David Paulides Responds to the Bigfoot Massacre Issue

While checking out David Paulides’ North America Bigfoot Search website yesterday to verify a statement in my first posting about Tribal Bigfoot, I noticed that Paulides has added an undated “blog post” that seems to be a response to the Bigfoot Massacre hooplah/outcry that started on Cryptomundo with Loren Coleman’s postings of MK Davis pictures and videos compared to responses by John Green. Coleman’s posts included a couple derisive mentions of Paulides’ name which set me off, and I responded with a few blog posts of my own, shocked that Paulides would be associated with such an outrageous theory. Perhaps I should have kept it to myself, but I was very upset by the issue, especially after seeing David Paulides’ name mentioned! Plus I thought the photoshopping on the videos Coleman linked to was outrageous!

You can read David Paulides’ blog post #67 “Professional Investigations” on his blog in small orange lettering on black (which gives me eye strain) . . . or praise God because it is also posted on David Paulides’ Author Page at Amazon in legible black on white. (Updated Aug. 28, 2009, so it definitely looks like a response to this particular issue.) (Sorry, my ex-webdesigner’s rant about white backgrounds for professional sites just slipped out. See my page on creating author websites for other suggestions for professional-looking sites.)

I agree in part with this statement from his blog posting: “…the world of Bigfoot is one of the most dysfunctional arenas in any spectrum imaginable. It’s a place where many can’t work together, most don’t have friends, a majority of research ‘groups’ are a group of one and almost all have an ego the size of Texas.” I’ve met more people with ego problems who are into Bigfoot research than in any other group I’ve associated with. However I’ve also met some very decent, humble, pleasant people; we’re not all made from the same mold.

I believe he was referring to Coleman when he wrote, “They don’t go into the field, they manage a website where they obtain revenue from selling ads on their site, they make occasional television show appearances and they pedal their books. This group has an inordinate amount of time to sit, read others sites and again, try to find a story that is controversial about Bigfoot so they can drive traffic to their site and increase the revenue to their wallet.” In case he was including me in that group I have to admit… I don’t make money on this site. The small amount of money I get from AdSense for this site doesn’t cover my server and domain expenses.

Though I’m no big fan of Coleman’s I also want to say he’s making money his way which is fine, and David Paulides is making out well too as I understand it because he told me he’s backed by a group of business people in the Silicon Valley area who invested in his project, plus he sells books. I think it is time we all stopped blaming other Bigfoot researchers for the way they attempt or manage to make money with their Bigfoot research projects. More on this in my recent posting: Bigfooting for Cash: Capitalizing on Bigfoot.

If I had a way to make money with Bigfoot research, I’d be doing it too because I’m now unemployed and living on the edge, financially. I don’t even have hot water in my home because I can’t afford the propane for the hot water heater. I’ve discovered that taking a cold shower isn’t too bad if you do it right after taking a long hike. I don’t have money to do long-distance research projects or buy Bigfoot research equipment or go to conventions. But I do have enough to rent a cabin in the forest and drive to local Bigfoot research locations, and maintain a blog. I’m not complaining… and I love living here despite few job opportunities. I also appreciate having more time for Bigfoot research and blogging since I lost my job!

I found David Paulides’ resonse in Blog posting #67 to be cryptic beyond belief – a technique no doubt perfected in his law enforcement days. Rather than coming right out and telling us what he’s talking about he skirts the topic while commenting on his professionalism. Call me a little disappointed, but a cryptic and uninformative response is better than none at all.

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  1. Put cams, seismic sensors and mics in the woods near trails. We need to use technology to find out what the hell is taking people as they go w/o a trace mostly. Doubt its human, but is a stealthy entity like the “Predator” movie of 1987. FLIR scanners and sensors will tell us what is out there.

  2. Make a few drones equipped with IR, X-ray and ultra-violet cameras to search for people in the woods. U may detect ‘other’ things in there too. I believe an invisible lifeform is taking people as there are NO traces dogs can detect. Put hidden cams in the woods, mics too and see if anything unusual is out there.

  3. Linda, the blog dates are always identified with a date on the front home page. the professional investigations #67 is dated 8/25/09.

    Remember, David is an ex cop. My Brother has been one for over 25 years; their secretive and suspicious by nature and that “need to know” mantra as been ingrained in him for decades. Its disappointing you didnt get an answer but its not surprising.

    Now regarding that article you mentioned on Bobbi Short’s site on BFF, that was originally written on 7/1/97 by John Green and dated by Bobbi as 1997 on the bottom.

    The question would be; were those pictures when the article was written by John who would have had input into what was used or added recently by Bobbi?

    Now THAT would be an interesting answer!!

    1. Gary, I sent an email out to Bobbie Short to let her know about the discrepancy and to ask who told her those were photos of Bob Titmus. I would love to know her response on that and hope to hear back from her. It seems that someone may have spread misinformation… not saying Bobbie did – she just posted what she was given it seems.

      You’re right about Dave’s background in law enforcement being a habit for him after all these years. That has both positive and negative aspects to it. I do appreciate his books. Thanks for cluing me in on the front page dates.

      1. The front page of Dave’s site states: “8/25- New Blog- Professional Investigations-Blog #67” . . . and my email to him was dated August 24: “Sent: Monday, August 24, 2009 2:14 PM” So I’m going to stay with the notion that this blog post was a response to the Bigfoot massacre issue. Too bad he didn’t send me an email to tell me he answered this in his blog. The blog doesn’t send out updates like mine does.

        Dave, if you’re reading this – please consider upgrading to WordPress for your blog, or something similar!

  4. Thanks, Gary… I visited Dave’s site not long ago and didn’t notice it then, so I thought it was more recent. I also noted the August 28 date on the Amazon posting. So this was a response to something else? I do wish he would date his blog postings, or better yet, use WordPress so it would be a real blog. So now we’re back to having no response to all this? As a self-appointed exalted ‘professional’ he seems to have put himself above the rest of us. His refusal to comment on the issue doesn’t make me respect him more. This is not law enforcement; this is Bigfoot research, nothing more.

  5. that blog was posted the day before Coleman’s very first posting Linda. if you want to “read between the lines” so to speak go to the “guest interview” page and read the interview about the “bay area group” and the last part “the bay area group and the canadians” it has some interesting statements from Warren Thompson. it was also posted prior to the MK piece on LC’s site

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