Tribal Bigfoot – Comments on Chapter Ten: “Humboldt County”

I love that David Paulides had so much time (and money) to travel and spend time doing research and meeting people. But I like to check things out for myself, so after reading his notes about Lucy Thompson’s book, published in 1916, a source of information on the “Indian Devil” aka “Oh-ma-ha” – I requested …

How to Find Bigfoot

I’ve seen a lot of people come and go here in the Klamath River Valley — Bigfoot researchers looking for Northern California Bigfoot action. It saddens me that they can stay only a few hours or days — then must return to their city jobs in other parts of the country.

Bigfoot Reading Group

September’s Bigfoot Reading Group selection is Tribal Bigfoot by David Paulides. This is his second book examining Bigfoot sightings in Northern California. He also includes sightings in Minnesota and Oklahoma. The first chapter, which I’m reading now, presents historic Bigfoot sighting information and newspaper clippings.