Maine: Report of a humanoid that may be reptilian

I usually like to keep the topic of this blog directly on Bigfoot but this time I’m going off-topic because I know many of you will be intrigued by this report from the coast of Maine.

A young woman I know online at Squidoo.Com has been seeing a creature she calls an amphibious alien ever since she was four. She’s also called him an eel siren. The creature is humanoid and may be reptilian as he has skin like a salamander. Her report is extensive and fascinating.

She says he has an ability to set fires by directing energy when he’s angry, that he’s over three hundred years old, and that he’s been held captive by circuses and by Nazis. She says he seems confused about his origin but that he was transported here by a UFO he calls the Vision-D8.

If you’re interested in cryptozoology and/or aliens, check this out: Encounters With Faeries.

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  1. yes i live in millferd. and i just found out that big foot was here. a local hunter put a motion detector in the woods a half a mile up from where i live,and they say he is 7 feet tall and say that it (he or she) dose not break into houses that we know of yet. it(he or she) has not ate any humans so far. so i would close your shades and lock your doors or you could probally see it (he or she) at your window. But no need to panic it (he or she) as i said has not broken into house so far. and questions or commnets please contact me at austinhenkel1[@] thank you

  2. i world love to go there and see it for meself so i can take pic and finsh reading me book on myth and unban legands i believe they are thing out there and i will found at least one or more of them

  3. Hey there

    I was wondering if you have received further information on this report from Maine. I would love to know at least what town in Maine.

    Any help that you can provide would be much appreciated.


  4. I love stories like this, great post and thank you for sharing it Linda. Who knows of course if this woman is “imbalanced” of course, and it has typically off the wall Fortean type stuff; like the creature speaking French. There are however many tales of encounters with Reptilians, and I know of one where the people say they’ve seen both Bigfoot and reptilians in the same area, along with heavy UFO activity. (Washington state.) What to make of these things, I’m not sure, but I do know there are many people,more than one might think, that have had very weird kinds of experiences like this. Are these stories of encounters a cover memory, a way of coping with some different, yet equally strange event, or just as the person says it is?

  5. And Rob… it IS hard to believe the story about the EelSiren… but it caught my imagination and of course raised my hope that my online friend is really having an anomalous relationship with an alien creature. And if it was to happen anywhere, why not in the woods next to the coast of Maine? That sounds spooky enough. Her little house is old and isolated, right next to the woods. Apparently the land has been in her family for many generations.

    I believe if this creature has been living on earth for 300+ years it makes sense that it has adapted enough to speak earth languages. She said it spent most of that time living in France and that it speaks with a French accent.

    1. One more thing . . . about her statement that the creature can set fires by directing energy when he’s angry – that didn’t surprise me too much because I’ve seen a YouTube video of a Qi-Gong master doing this … setting fires with directed energy.

      Check this out: John Chang Video

  6. Rob, there have been numerous Bigfoot sightings east of the Mississippi River. I just finished reading a book about sightings in New York and New England… I will review it here.. soon.

  7. first of all, how does she kno all this, is she best friends with this creature, do they twitter to each other, i dont understand, how does she have this information?

    1. According to the woman who wrote this report, the creature lives in the woods behind her home. He’s there because that’s where his “Vision D8” crashed 300+ yrs ago in the water just off the Maine coast, leaving him stranded here. He likes the climate – because it is cold. He needs to be near the water… maybe a reptilian thing? She says she first met this creature when she was four years old and that adults tried to make her say it was a lie. Now she’s much older (around thirty, perhaps?) and she says she still sees and communicates with him from time to time. It is ongoing. Plenty of people are calling her imbalanced but if true, this story is amazing. I have known her for over a year through the work I do at Squidoo.Com. She’s made some drawings of her strange friend… I guess he doesn’t hurt her so she feels safe enough around him.

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  9. I’m sorry but , something there does’nt make sense. Some of hard to believe. Especially where it can speak?

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