The Skunk Ape Files – Florida’s Bigfoot

Who knows what’s lurking in the swamps and wooded areas of Florida? Emma Carroll, owner of The Skunk Ape Files knows what’s out there. On her website you can read about her sighting and many other sightings in Florida and elsewhere, even in Iraq.

Lawnflowers Jerky and Bigfoots

I love a site with a sense of humor. This has got it. Lawnflowers Jerky and Bigfoots is just that – pages about lawnflowers, pages about jerky, and lots of informative pages about Bigfoot. I found humor on the Author’s Page in the selection of photographs there.

Stocking Hominid Research

Continuing my tour of Bigfoot sites around the internet, I found Stocking Hominid Research, Inc. – a non-profit organization for scientific study of Sasquatch. The site says, “We use critical thinking and forensic procedure in our investigative process.”