Indiana Bigfoot Awareness

Bigfoot Site of the DayThe webmaster at Indiana Bigfoot Awareness posted good news recently. He finally had a Bigfoot sighting on July 5, 2009. That was after years of anomalies on his property and sightings by at least one of his children. His personal story started with one of his children being stalked after dark by an eight foot tall creature that originally was in the stooped “tree stump” hiding position. I’d like to read the details of his 2009 sighting!

My favorite section of the site is his rant page. His most recent rant compared GPS units. Before that he ranted about The Trouble with Sasquatchery Today, Bigfoot message boards, and people who have sightings then won’t talk about them. I do love opinionated people!

Indiana Bigfoot AwarenessIf you’re living in Indiana and have a sighting, you might like knowing there are others in your state who have seen things before. Check out the stories at Submitted Encounters and Sightings, Kosciusko County Indiana Sightings, and Bigfoot/Sasquatch Reports in Indiana. There’s a long history of Bigfoot sightings in the state.