Dr. Matthew Johnson and the Oregon Caves Bigfoot Sighting

I met Dr. Matthew Johnson in 2006 when he spoke at the Happy Camp Bigfoot Jamboree. He was there at the invitation of one of my dear friends, Judy Bushy. Thanks to her, I got to hear a first-hand account of what happened to him on Mount Elijah near Oregon Caves.

I’ve just finished writing Oregon Caves — A Bigfoot Sighting Location where I’ve posted a lot of Oregon Caves photographs and information about Dr. Johnson’s sighting. I included a link to a short documentary about Dr. Johnson’s sighting which is posted at a news website.

Linda Jo Martin at the Oregon Caves National Monument, looking for Bigfoot... in the location where Dr. Matthew Johnson first saw one. Big Tree Loop Trail.Oregon Caves would be a great location for Bigfoot researchers to meet, hike, and even take the family on vacation. There’s a cave tour and lots of hiking trails, plus a beautiful Chateau for upscale dining and lodging.

The photo shows me hiking on the Big Tree Loop Trail in 2007. That’s where Dr. Johnson saw Bigfoot in 2000. An odd near-coincidence… I first went to Oregon Caves on June 1, 2000 for my son’s 10th birthday. It was exactly one month later that Dr. Johnson and his family went there, took their hike, and encountered Bigfoot. I live about 30 miles south of there in Happy Camp; he lives about 40 miles east of Oregon Caves in Grants Pass.

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  2. Fifteen years ago during the summer months I came across the badly decomposed remains of a very, very large creature along the shore of Takla Lake in British Columbia. I have spent a life time in the wilderness, and have never, before or since seen anything like it.
    Some of the hair was eight to ten inches long and silver tipped, and some was short and quite fine. It was getting dark and was miles from the nearest road. I have found the remains of a dead grizzly bear and numerous other creatures in the wild, but nothing like this creature.

  3. There have been multiple sightings in our area for years. Most have all been in the same general area.. I personally saw something and smelled a aweful smell plus hearing the tress break coming toward us..Looking back I just realized that rock throwing is another great indicator. I just thought it might be loose rock.. Anyways, Our area in Grande Ronde- Willamina Oregon.. Gold creek mountain,

  4. I just got back (June 6/7, 2011) from visiting the Oregon Caves and hiking the Big Tree Trail. This trail can be very dangerous. I fell through the ice several times and two of these times was over a rushing stream. There was no signs telling us the trail was closed. Please ask about trail conditions before you hike Big Tree Trail. We started out slowly to enjoy the hike. It took us 4 and 1/2 hours to complete. It was, however, exciting to know bigfoot has been seen on this trail. I was not hurt, but could have been.

    1. Hi Linda! I didn’t encounter ice when we walked the trail a few years back, but this has been a late winter. Thanks for the warning! When we walked on the trail I wasn’t sure of the exact location of Matthew’s sighting… but later when I found out exactly what spot on the trail it is, I realized I’d heard some noises from up on the hillside near there. But… didn’t see anything. I did have a strong sense that they lived on the opposite side of that hill.

  5. Thanks Linda ! I almost just assumed the Erin Lodge was it. Thankfully I double checked here. I will try to book at the Oregon Caves Chateau. Thanl you for all your help. Ill let you know how it goes.

  6. Thank you Linda ! That definitley helps for sure. Ive been mapping it out but it’s hard without knowing the specifics. We’re leaving Edmonton the morning of Sunday September 12th and we’re staying with some of my girlfriends relatives in B.C. on the way. Should make it to the caves Wednesday sometime Im guessing. Looking forward to the trip even more now and I’ll report back wether or not I encounter anything. Thanks again Linda !

  7. Hi Linda. Im fascinated with the existence of Bigfoot. I would rather keep it a legend than fact. Atleast for the world anyways. I myself would love to encounter one and have a story of my own.

    In mid September I’ll be driving down from Edmonton Alberta to San Francisco to watch my 49ers play. I watched the video on Mr. Johnson’s encounter. Amazing. I wouldnt expect to encounter one but I would love to explore the same trail/area, and others. Just to be in the same place would be thrilling. I’ll be with my girlfriend and her parents so unfortunately I wont be able to spend as much time exploring as I would like to.

