Sierra Sasquatch – on Monster Quest, March 17

Apparently there’s a new film? More footprints to examine? Some frightened witnesses?

Am I the only Bigfoot researcher in the world who has never seen an episode of Monster Quest? (No TV connection!)

Here’s the announcement from the History.Com website:

Sierra Sasquatch

Premiere Date: 03/17/2010

Ancient petroglyphs in the Sierra Nevada Mountains depict footprints left by frightening packs of hairy man-like beasts. Now, MonsterQuest heads to the heart of California where witnesses are encountering aggressively territorial packs of Sasquatch. The team will investigate groups of large footprints found here and analyze compelling new video which could be that of the beast.

Their show listings: Monster Quest … hmmm – I see they have full episodes online so I can go there in a few days to see this one!

Now normally I could have just linked you to that page but I wanted to comment on what they said in their blurb…

1. “…witnesses are encountering aggressively territorial packs of Sasquatch…” – assuming this is true, can you blame a Sasquatch for being upset about human beings encroaching on his territory? I always think of the Bigfoot shaking the trees on the border of Santa Cruz and Monterey Counties when he found people camping out on his ridge that led to the ocean. That’s in David Paulides’ book, Tribal Bigfoot – but I mentioned it here: Santa Cruz County Bigfoot. These poor creatures are constantly being pushed back further into the wilderness as human beings take over forested areas. We cannot count on all Bigfoot people to take it calmly. I’m sure they have many variations in character just as human beings do. Some are calm, some excitable, and some oppressive!

2. “…analyze compelling new video which could be that of the beast.” – Hmmm. The beast? I’m totally getting away from the concept of a Sasquatch as a beast, animal, or creature. Of those three words I like ‘creature’ best but for now, I’m going with “Bigfoot” or “Bigfoot people” or something like that. Sure, they live in the woods like animals, so far as we know, but I prefer to think of them as an intelligent tribe of people living in primitive conditions. They’ve learned to avoid human beings because when the white settlers came here they brought rifles and were seen to use them. Before that they came close to the native villages and there wasn’t such a huge divide between “them” and “us” as there is now. The natives were aware of them; they didn’t question their existence. But if they were truly “beasts” we’d be hearing about people being killed by Bigfoot, as they obviously have the greater strength, and we don’t hear that, do we?

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  1. Re Perry Donaldsons post – the other thing that I find striking about hunters stories is how a number of them simply give up hunting after they’ve encountered a ‘Squatch.
    There must be something quite imposing about these creatures to make such an impression.

  2. hello this creature is amazing discover of biology the creature can not encountered . the people wash a sasquatch many times in the forest . the hunters something like a beast through the arms and shoot . because the creature run away and atack humans . the beast is very inteligent and dificult to see . this animals are gigantopitecus moderns and survive in this days . the sasquatch is an power criature and master of the nature . thanks . of coment is the vampire of the night chao .

  3. Speaking of how intelligent the creature may be:

    I have always been impressed by hunters with scoped rifles who have encountered Bigfoot. To a person, they have said something like, “I saw the creature through my scope and there was no way that I was going to shoot it, because it just looked too intelligent for me to pull the trigger.”

  4. Insightful post, Tim. While I get the impression that they generally seem to use quite a bit of restraint in their dealings with humans even when they arent very happy with us, it would be naive to think that these massive, powerful creatures are always benign, and I’m certain that a number of humans over the years have met an unpleasant fate at the hands of a ‘squatch.

  5. The subject of bigfoot should be considered in our natural study of endangered species. not a monster, or mystery quest. Too many people “know they have been around just as long as we bigfooted americans have”. Not only have the native americans, and other indiginous people from other parts of the world known of their existence, now in our present time,we have become mystified with the possibility of a species more connected to earth than ourselves.

  6. What interested me was the appearance of the figure not being fully visable from waist-to-mid-thigh down, with the final movement of that of what would be the left forearm. To me this accounted for the possibility of a greater height, like walking in a depression! Just a thought.

  7. From the website “Lawnflowrersjerkybigfoot” they have a section that lists possible violent Bigfoot Encounters. I believe Bigfeet learned to fear white humans because during our occupation of North America we were violent toward them, as we were to Indians. Now we continue to encroach upon them and their habitat, nor are we as violent towards them, so their numbers are increasing and they are losing their fear of us. Hikers and Campers go missing every year. Since “Science” doesn’t recognize Sasquatch, these killings can’t be attributed to them, so they are mislabeled as bears and other creatures. I don’t wish to kill a Sasquatch, but then I don’t want to run into one either. To label them as “benign” is to be naive, IMO.

  8. duh, i saw program last night, and read about it today. why does mq not go further with the film. when you look at the one on google it looks like a person in a parka. i think mq knows there is more of the film but doesnt show it. how come drones find people in irag and afghan but not here in america. if you fly one over you will pick up images. i believe sq does exist. i think trail cameras will find one. duh.

  9. i saw the episode, the “film footage” was a tiny home video clip very blurry, very fast and to me looked like someone in a brown parka walking to the water. the foot print were all “tiny” compared to the prints i have seen. it was a good show to voice “veiws and points”

  10. Oh come on!! Yosemite is right there next to Mono Lake and with lots and lots of hikers going that area over the century. Sasquatch in the Sierra is nothing but a forklore. It probably a large black bear with cubs.

  11. Hi Linda, I am glad you helped get the word out about the show tonight. I have places I search on the weekends and vacations but during the week since I have to work all day I like to watch shows and read on the big guy. Another show that might interest you is a show called Destination Truth. Pretty much it’s about a guy and his team that goes and looks for cryptiods. Anything from the Lockness Monster to Sasquatch. It also comes on Wednesday nights at 9 pm Central time on the syfy channel. If you get a chance check it out and let me know what you think.

  12. People, “human beings,” are animals, creatures and beasts, so what is the problem? Humans are apes, or, in the same family of animals. We all eat, defecate and procreate. It’s just that some of us do it in houses, and some do it in the woods. To say “Bigfoot People” is misleading–it implies that the Creatures are human like us, which they decidely are not, based on the vast majority of sightings. “People” think they are special, but we are just another form of animal. All animals have their own special abilities and evolved survival talents, as do we; but what is important is noticing all the differences. That is how we tell one thing from another. Otherwise they would just get all blended together in our minds. I think the word we should be avoiding is “monster.” Then again, what do you expect on a show called MonsterQuest?

  13. You may not be the only Bigfoot researcher who has never seen an episode of MonsterQuest…however, there has been some interesting episodes investigating Sasquatch. Dr. Jeff Meldrum has made many appearances on the show. Check out the episode at Snelgrove Lake in Canada..

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