all have a little bit of telepathy!

    1. I believe we are all telepathic but we’ve been taught not to trust our instincts. No, instead we should trust the TV newscaster, or the teacher. Anyhow, I agree sight is a big clue and if you see them first you’re at the advantage, in deciding how any meetings might be handled.

  14. Thanks, Tim. Bobbie provides a good service with her site and newsletter. I don’t know why she thinks I attacked her when all I wrote was that I was “sad” because telepathy is marginalized by most of the people in our society. Maybe she didn’t read it carefully.

    The other issue that came up when I discussed this with others was that I used her name. Since she has a well-known Bigfoot website she is a public figure and should not be offended if people respond to what she writes. I did so without insulting her in any way, and without intending my response as an insult.

    I quoted her with her name because that’s the proper thing to do when quoting a public figure. I also linked back to her website.

  15. Linda,
    I want to start out by saying I read your article twice and I too don’t feel you disrespected Bobbie in any way. I’m kind of glad you mentioned her, I enjoy reading these blogs and will now subscribe to her’s also. I don’t want to say I am part of a group. It’s more like friends who believe Bigfoot is real. We actually have a few people that believe in telepathy with the Bigfoot. Even though we all hang around a lot I personally have never had an experiance in telepathy. Is it real, my friends say it is, as for me, I’m just not sold on it yet.

  16. Thanks, Mark. You’re right… everyone’s honest opinion is valid, as an opinion, and worth listening to. You never know who will have a new and helpful idea that will lead to the truth!

  17. I wanted to let you know that I enjoy reading your blogs,and I think you do a very good job of displaying them. I also like to read other peoples views on Big foot. I would never say that one persons opinion is any more right then the next persons. I think until a big foot is proven everything is up to conjecture. Keep up with the great work.

    Mark Hearn

  18. Oh gosh Bobbie, it wasn’t meant as an insult … just a response. I have no negative feelings toward you. Like I said, your site is one of the best.

    And I didn’t send it to you via email – I just posted to Facebook.

    Also did you miss the line where I said, “I do respect Bobbie’s decision to remind us of her conventionalism.” …?

    You have always had my respect.

  19. In fairness Linda, I knew absolutely nothing about your feelings on telepathy. Not one thing. I haven’t heard from you in years. I would I possibly know?

    I don’t usually read your column unless someone sends it to me; today it was tagged and I got it by email, I guess from you – evidently making sure I got your paranoid rant.

    It is not a habit of mine to single people out publicly – and I do not appreciate being singled out on your public blog especially when an email politely inquiring about who my statement was about would have sufficed.

    Please check your paranoia at the door before to slice a sister researcher in public. Today you did both of us a disservice.
    Bobbie Short

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