    Would it be possible to get some info/directions on how to get to that very spot that Mr. Johnson had his encounter and possibly other hot spots in the area or on the way ?

    We’ll be staying in hotels along the way aswell so if there are any places to stay where I could leave the hotel and walk around that would be great. The “inlaws” can sit in their room while I go ” Sasquatching”.

    Thanks Linda

    1. There’s a lodge at Oregon Caves…. with very good accommodations and an upscale restaurant. To get to Oregon Caves, take highway 199 in Southern Oregon (between Medford and the coast) to Cave Junction, then turn south. It is about twenty miles to the caves. You’ll have to park and walk in to where the caves and lodge are.

      When you arrive there will be a waterfall on your right and the visitor’s center on the left. Go up the stairs toward the visitor’s center, then straight on to where the Big Tree Trail starts.

      Matthew took the right-hand path (it is a loop, about three miles, as I recall) and encountered the Bigfoot about 1/3 of the way into the loop. Be sure to pause and listen for strange sounds that may pause at the same time you do.

      Hope that helps and that you’ll have a wonderful vacation!

      1. if you are driving from Grants Pass to Cave Junction, its 28 miles on Hwy 199 to Cave Junction, go to the last traffic light in town at the corner of Caves Hwy and 199, there will a shopping area with a restaurant called My Place on the left with the Junction Inn on the right and across from My Place is the Chevron gas station, and the Heavenly coffee stand. go left onto Caves Highway and continue on up the road, its about 10 miles to the Caves, and the area you want to go to. and we still hear him around here in the Cave junction area, especially here living on Caves Highway and off in the more wooded areas.

  8. I appreciate your efforts at educating the public about the Bigfoot species. It’s important for them to understand that this animal is very real so we can eventually identify it as an existing species and protect it’s habit before it is too late.

    God Bless!

    Dr. J.

  9. Mike, Bigfoot research is a great hobby to get into; I’d tell skeptical family and friends, ‘Deal with it; I’m going out squatching!’… this reminds me of Brad Paisley’s ‘Fishing Song’. hmmm

  10. Hi, im a truck driver,hauling crude oil,that takes me to many wilderness spots,to pick up oil, at many different leases! I get to se a lot of thr great outdoors here in OK. where i live.I often get a feeling that im being watched by something in certain areas where i go. Even though the truck is a little bit loud,i see treetops moving around,and there is no wind! I dont notice it everywhere,just certain areas throughout the oilfield!
    The chickasaw, and the local Comanche tribe,believe that bigfoot has been one of their spirits for centuries! Long before the white man came.
    In the past 10 years,there has been documented sightings,some with videos,in Honobia county,Ok.
    I used to deliver gasoline to a store in Antlers,Ok.
    One summer some students from Oklahoma University,was hanging out there,looking for Bigfoot!!!!!Its my understanding,that they did have some encounters with some Ape-like creatures,captured some stirring videos,scarred the living daylights out of some of them! But OU, would not allow them to go public with this!
    I dont know if this is true for sure,but thats what i have heard through the grapevine!
    And reflecting on my own personal experienced,THERE IS SOMETHING OUT THERE!!!!!!! I dont live,and work near Honobia county,but like i said, somethings out there and i hope to discover convincing evidence someday. I carry a digital camera with me at all times,and WILL NOT GO TO THESE AREAS ALONE AT NIGHT AT ALL! Back in 1996 to 1998 i worked nights hauling oil in these areas-WONT DO THAT AGAIN! Back then i used to see shadows in places where there should not be at night! never thought much about it then,but i wouldn’t get to far from the truck,just to be on the safe side!!!
    I am slowly investigating for myself here and there.I keep this to myself because my friends and family are skeptics! Someday, proof positive will happen!! I guess a body would be proof for them!
    Not into hunting or shooting, but i have discovered some dead cougars, and myers cats in the santa fe hills area. Had a friend that encountered a cougar one night in this area!

    Mike Brady

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