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I internet-toured Kentucky Bigfoot (yesterday) and today I’m still in that state, looking at J. Vaughn’s Bigfoot/Sasquatch Page [Site is no longer there as of 2012] about Bigfoot sightings in the Appalachian Mountains of Eastern Kentucky. He emphasizes that his is a NO KILL Bigfoot research site. I’m definitely on his side with that issue!

He writes that when we’re outdoors hoping to hear a howl or scream, “…the main thing to remember is to have fun and enjoy your trip to the woods & be safe.” That’s so true. We need to remember that the joy of Bigfoot research isn’t just in having sightings or finding evidence. There’s also a lot of pleasure just being in the great outdoors, visiting with Bigfoot research friends, and enjoying fresh air and skies full of bright stars.

J Vaughn Bigfoot-SasquatchJ. Vaughn has listed a lot of links to show how much information is available these days about Bigfoot sightings. He also has some very helpful links to related sites, such as “Maps, Tools, & Animal Track Links” and “Animal Sound Links.”

On a separate page he wrote more about his opinion on Bigfoot research. He states that he believes that Bigfoot is a flesh and blood living creature related to gorillas, orangutans, or apes. He does not pursue paranormal explanations including UFO or shape-shifting theories. He’s hoping for a no-kill end to the Bigfoot mystery. He also calls for an end to fighting and arguing between Bigfoot research groups since all have similar goals.

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