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Recently Sharonlee and I met up at Cinnabar Sam’s restaurant in Willow Creek for a dinner party that included the Believe It Tour team, Craig Woolheater, and Steve Streufert. Here are some words that I’d use to describe Sharonlee: dynamic, personable, pleasant, cheerful, and vibrant. She’s got a happy, energized personality. For this reason she’s bound to succeed at her new career as host of two Bigfoot radio shows accessible through the internet.

Sharonlee’s primary show is called The Bigfoot Field Reporter. She’s also co-host for Sasquatch Triangle. Today her blog, The Bigfoot Field Reporter, is the Bigfoot Sightings Bigfoot Site of the Day.

Since she started this endeavor only last month, it wasn’t hard to read the entire blog. It gave me a better understanding of who Sharonlee is and what the focus will be for her radio show. It appears that she plans to travel and report on Bigfoot activities from the field.

Sharonlee, Bigfoot Field ReporterShe’s not one of those people to sit home and talk about what other people are doing. Sharonlee gets into active squatching and recording of Bigfoot events as they happen — in the forest! Recently she accompanied the Believe It Tour team to the Bluff Creek site of the Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot film. Her blog also tells the tale of an Ohio Bigfoot expedition she recently took part in.

Next month Sharonlee plans to report live from the Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy conference in Tyler, Texas. (September 26, 2009) About the conference – the admission fee is only $15… and if you attend you’ll be able to meet Sharonlee!

Steve Streufert, Sharonlee, Brad PennockSteve Streufert, Sharonlee, and Brad Pennock (a Believe It team member.) Sharonlee and Brad were showing non-techie me their cool equipment.

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