Bigfoot Research With Love

What would it look like if we approached our work as Bigfoot researchers with an attitude of love?

To reach that perspective we would have to raise our vibrations, and this means working on connecting with our spirits until we can truly feel love shining from our hearts and radiating from us to the world around us.

Patty LoveLove is an attractive force. It holds things together. It brings things together . . . like magnetism.

Bigfoot research with love would attract like-minded, or should I say, like-hearted … beings … to us. It would immediately tell a perceptive being that we are trustworthy.

In my last posting I wrote that Bigfoots, the forest people, do not want to be confronted by human beings that are afraid of them. Frightened human beings with rifles have been known to shoot them. Even though I came by this bit of information via psychic means, when you think about it, this is nothing but common sense! I didn’t think of it before because I wasn’t thinking with a Bigfoot’s perspective! See: It Has Been Proven That We’re All Psychic, and This Can Be Applied to Bigfoot Research.

Bigfoot research with love would provide the glue that would bring a human and Sasquatch together on one wavelength. Love is a communication device . . . with love you can communicate with people even though you don’t share a verbal language.

“Only heart to heart can speak the bliss of mystic knowers.” – Rumi

Try it – you might like it!!

Besides, you must have heard that we’re all heading into a big change that will require a heightening of our vibratory rates. You can do it unconsciously, or consciously. Your choice.

Love… what a novel idea! It brings us back to what’s true and natural for us. Sasquatches may not understand what we’re saying, but they can feel the vibration of radiant love, and respond favorably to it.

Aside from that, I’d like to mention the love between Bigfoot researchers. There’s been too much competition, suspicion, mistrust, and anger. I suggest we set aside all those negative conditions, and replace them with love. Imagine how much more we could do if we worked together with love, consideration, compassion, and camaraderie. I had to look up that last word to spell it. Synonyms are conviviality, bonhomie, and brotherhood. Isn’t this feeling good?

Love. Let’s give it a try!

11 Replies to “Bigfoot Research With Love”

  1. ALl that’s needed now is purple colored sunshade lenses, rank knappy dreads, a macrame shoulder bag, some birks, and a double grade AA extra-large doobie.
    Peace, Love, and Donny Osmond. Must be a Kahleefourrnia thing.

  2. I apologize Miss Linda Jo. Sometimes I get in a pissy mood. I was in a pissy mood after reading your comments and I shouldn’t said the things I said about you. I have been reprimanded by a friend of mine so please accept my honest and sincere apology. Man, I hope Sasquatch can’t read. If so, I may not return from the woods next time. Be Safe in and out of the Bush!

  3. Obviously, Linda Jo Martin is another Liberal whose suggestions just may get someone killed out in the Wilderness. I’ve been Squatching for 10 yrs out here in the WA Cascades. I’m also a wilderness junkie who has lived off the land for over 5 yrs. That is when I had my face to face encounter with a 10 ft male. Lasted 5 sec and I pissed all over myself. I’m a “No-Kill” Squatcher, but there are alot of dangerous Critters (bears, lions, wolves, coyotes, etc)out there and you must always be prepared. Even Dr. Meldrum carries a Sidearm when Squatchin. He’s no fool either and has a sense of Reality, something that Miss Martin lacks. Miss Martin, Sasquatch is a Wild Animal and NOT a Damn Pet!!!Quit romantizing Sasquatch. It’s a Big, Muscular, Hairy, and dirty and nasty smelling creature. As to being friendly, who knows? Have you read Paulides “Missing 411?” They may be serial killers when the time is right and the pickings are good. I MUST Find Sasquatch again. And I will. You maam stick to writing articles and books. Your attitude scares me and it reminds me of an author by the name of Kewaunee Lapsertis. A complete nutjob and charlton who is just trying to cash in on Sasquatch! Inconclusion, please educate yourself about the Wilderness and Wild Animal!Books

    1. Bobby, that was kind of harsh. I assure you I’m not a liberal… far from it. Nor am I a republican. But definitely not liberal in the political sense of the word.

      I am a believer in the power of love. That doesn’t mean I go into the wilderness unarmed. I live in the woods; I’ve seen bears outside my kitchen window and a mountain lion on my front porch.

  4. I always go into the woods with an attitude I am their friend and feel I have had a lot of good responses from the foots for doing it. They may not understand me (I don’t know) but I always talk to them. I let them know my intentions are good and that I would never hurt them and that I would just like to be friends and learn more about them. I do carry a pistol but I always keep it hidden under my shirt and I always let the foots know it’s for my own protection if there is times they aren’t around. Like I said I feel I have had good response from the foots for being open about my intentions.

  5. Top notch commentary Linda Jo…

    Surprisingly, I have never seen this simple suggestion made on any other bigfoot/sasquatch web page.

    When I’m in the woods, I’m already in awe of the beauty of those natural surroundings. Forest creatures are all part of that environment, and while it’s prudent to make your presence known to any bears or mountain lions, there are still no real solid reports of Bigfoot people harming humans.

    Happy Mother’s Day!

    1. SAR, thanks re: Mother’s Day. I know what you mean by the beauty of the woods. So long as it is a sunny day without mosquitoes or poison oak I’m always happy in the forest.

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