Evidence of Bigfoot in Willow Creek and Happy Camp

The evidence for the existence of Bigfoot in Northern California, in the forests surrounding Willow Creek and Happy Camp, mounts with each passing year, yet critics and skeptics still devise ways to discredit eyewitness testimony, footprint casts, and DNA evidence.

Bigfoot Reading Group

September’s Bigfoot Reading Group selection is Tribal Bigfoot by David Paulides. This is his second book examining Bigfoot sightings in Northern California. He also includes sightings in Minnesota and Oklahoma. The first chapter, which I’m reading now, presents historic Bigfoot sighting information and newspaper clippings.

David Paulides interviewed for the Eureka Times-Standard

The Eureka Times-Standard is the closest major newspaper to the site of Patterson’s 1967 Bigfoot filming. Bluff Creek is north-east of Eureka; both places are in Humboldt County, California which is just east of Siskiyou County, where I live. Author and Bigfoot researcher David Paulides was interviewed for a May 30, 2009 article about his …