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Everything about the Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy (TBRC) website is state of the art. I want to start this short review of their site by praising the webdesign. As a former webdesign business owner I recognize great design when I see it – and this site is outstanding. There’s a professionally developed logo, and the white space gives the site a clean, uncluttered look. Beyond that, this group is by far the most organized and professional that I’ve seen. Anyone hoping to take Bigfoot research to the next step by creating an effective organization should read this site.

The group is apparently very open with research information, something we can all appreciate. The TBRC site is full of content-rich pages including sighting reports and articles. They’ve clearly stated their position on sighting report classifications and posted statements about their projects, Operation Forest Vigil and Operation Thicket Probe.

Texas Bigfoot Research ConservancyTBRC has raised the standard for Bigfoot research procedures and practice, then documented their success and placed their work online for us to see.

I’m sure nearly everyone in the Bigfoot research community knows this already, but I’ll say it again… The TBRC is sponsoring a conference on September 26, one month from the day I’m writing this. The conference will be in Tyler, Texas, and the general admission fee is only $15 so that’s affordable for almost everyone. The public is welcome. There’s a registration page online.

This site is so full of information, I’m not going to be able to read it all in just one evening. I will revisit and may make specific pages of this site “Bigfoot Site of the Day” in the future. That will be at least two months from now as I’m booked through October already, and am constantly finding new sites to add to the project.

I do these Bigfoot Site of the Day postings for two reasons: (1) I like to redirect traffic that comes to Bigfoot Sightings to other Bigfoot research sites that don’t rank as well in the search engines, but that are full of fantastic information. TBRC probably isn’t in dire need of traffic, but the site is so well presented I wanted to review it anyway. (2) I’m also doing this because I have much yet to learn. I consider this a crash course on Bigfoot research, thanks to the many other researchers and organizations putting quality Bigfoot information on the web.

I mentioned a few days ago that I recently met Craig Woolheater, Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy. You can find a photo of us together in Willow Creek here. He came by Happy Camp a few days later, after his Bluff Creek film site adventure, and we got more photos at the Happy Camp Bigfoot statue and at a local sighting location where an old possible footprint was discovered. I will write about this incident soon, probably on my other Bigfoot blog, Friends of Sasquatch because my Friends of Sasquatch research partner, RG, was with us that day.

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  1. Just found this website… Hoping it is still active.

    About 10 – 15 yrs ago my husband and I were on a road trip… traveling east toward Bastrop, TX. I do not know which country road we we on, but as we passed an old, closed roadside park set a ways off the road to the right… I looked over at the picnic area and saw a site that I will never forget! Standing next to a picnic table was a very large manlike furry creature. I was too far away to see the details of it’s face, but it looked like a big foot to me. It was definitely not a bear. I begged and begged my husband to go back and let me take a closer look, but he was having none of it and went even faster away from it. (I’ve never forgiven him for that incidentally. ) The road bent left just past the roadside park and in a short period of time we entered the town of Bastrop.

    Only recently have I become aware of other sitings in the Bastrop area. Therefore I wanted to tell someone about what I saw.

    I’d love to know if anyone received this. I’d also like to know where the old road side park west of Bastrop is located if anyone knows. Thank you very much.

  2. I’ve been interested about sasquatch last five years, years ago like many others they are people making costume, and some video you could tell fake and there are video, and pictures, so I question myself and friends, we’re pretty much convinced it’s real, there’s just too much evidence, I do know this can happen people dressing up bigfoot end up getting shot, there’s trigger happy hunters out there, make fame money, I have come across idea get lucky and get good video and evidence, on foot prints instead pouring mold I recommend use saran wrap, clear wrap use for meat salad, footprint get the closest picture possible, take out saran wrap lay over footprint use two people to pull the wrap and laying softly over footprint then pour plastic mold dry pick up place in box, don’t touch bottom then use saran wrap again over footprint, then place in box, get home, look for evidence, like hair samples, from straight hair and tangle with debris, if possible I would look for broken trees limbs, limbs tell you how tall and may weigh, like to come visit.

  3. Have you ever had reports along cypress creek in Buna Texas, as kid I would here things following me thru the woods and found a huge foot print that looked human but was about 18 inches long and 6 inches wide!

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