Three Blogs That Link To Bigfoot Sightings

One section of my site statistics lists each website that has sent visitors my way. I’d like to thank each of these blog writers with a profile here.

The three blogs that sent the most visitors to Bigfoot Sightings during April 2008 are:


Professor Hex

Professor HexProfessor Hex, Scholar of the Strange and Mysterious, has been going strong since 2004 and has developed quite a following. I know this because his site sends more visitors to Bigfoot Sightings than any other. He is constantly scouring the web, including news sites, to bring news and links to you.

Stan Courtney

Stan CourtneyStan Courtney is one of the most credible and professional Bigfoot researchers I’ve come upon on the web. He links to Bigfoot Sightings on his extensive links page, SquatchMarks, and I’m glad he does because he sends quite a few visitors to Bigfoot Sightings every month.

Encounters With The Unexplained

Encounters With The UnexplainedEncounters With The Unexplained is another very active paranormal research blog, and is the third most common referrer of visitors to this site (not counting search engines). Blogging from Canada is Aura who had many paranormal experiences as a child. She updates nearly every day on a variety of paranormal topics, including Bigfoot.

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