David Paulides interviewed for the Eureka Times-Standard

The Eureka Times-Standard is the closest major newspaper to the site of Patterson’s 1967 Bigfoot filming. Bluff Creek is north-east of Eureka; both places are in Humboldt County, California which is just east of Siskiyou County, where I live.

Author and Bigfoot researcher David Paulides was interviewed for a May 30, 2009 article about his investigation and book on Hoopa Bigfoot sightings.

I’ve already written a review of that book: The Hoopa Project.

In the article, Bigfoot is not at all imaginary for many inland residents, a paragraph from The Hoopa Project is printed – about a sighting by the local supermarket manager. It took place in front of what used to be a computer store on Highway 96. The man was driving to work one early morning from Willow Creek and clearly saw a Bigfoot standing on the highway. Until that time he was a Bigfoot skeptic.

This is only one of many fascinating Bigfoot sighting reports documented in The Hoopa Project.

Now – Good News – David Paulides has had another Bigfoot book published. I haven’t read it all yet, and my full book review will have to wait a while. The new book is Tribal Bigfoot.

The new book contains reports from many Northern California locations as well as Oklahoma and Minnesota. One of his investigations was an interview with Collette Alexander, whose Bigfoot story was originally posted here on Bigfoot Sightings: Santa Cruz, California Bigfoot Sighting, 1999.

I’m a Siskiyou County resident living in Happy Camp in the center of the Klamath National Forest – so I found the chapter on our county of interest. He interviewed and wrote about Darrell Whiteaker, who I don’t know; Lars Larsen, a long-time Happy Camper I am acquainted with; and Tara Hauki, who I know quite well and who comments on this site from time to time.

Other chapters in the book: Historical Bigfoot, The Bigfoot Map Project, Associations, Extreme Sighting Locations, Santa Cruz County, Amador County, Trinity County, Del Norte County, Humboldt County, Minnesota, Oklahoma, and The Bigfoot/Hairy Man/Human Connection.

Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it?

In the meantime I’ve been reading Bigfoot Encounters in New York and New England – a book by Paul B. Bartholomew and Robert E. Bartholomew – brothers. I will post my review soon!

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  1. i have original copies of the bigfoot newsletter published in the 70s.It was put in circulation by Peter Byrne who at that time operated the bigfoot information center.If you would like copies i would be more than happy to send them to you.My address is 2424 jacob st. Wheeling,Wv.26003

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