Bigfoot Sightings Reported in the Bigfoot Buzz

Terence Sakohianisaks Douglas was the author of a monthly Bigfoot Buzz column at First Perspective National Aboriginal News.

In his March 31, 2007 column he featured the Bigfoot sightings reports of four indigenous people who contacted him with information. In one, a woman alone in the woods encountered a Bigfoot who stared at her in such a way she believed she was being hypnotized. When she arrived home she was extremely tired, a condition that persisted for weeks and which she attributed to Bigfoot. While I believe it is possible that Bigfoot was doing some kind of hypnosis on her, I think the reason for her exhaustion was probably due to the shock and stress of seeing such an anomalous and huge creature.

In another account Bigfoot was seen near Ft. Bragg, California – something I found interesting as I received a report last year of numerous Bigfoot footprints found in that area.

Another segment of this issue of the Bigfoot Buzz included this statement, “Sasquatch people continued to trade with other First Nations and even learned a little of the old languages.” I find that fascinating as I’ve always wondered if Sasquatch could be taught our languages, and I have an interest in learning to communicate with them.

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  1. I saw a big hairy creature in Jan 1972 in southern IL. It was late at night driving home. Came around a sharp bend in the road and came up on this creature standing on the side of the road . When my headlights shined on him he took one look at me and stepped over the guard rail and was gone. That has been 50 years ago and I can still see him to this day. I was 20 years old when I saw him. One year later a few more people reported seeing this creature. I guess what I saw that night was real. They later on called this big hairy creature the Big Muddy Monster.

  2. They are extremely telepathic, and that woman was being checked out. She was tired because it is intense when that happens. Seems that they know her from previous lives, and wanted to find out how she was doing in this life. She was also being prepared for the future. She will have future interaction with them, and she was being trained to prepare her for it. When the time comes that she needs that information, it will come to her. She is in no danger, she has been their friend for centuries, she just doesn’t remember it. But she will!!!


  3. I think bigfoot is real, but I don’t think it as the ablity
    to controll the minds of people it encounters. Futher more I think that the creature is just a undocumented primate, and that the eye wittness accounts of wittnesses suggesting that the creature somehow put them in a trace lends creedence to skeptics who say that the sightings are nothing more than an over active imgination

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