The Bigfoot Discovery Project Video Archive

Yesterday’s Bigfoot Site of the Day was the Bigfoot Discovery Project’s Video Archive. I spent a lot of time last night watching some of the many short videos of Michael Rugg of Felton, CA sharing his Bigfoot knowledge and wisdom. It was an enjoyable, mesmerizing experience, and I eventually realized I was too tired to write about the site… so for the first time in the duration of this Bigfoot Site of the Day project, I fell asleep without writing a post about the site I was checking out.

The place to find out where the site of the day is – is Twitter. I post the name of the site and a link to it there – usually early in the morning. I then spend the day reading the site (or in this case, watching it) and usually write something about it on this blog before midnight. Last night was the exception… sorry about that (in case anyone cares.)

Bigfoot Discovery Project VideosMichael Rugg’s Bigfoot Discovery Museum in the Santa Cruz Mountains provides a central place for Bigfoot researchers to gather, and for people in the area to go to report things they’ve seen, heard, or experienced. He’s there to record the reports, and the ones he’s convinced of he includes on his Bigfoot sightings map which is there for members of the public to study.

The Bigfoot Discovery Project videos are full of his stories about Bigfoot encounters – mostly in his local area. Some of the museum exhibits are featured, and he recommends a few good Bigfoot books. The archive is definitely worth spending some time in. I watched episodes seven through forty-one yesterday. I’ll go back for more as there are now over 100 episodes of this video series!

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