Help Make Squatching USA Happen!

Bigfoot researcher Sharon Lee’s dream is to travel the USA to meet Bigfoot researchers and enthusiasts, while making a DVD about her travels, adventures, and the people she meets.


The campaign mentioned in this article… has ended.

58 people pledged nearly $3000 for the DVD project!

Congratulations, Sharon Lee!

We believe in you!

(And Bigfoot.)

You are still able to donate to Sharon’s project through her blog, The Bigfoot Field Reporter.

She’s been running a campaign on – Squatching USA and at this point there are only seven days left until the deadline.

Squatching USA - Sharon Lee

Squatching USA - Sharon Lee

You may know Sharon Lee from her blog, The Bigfoot Field Reporter, where she’s posted a map of her intended journey.

Sharon Lee has shown tireless dedication to Sasquatch research over a long period of time and would be an ideal spokesperson and presenter for Bigfoot research information throughout the country, therefore I support Squatching USA and hope others will too.

There are a few incentives involved.

For a $5 pledge you can receive recognition in the credits on the finished DVD, on her website and on the Squatching USA Facebook Page.

For a $10 pledge you’ll get recognition on the Squatching USA Facebook page and the finished DVD, on her website, and will receive emails and pics from her while she’s on the road.

For $25, you’ll get all the above plus a copy of the finished DVD.

For $50 you’ll get all the above plus a Squatching USA t-shirt.

For $500, you’ll get all the above, plus she will arrive in your area ready to do a week-long research project in your area, and you’ll assure your place in her documentary if you want to be in it.

Any takers?

I hope so! Sharon Lee could use the help.

She’s spent the last twelve years working at the university in Cleveland and now is ready to do something different with her life.

Let’s help her get started!

See Sharon Lee’s video at Kickstarter.Com!


  1. Juan Antonio Cagigas says

    You can contact me through my email and, I’ll give you my cell so you can call me. I have a sighting I want to tell you about. My sighting was in South Orange County, California, close to the coast around 1992-3 around there. I did not realize what I had seen until a few years later. I was watching a very well and, professionally put together documentary on these creatures. They showed some footage which I have never ever seen again since. The footage was in black and white. It showed a pack or maybe a tribe of them walking from left to right. When the footage got up to the children following the adults, that is when the hairs on my arms stood up! I remember seeing the creature before me. I have more details if you contact me. By the way, the big deal footage with the guy in the gorilla suit is a fake! Garbage like that is the reason people do not believe actual sightings like the one I had. By the way, in my opinion, the History Channel does a terrible job of trying to demonstrate any and, all proof of these creatures. I feel they take away validity from this, I’m sorry to say.

  2. ben says

    glad to hear some real experiences out there i too have had three encounters one up close and personal the people arent lying and ill tell ya where get your butts down to holiday island out side eureka springs arkansas thats where it al happens we have three lakes in are and many rivers i cant go into detail unless contacted im 43 year old male and have been researching everything i can get my hands on since my encounter and to all the skeptics out there wake up and smell the squatch there all over down here no joke people heave a nice day

  3. Bensaquatching says

    looking for more info on sightings n southern cal,riverside,orange,palomar mnt,anza berrego,julian,lagunas,bullavard,campo,petreo,


    Sasquatch are a product of Giants long ago having sex with Silver back Gorillas as they did before Noah .
    South American Red haired Skulls are a product of men having sex with Orangutans.