Whoops and Whistles – What Did I Hear?

Yesterday I was writing in my journal while sitting next to the Klamath River a few miles outside of town, about 11 am, when I heard a couple whoops, then a whistle, then a brief silence, and then more whoops and whistles. That was all. The whole thing lasted less than a minute. The whoops and whistles didn’t sound like any animals I know of in the forest near here.

I just spent some time listening to various Bigfoot sound recordings on the internet. I finally found something that sounds like what I heard on a BFRO page of Bigfoot/Sasquatch related sound recordings. The sound titled, “Whoops and Knocks” from California in 1974 has a very similar whooping sound… very short whoops. And further on down the page there’s one titled, “Growls and Whistling” that has similar whistling sounds.

I’m not saying I heard Bigfoot. All I’m saying here is that I heard sounds I thought were unusual for this forest, and that I thought they might have come from a Bigfoot. On the other hand they might have come from something else, and I’m open to suggestions here.

Klamath National Forest
This is the area where I believe
the strange sounds were coming from

The sounds I heard came from the wooded hillside on the south side of the river, across from where I was sitting. It has been suggested to me that the sounds could have been made by river rafters going through the rapids at the bottom of the cliff I sat next to, but I don’t think so for several reasons. First, they didn’t sound human. Second, there were no other sounds associated with rafters such as laughter and talking. Third, I think that if someone was experiencing a moment of excitement going through the rapids, they wouldn’t give two short “Whoop, Whoop” sounds, then whistle. What I heard sounded feral and animal-like.

Klamath River Kayakers
If you click on this picture to enlarge it
you’ll see the two kayakers I saw today.
I did not see or notice any river rafters
or kayakers yesterday when I heard
the strange whooping and whistles.

Today I was back in the same place for more journaling when I heard a shout coming from the canyon. I looked and saw two kayaks on the river bank. The owner of the voice was hiking around somewhere. This kind of human sound is much different from what I heard yesterday, so I’m not at all convinced of the river rafter theory, and my friend here isn’t at all convinced that I heard whoops and whistles worth writing about, especially in this Bigfoot blog. What do you think? Should I have kept it to myself?

The only recording device I have is my SanDisk (like an IPod) but the sound isn’t downloadable to my computer. However I will keep it on next time I go to this section of the river for my morning journal writing session just in case I’m lucky enough to hear something like this again. I’d like to at least be able to show my friend what it is I heard.

For the record, there have been Bigfoot sighting reports of encounters on the Klamath River Highway on this side of town, in 2003 (a local teenager) and 2005 (a visiting pastor from a large congregation in Southern California.)

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  1. Yes, Linda, it is too bad at this +50-yr. stage of the game that there is still such a broad hesitation to so tentatively discuss BF indicators as if we were walking on eggshells.

    1. That’s how I figured it Dudlow. Perhaps sharing this with the people in downtown Happy Camp would cause people there to think I’m imbalanced, but I feel comfortable discussing it with other people who are researching Bigfoot.

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