Illinois: Look for Bigfoot near Pyramid State Park

This just in – from Ed, a Bigfoot Sightings reader, about his 1994 sighting near Pyramid State Park.

“Back in 1994, at about 4:30 in the morning, about three miles south of Pinckneyville, Illinois, I was driving toward the town on Rt. 13 when a coyote ran in front of my car. He seemed to be scared to death by something. As I hit the brakes, I looked in the direction that the coyote had come from, and the hairs on the back of my head and neck stood straight up. Something was running at a pretty fast pace, as if it was chasing the coyote.

This creature stood about 7-8 feet tall, was covered in hair and literally jumped up out of the field and crossed behind my car…

The body was massive. It never lost stride as it jumped up from the field and onto Rt.13 and crossed behind my car.

I sat there in amazement and fear thinking if what I saw was really what I have been hearing about for years. This was no bear. I know what a bear looks like, and I know that a bear can’t run as far as this creature did, on two legs…

I never told anyone about this encounter for about one year. Then I told a Conductor, who worked for AMTRAK, what I had seen.. I asked [him] … if he was going to laugh at me. He said no, there are a lot of things running around down here with SHAWNEE NATIONAL FOREST so close. This was the only time i have experienced this creature, but I do believe in them now!!!”


Thanks, Ed, for sharing that sighting with us! A few months ago I reviewed a web page about Illinois sightings and was amazed to find that Illinois has a lot of Bigfoot activity! Shawnee National Forest sounds like the right place to find them.

Here’s the map showing Pinckneyville.
The sighting was very close to Pyramid State Park.
The Shawnee National Forest is south-east of there.

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  1. Hi everyone,
    I recently saw a show on National Geographic and was surprised at the amount of towns people who claimed they had an encounter with sasquach somewhere near New York. I live in Chicago and believe it or not back in 1995 my friends and I visited an area where there’s a place we knew as munks castle. We would go there late at night. The place is surrounded by woods. As we drove away my friend who was driving behind me was pulled over by the police around 3 in the morning and I drove further up down the road to wait for him. I pulled over to the side of the road for a bit. I still had my lights on and the car is running. We were surrounded by forest all around. My friends and I were talking. In the distance I noticed a shadowy human like figure abnormally large with long arms and legs casually crossing the road and I kept starring to see if I could distinguish what it was. I turned on my bright lights and the the shadowy figure stopped in mid walking stride and turned his upper body and head in my direction for about three or four seconds then turned back and continued to cross the road and then was gone. The way it’s arms stretched out as he walked and the way it turned to look towards me is the similar to the old video everyon has seen where the bigfoot turns to look towards the camera and keeps going. Even the arm movement is the same but not as fast. This was weird. I just thought I’d share it with you all. Thanks! This is a true story!!

  2. I have heard of reports farther north in Illinois even reported in a local paper with pictures. The “Saunemin Giant “seen numerous times in a wooded area along 5 Mile Creek has been reported for decades. There must be several of these giants since there have been reports since the 1930s around Saunemin,IL.

  3. This fellow also submitted his report here in Illinois. I called his home five times. Each time his wife made an excuse why he could not come to the phone.

    You know what I think. It is a lot safer to get your story posted on a website if you don’t have to submit to a verbal interview.

    If this is untrue Ed has my phone number and is welcome to call me anytime and discuss his sightings.

    Great website Linda.

    Thanks, Stan

  4. Wow! Thanks for reporting this sighting. I would love to see one of these animals. The forest is so beautiful this time of year, here in Oregon, anyway.

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