Dazed Bigfoot Crossed California Highway 101 During Fires

Today The Willets News reported there was a Bigfoot sighting on Highway 101 north of Willets near Shimmins Ridge Road during the Mendocino Lightning Complex fires last summer. Willets is a small town in Northern California between the San Francisco Bay Area and Eureka.

According to reporter Linda Williams, Chris LoPinto of Laytonville and at least one other driver saw the creature step into the southbound lane near a guardrail. It ran into the path of a small truck and caused LoPinto to brake hard. The truck, which was trying to pass LoPinto’s car, managed to avoid hitting the Bigfoot and continued on without stopping.

LoPinto said the Bigfoot ran upright on its legs until it got to the middle of the highway which was four lanes at that point. Then it leaned over and ran with its arms down the rest of the way, to safety. Bigfoot investigator Tom Yamarone told the reporter that the fact the Bigfoot used its arms to cross the second half of the freeway was highly unusual.

At that point some might think the creature was a bear, but LoPinto got a good look at the face – the Bigfoot was only 25 feet away.

The description:
Estimated at seven feet tall.
It was covered with hair.
The face was completely flat, without a protruding nose.
When it turned to look at LoPinto its neck was stiff so it turned its entire body.
Its face was yellow or gold like a ripe banana.
It had a smooth, shiny forehead with ridges and no eyebrows.
The eyes glowed red, possibly as a reflection from the car’s headlights.
It had thin lips.
It had a simian face.
It appeared to be suffering from heat and heavy smoke from the fire.

LoPinto filed reports with the Department of Fish and Game and with the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Department. At first he didn’t realize it was a Bigfoot. Eventually he got hold of Tom Yamarone to investigate.

Tom Yamarone’s website: Bigfoot Songs.

Source: Bigfoot Sighting on Highway 101 by Linda Williams, published on October 29, 2008 in The Willets News.

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  1. May 28-1988.
    It was Sat, Memorial Day week-end, a crispy morning with a beautiful clear blue sky.
    My boy then Ten wanted to ride his new motor cycle up on the logging Rd belonging to a corporate forest owner. This meant we had to cover some pretty steep terrain to get there.
    We lived in the Wishkah valley and had to climb to the ridge to meet the Rd.
    I’m 6’3’’ 230lb and it would be impossible for him to ride me up the steep terrain without flip the bike so I told him I’ll drive until we reach the Rd.
    It’s approximately 10:30-11:00 am when we set out.
    As we approach the ridge, the area had been clear-cut in 1986 and slash-burned in 1987 so there is no greenery to be seen for a 100 acres or more, common practice up here in Washington.
    I stop the bike where the trail meets the Rd and my boy climbs off to take over. I’m looking north up the Rd thinking, that way has some big crush rock in the Rd that could cause us to have a nasty spill.
    I then look southward and 100 yards away there is something huge and white in the Rd.
    I’m think GREAT, somebody as dumped something off in the middle of the Rd but I can’t make out what it is.
    Suddenly it moves! It looks like it may be a person because it’s just standing there and I believe it was its head that moved. Now my boy is telling me he’s ready to drive now.
    I’m still trying to figure out what I see. Its head was looking south now suddenly its head turns again to look east the way we came up from but we are north of it.
    So now I’m thinking this is a person but what are they wearing and how are they so tall?
    My boy still going on about his turn to drive when suddenly it looks north straight at us.
    At that moment I knew exactly what I was looking at. It immediately begins walking in huge strides down the adjacent ridge alongside us.
    In shock of what I was seeing I barked commands for my boy to get on “get on quick” he begins to argue with me I bark for him to get on NOW!
    This is where I error, I thought because it’s moving so fast that he could get a real good look of it if we quickly rode toward it.
    He’s despondent while climbing on the back. I take off fast toward it but it is moving way to fast so I yell at my boy “look there do you see it?” What he grumbles in my right ear.
    I realize his head is over my right shoulder and the Bigfoot is moving away at our left.
    By this time the Bigfoot has kept his eyes steady on us the whole time he was walking looking back over its left shoulder when suddenly it almost slams into an old-growth stump. I took notice the comparison of him to the stump as he passed it. He looked surprised then looked forward then turned his back to us to go over the back side of the ridge.
    I yell at my boy to look over here, I’m looking back at him, this side, do you see it? He again grumbles what, I don’t see anything. By this time Bigfoot has dropped over the back side of the ridge and is gone.
    I can’t believe I just ruined my boy’s chance of a life time to see Bigfoot.
    We went back later to measure the stumps height and diameter. The stump came to his chest as he passed it and as he turned away he was half the width of the stump.
    He had white hair with no visible neck. His hair was short on top of his head much like a fat top crew-cut. His face had short hair on it much like a dogs except for the sides of the head and lower face and chin area were long down into his shoulders.
    His eyes were sunk-in dark concave with a huge eyebrow ridge.
    He was ever erect standing and walking. His arms were long and swung just below his knees.
    The skin of his palms and foot bottoms were flesh in color and void of any hair.
    He moved in a liquid fluid stride and his arms were as long if not longer than his legs.
    Without a mistake, his arms while standing fully erect, swung below his knees.
    His arms were bigger around then my legs and he had a huge muscular barrel shaped chest.
    The stump was 12 ft tall and had a 8 ft diameter.

