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Bigfoot Sightings now has a fan page at Facebook! Please join!

I decided to go ahead and create a Facebook fan page for this site after all. I thought about it all last year, but at the time I wasn’t very enthusiastic about Facebook. I still am not sure fan pages are as functional as they could be, but this year I am using Facebook a lot, and already made a few other fan pages… one for my writing and two for family rights. So, we’ll give this a try.

Of course if I have no fans, I will be totally embarrassed! So please… go to Facebook and become my fan. You have no idea how much it will mean to me!

[The avatar for the page is from my Bigfoot watercolor sketchbook.]

Bigfoot Sightings at Facebook

[UPDATE – March 13, 2010: I woke up today to find out I have eight fans already! You have made me so very happy!]
[UPDATE – April 30, 2012: The page now has 1340 fans!!!!]

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  2. I have seen the footprints and smelled it and seen what it could do in the angles forest in ca . I was hunting deer and seen the tracks on my uncles ranch and how deep they were into the mud . Im 300 lbs and big and could only go 1/4 that deep into the mud with my weight !!! Then , no man alive could climb up a hill like this thing could . I seen that and my hair stood up on the back of my neck . 3 other guys with me seen this and one said , gets get out of here NOW . This was no bear !!! It walked on 2 legs only !! I would love to know all about this thing and it does live . Thanks .

  3. I have wrote a book based on a real sighting. “The Saluda River Sighting.” It’s an epic story of a family, after their child is snatched by the creatures. It is in production…will not be out for a year.

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