Lawnflowers Jerky and Bigfoots

I love a site with a sense of humor. This has got it. Lawnflowers Jerky and Bigfoots is just that – pages about lawnflowers, pages about jerky, and lots of informative pages about Bigfoot. I found humor on the Author’s Page in the selection of photographs there.

Webmaster Dennis Bauer has been researching Bigfoot online for years, and has compiled an impressive series of links to Bigfoot information around the web. I especially appreciated the Bigfoot Behavior page which has links to sighting reports with Bigfoot vocalizations, among other things. This is a very effective and useful way to compile the results of internet research!

Lawnflowers, Jerky, & BigfootsThis site is the authority on Bigfoot in Alabama, with sighting reports divided into Upper Alabama and Lower Alabama. The Lower Alabama page includes parts of Florida nearby.

Ever wonder whether government agents are hiding Bigfoot information from us? I asked that question of a local forest service employee. He said that as far as he knew the information wasn’t classified, and that if there was anything to report it would be available to the public, but he added, “You would have to ask people higher up than me,” to get more information. Well…. here on Dennis Bauer’s site he has a helpful page called Bigfoot and Government. It contains links to sightings by government employees. Here in Happy Camp we had a sighting situation with two forest service employees and they did everything they could to cover up their involvement.

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