    Yes I’m aware how tall and wide that is but I can’t tell you he was 8 ft tall when I had something to compare him to. BFRO reporters told me the pencil pushers found my height to be to incredible so rejected my story.
    Since then my son has seen two young 4ft white ones also the same area.

  2. Just have to say to all you skeptic’s, you are fool’s. Do you remember a certain ocean going fish called a Celacanthe? there was several sighting’s of the creature by fisherman for year’s and the scientific community said it can’t be possible because the animal died off millions of years ago. Guess what lame brains, diver’s are finding them alive and well at the deepest parts of the ocean. So why couldn’t a creature as smart as a large primate still survive and evolve from the early days? scientist themselves even say that there is about 10,000 animal’s on this great big planet that still have not been discovered. Besides you vote for all these lying,cheating,stealing jackasses we have ruling our country believing the that they have you best interest in mind.So think what is more realistic BIGFOOT or our back stabbing leader’s in office who have no clue how to fix the problem’s they have created in this country?

  3. Saw one in plain sight at end of our wooded street in the cul-de-sac 4/14/2013 Only it was tall and lanky like an NBA player, very black shaggy hair and it’s head was sort of dome-shaped. The most stunning part of it was it’s flat yellow face and eyes. It was squinting looking up the hill at our approaching van. It’s eyelashes were very wide, thick and curly and although it’s hair and beard were smooth and long and black, the edges framing his face were blond. He had a center part that was perfect. He also seem unperturbed at seeing us. He ran off after we turned in our driveway out of sight. Due to sounds I have heard in the past, I expected some day to see an ape-like variety but this one is definitely a different type altogether, but I’ve since researched this type and others have seen same thing. SO exciting!

  4. i saw this very same creature back in 95″ when we was coming back from work,i work 45 mins away from my wrk last sighting was on right before u passed san ardo almost getting to bradley near san miguel california.

  5. I was a non believer myself, until 1991. I was on my parents 10 acres in Casper, CA. Not to far from willets when I saw one, A Bigfoot that is. I shined my flash light right in its face as it ran down a dirt road that goes past the front of our property. I was about 25 feet away. I am a firm believer now. I Was 23 at the time, 44 now and it still gives me chills to think about it. not the scary kind ,the excited kind to think something that cool really does exist and i was fortunate enough to see it!!!

  6. Hello Big foots are real.I am native american a cree from Hudson bay.Ontario canada I was portaging a rapid i saw one.It was hiding behind a bush it stood about 9-10 feet tall.It got up and walked into heavy bush i was so scared about 200 feet away.2 years ago.

  7. that looks SUPER DUPER REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Im wearing underwear. You wont see any pictures but it doesnt mean Im not wearing it.

    Most sightings are by people not looking. Therefore they dont have a camera ready. A lot of the people with claims seem very credible. One of the best stories is on the Grants Pass Courier’s website. A phsychologist named Matthew Johnson was hiking by the Oregon Caves on a popular trail with his wife and kids. The story is very believeable and Matthew is very credible.

    Its just upto you as a person to pick and choose which stories you believe and which you dont. One thing’s for sure though. Either every single person is a liar. Or there’s something out there. With the crdibility of alot of these people, its very hard to believe they’re all liars. That leads the the latter conclusion.

    1. I went to Oregon Caves the week after Dr. Matthew Johnson and his family encountered the Sasquatch along Big Tree trail after they’d toured the caves. He started crying when he recounted it on video afterward, a tourist filmed it. The ranger told me the Dr. wet himself etc. when he saw the creature, he felt his family was in danger. He sponsored a few expeditions after that, and saw much evidence of their habitat etc., but no creatures.

  9. Good possiblity he’s real. pics or no pics. its just 1 of those things u gotta believe without actually seeing it

  10. “The face was yellow or gold like a ripe banana”.

    That’s the first time I’ve ever read of a Biggies’ skin being that color.

  11. The picture linda just showed just wont convince me. give me a different ,clearer picture then i’ll believe it.

    1. Josiah, how about spending six months in a Northern California forest. Maybe you could have your own encounter and that would convince you. Probably nothing else will.

  12. Had a sighting in summer 2007 while motorcycling along the WV turnpike,thought for sure I was approaching a large bear but, when I was about 30yards away and passing by this creature sitting on the hillside, I could’nt beleive what I was seeing and to this day I want to beleive this was a black-bear but, its features was human-like just all covered in fur except for the face(no snout) I did blow the horn and wave and the creature seamed to become irritated by the facial expression it showed. The time was at sunset app.7pm

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