Bigfoot Researcher Don Monroe on IF Radio – The Horses are Coming!

Are wild men (Sasquatches) plaiting horse manes in the middle of the night? Why would they do that?

Bigfoot researcher Don Monroe was billed as The Most Interesting Man in the World by JavaBob and Professor Pious on their Blog Talk Radio show on April 26, 2012.

He is studying the mysterious plaiting of horse manes, and believes this is being done by Sasquatches, or “Wild Man” as he prefers to say.

He is writing a book, The Braided Horses Are Coming. He says he’s been searching for the truth his entire life.

Don Monroe Examines Horse Plaits
Don Monroe Examines Horse Plaits
To start the show he mentioned that long-time Bigfoot researcher Ray Crowe was hospitalized and needs our prayers.

Don read a short excerpt from his 240-page book (a work in progress) about the plaiting of horse manes, world-wide. The question is, who or what is plaiting the manes of horses at night while their owners sleep?

This happened to Lisa Shiel’s horse. She’s the author of Backyard Bigfoot: The True Story of Stick Signs, UFOs, & the Sasquatch, and it happens to many others throughout the world.

Don Monroe has several theories on why this might happen. He’s made an intense study of this phenomena and even keeps track of the moon phases and records the phase during which horse plaitings occur.

* * *

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Recently he mailed his steel-toed boots to General Delivery in Hawaii, then went there, picked up his boots, and got a job in the construction industry.

While there he was able to do some research for his book.

Hawaii is the only US state in which there are no known Bigfoot sightings, and he hasn’t found any horse plating reports there yet.

Don wanted to know if there was any evidence that ancient Chinese mariners had been there.

The theory is that the ancient Chinese used Sasquatches for mining and other manual labor, but that they didn’t find any work to do in Hawaii so their Sasquatches were kept on the ships until they reached North America.

He quoted Eric Von Dannekin…
“No one who puts forth a new theory has any claim to be embraced, kissed, or congratulated, but the very best he can briefly expect is that his theory will be seriously examined and discussed.”

Don Monroe comes up with a lot of theories, and then goes out to research them with the intention of disproving them.

Those theories that can’t be disproved are worthy of further consideration.

* * *

He noticed that these mysterious horse plaits seem to be covered with milk at times.

He has a braiding expert from Washington state who helps him with plating assessments.

The plaits are often done so intricately they are hard to take apart.

It seems to be an ancient custom and is probably taught to the younger children in the Sasquatch tribe.

* * *

A caller asked if he’s been extracting DNA from the braid.

Don said he hasn’t because the milk on the braid has been polluted from handling. Also he’s totally unfunded and cannot pay the high cost for DNA testing.

* * *

He had other fascinating incidents to relate and plans a series of books to explain what he’s seen and experienced.

* * *

The Braided Horses Are Coming, by Don Monroe

The Braided Horses Are Coming, by Don Monroe

29 Replies to “Bigfoot Researcher Don Monroe on IF Radio – The Horses are Coming!”

  1. For those here debating the origin and meaning of the Cajun word Rougarou. It’s from a French word which is used in Quebec and some ski hills there are named with it.
    Lou-gar-rou (loup-garou) means were-wolf. “Loup”, silent P, is French for wolf. The cajun language comes directly from the Acadians (A-cajun, for short) traveling from Old Upper Canada, Ontario and Quebec, south to Louisiana.
    -French Canadian out…

  2. a rougarou is not a ghost child,its a werewolf,this is a common term in louisiana,they even have a festival in houma for it,i know,i lived in houma for years,and im still in louisiana.

  3. At first thought No Way is bigfoot braiding horses manes. Whenever I braided my horse I had to Q restraint him from his halter. Then I had a second thought about how stupid we are as children. So why does a country boy try to tap a bull on the head then run away and then do it again? It’s a odd idea but what if bigfoot teens dare each other too. I would think it would be a challenge for a bigfoot to calm a horse down enough to pull this off. Is it a teenage dare or a right of passage?

    1. I thought maybe that could be part of it. The mane tangles I saw were practically uniform, and looked like handles. I thought they could be letting their children ride the horses, or using the handles to hold them down, to get at their milk (for lactating horses)… by the way, Don’s book was published (but not by me) and so far I haven’t been able to find out how to get a copy.

  4. The plaiting of horses has also been reported from the bigfoot like entities of Caucasus and also from Kazakstan
    and Hawaii also claims a bigfoot type creature on the island of Oahu, outside Honolulu and named akanaka

  5. I have kept horses and if they do all kinds of activities that matt and knot and twist their manes – they roll, they like to nibble other horses necks, they like to rub up against bushes etc etc… I had a pony who regularly developed dreadlocks in a matter of minutes after brushing his mane thoroughly…..?

  6. Hello from east Texas everyone. I am a ‘ Big Foot’
    Researcher and Tracker . I have a group of nice,intelligent people that we hunt with. We are
    Not familiar with this ‘ Braiding ‘ behavior , maybe
    Our Texas Bigfoots think it’s for sissy’s !! All kidding aside I would love to see an actual
    Sample of a Bigfoot braid . Anyone have a photo?
    I can be reached at ,
    Happy Hunting and researching to you all !

  7. I am from England and I have never heard any news on horses manes being braided-can anyone give me a link or something to see this?

