Facing Bigfoot with No Fear

A fearless encounter! Tim Peeler says he saw a male Bigfoot standing in his backyard and had the temerity to poke it with a stick and order it to leave, because he was concerned that the creature meant to harm his dog!

Thanks to TylerS500Lorinser for posting the video!
Tim Peeler of Cleveland County, North Carolina, has become a bit of a celebrity after calling 911 to get help with a Bigfoot prowling around his yard just over a year ago, on June 5, 2010. Now if you do the research at Google and YouTube you’ll see dozens of articles, interviews, and videos about him. If it was attention he wanted, he got plenty! And if this story is 100% factual, you have to admire him for standing up to a Bigfoot and ordering it away.

When we encounter any animal we need to make it clear who is the alpha… who will give the orders. So long as the animal knows who the boss is (you, of course) it is satisfied and can be subservient. It just wants to know the rules. If you show fear or run, then it knows you are giving up the alpha role and then it is in charge, and that could lead to your injury. The same rule applies to a Bigfoot as to an animal. If we approach a Bigfoot fearlessly it will respect us. If we whimper, step back, cower, or show any other sign of fear, it will know it has an advantage over us.

Tim’s Bigfoot was probably seeking a meal of dog meat, so Tim’s decision to protect his dog may have saved the animal’s life. In 2005 I went to an incident location at which two goats had been snatched from their chains in a small farmyard. The thick (very thick!) links of their chains had been broken, leading the owner to believe it was more likely a Bigfoot than anything else. Remains of the goats were found on a hillside nearby.

Sorry if I sound slightly distrusting of this story, but I can say I’ve reached the plateau of “once burned twice shy”. People whose Bigfoot sighting reports generate a lot of publicity tend to send up red flags for me. On the other hand, Tim Peeler seems like a genuine and friendly kind of fellow I’d like to meet.

In any case, his attitude of fearlessness toward the Bigfoot is what impressed me. He didn’t feel threatened and was able to take charge in the situation.

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  1. Well, yikes – I guess I’d be in trouble then, I’m sure I’d be nothing but a 5’3” ball of fraidy cat. :/ Now, not out of a desire to argue – I’m just a little confused – I thought I had seen on another page here that aggresive actions are what NOT to do, and that instead open palms face up at waist level and a no teeth smile might be best. This page would seem to indicate that a little bravado and take charge-ness is the way to go. Is one approach for a chance encounter in THEIR backyard, and the other for when it wants to come visit you?

  2. I would be curious if there were any visible tracks. Any description of the face, and was it more animal or human? How about the color of its hair or its height?

  3. win me and my friends were walking in the woods at night to feed the deers we saw a big beast of some sort and it thorwed a rock at one of the deers so we went to go get are guns and win we came back it was gone and it took one of the deers

  4. Alpha? This guy is lucky his head wasn’t ripped off his body. If he was “fearless,” then why did he need to scare it off? Why did he need a stick? Why didn’t he just psychically commune with it, like so many say one may do? And anyway, this is possibly a tall tale made up for the media. I’m always curious about the disparity of those who see the Bigfoot as some kind of monster, and those who see it as some kind of spiritual “forest brother,” or even an “elder” wise being. So, what are they? Perhaps it has a lot to do with our own attitude and perception?

  5. If I see a Bigfoot in my back yard, I’m grabing a video camera. Expecially if it’s going to wait until I get a stick and if it waits around for me to poke it. Instead of a stick he should have got a camera. Obviously if you grab a camera they run and hide because nobody has taken a clear picture lately.

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