  8. I am from England and I have never heard any news on horses manes being braided-can anyone give me a link or something to see this?

  9. To be fair, this does seem to be happening all over the place. you can do a search and see that it’s happened alot in England this past summer in several small rural communities. And no one seems to know what is braiding the horses mains. The thing that baffles me is that this is not a phenomena that people everywhere have heard about, yet it’s happening everywhere. In the least, it’s very strange. Is it a bigfoot? Hmmmm….

    1. You are SO right reg filbin! If the plaiting is like the one shown in the photo, that is only the wind that twists the mane as it blows. Horse owners see it ALL the time in the winter!

  10. “The theory is that the ancient Chinese used Sasquatches for mining and other manual labor, but that they didn’t find any work to do in Hawaii so their Sasquatches were kept on the ships until they reached North America.”

    Are you serious? who comes up with this stuff anyway? And bigfoot researchers wonder why they aren’t taken seriously.Braiding horses manes… seriously .. a bigfoot comes out of the woods purposly for no other reason than to braid your horses mane. Yeah cuz thats part of a mammals survival technique .

    1. He is not suggesting they are doing it as a means to survive. He is just saying that he finds it odd and has some proof that is leading him to believe that it is being done by what he believes is a Sasquatch.You do not have to believe it but he is on to something and never doubt the belief one human has as you may never know where it can lead. I am not saying it is true nor false as we just do not know but I believe him enough and there is evidence presented before us so that is enough needed to state what he has.

      1. The horse-primate bond was forged centuries ago. Horses are very curious herd animals who are to this at taking the brave steps of allowing themselves to go against their prey animal fear response because if their desire to interact with a fellow sentient, social being. Centuries ago, just as with interactions between man and wolf, both species were naturally fascinated by the doings of each other, and in a very harsh environment, each recognized the benefit it could receive from each other–security, companionship, intellectual development, and feed on the part of the horse, and companionship and life assistance on the part of humans. (There is no doubt that the shape of a horse’s back isa perfect fit for the shape of a person straddling it.) Any experienced horseman knows of the curiosity then affection that most horses show people; they decide to be near us frequently, and since they are naturally very touchy-feely with the members of their herd, with physical contact conveying every possible type of communication from affection and comfort to danger, fear, warning, aggression, dominance, and all manner of cues for teaching and learning, it is natural that they would communicate with people in the same ways. They love close affection and various rubbing, lipping, smelling, and nuzzling, and if they have become acclimated to predatory Sasquatch type creatures, it is very likely that the ape like creatures also use grooming, nuzzling, rubbing, nibbling,and stroking to convey security and affection. It is quite possible that having a small population, living in a dangerous world, having their habitats encroached upon and feeling threatened by the people they’re also curious about, a Sasquatch creature would feel the same pull toward the companionship of horses as we do, friendless as they are in their habitats. Mane braiding may fulfill the desires of creativity and physical comfort and companionship. I am intrigued by the predator-prey animal contradiction, but of course horses and humans bridged this gap, made this leap across instinct thousands of years ago. Nature constantly breaks the pre-conceived set of rules scientists placed on it, in terms of the long haul of time, a very short time ago, and with a great deal of arrogance, as observations were accepted as “facts” and anyone operating outside this brief and flimsy list of “facts” continues to be deemed a kook, simply because somebody observed other events and behaviors which fell outside the realm of these “facts” which are proven wrong all the time. We used to say that man was distinguished from the rest of nature because he was the only one who used tools, when in 30 years we have found hundreds of tool-making, tool-using animals. I take the view that possibility is way more scientifically probable in nature than impossibility. I feel that instead of breaking off into scientists vs. kooks, epode should just collect and explore data, wait and see.

        1. Chess Pie has made a very interesting point, stated in a very educated way. Stranger “relationships” have been seen in the animal world! I would think the obvious intelligence in a horse would definitely be an attraction to Sasquatch. It may be one of the most intelligent animals to safely approach and bond to/with…they’re large,loving,protective, and loyal…kind of like what we know Bigfoot to be as well. I’m far from an expert, but from my own childhood encounter, I feel Bigfoot/feet(still not sure on the grammatically correct way to say that) are curious and for the most part loving and respectful. Whether they are enjoying a mutual kinship with horses or trying to get human attention to gauge a reaction-who knows? But when it comes to judging others’ theories in a subject NO ONE is 100 percent sure, at least show some respect, whether you agree or disagree.

  11. Regarding the tv show “Cajun Justice,” the women was claiming her horse’s manes were braided in less than a half hour while she went inside. She stated that it would be impossible for any human to accomplish that in that amount of time.

    She placed the blame on a Cajun legend called a “Rougarou,” which is a Cajun name for ghost children.

    The paranormal seems to pop up frequently on that tv show, and it makes it entertaining to watch. Of course, the usual rule of Reality TV applies, remember their number one goal is to provide ENTERTAINMENT and they will do whatever is necessary to increase rating.

  12. Hi Linda
    There is a new show on A&E called Cajun Justice. In last weeks episode a lady called the police because her horses were spooked and their mane’s were braided. I can’t remember the name of what she believed did it. But the way she talked it is happening a lot in Louisiana. I will have to watch the episode again tonight and let you know what she believes is doing it.

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