A New Bigfoot Documentary – Coming Right Up!

The Erickson Project team, founded by Adrian Erickson, has worked to uncover scientific evidence proving the existence of Bigfoot according to their website, Sasquatch The Quest. A documentary is “in the works”. Naturally, most Bigfoot enthusiasts hope the Erickson Project is able to produce the proof we’ve been waiting for and that hundreds of qualified zoologists and other professional scientists will decide to take up the quest for truth once convincing DNA evidence is made public.

The following video, released late last week by MrMayDX08 on YouTube features scientists including Dr. John Bindernagle and Dr. Jeff Meldrum participating in the quest. This should be an outstanding Bigfoot movie!

Adrian Erickson’s first sighting was in 1959. He was only seven years old at the time. Consequently his fascination with proving the existence of Bigfoot has been a life-long quest, one that he’s been fairly successful at with several other encounters including a 2001 sighting in the Canadian Rockies.

His team members include Dennis Pfohl (Project Manager) and Dr. Leila Hadj-Chikh (Project Scientist). DNA testing is provided by Dr. Melba S. Ketchum, president and founder of DNA Diagnostics, Inc. d/b/a Shelterwood Laboratories, Texas.

For several years the Erickson Project team worked on collecting evidence – hair, saliva and blood samples. These are undergoing analysis of mitochondrial DNA and nuclear DNA. When all necessary research is complete the “Sasquatch the Quest” documentary will be released. There is no known anticipated release date at this time.

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  1. Iv got to admit, I didn’t give BF much thought until recently on one late night when my oldest daughter & I heard the most terrifying, horendous scream I’v EVER heard! It was so horrifying it brought me to tears (& Iv always considered myself fearless)! I live where there is alot of woods (thought many people around here are giving in & having there property logged off) I know my wldlife & there sounds & this didn’t come close to ANY of them. I went to the internet searching for ALL scary north american sounds….nothing close. There was one sound I just skipped over- the BF. I didn’t really believe they existed at the time even tho I knew that scream wasn’t any “known” animal. I figured even if there was such a thing it wouldn’t live around here. It wasn’t till much later, after lots of research & very strange occurances that I’v come to realize how real it is. I also realize…now, that Im afraid for it & not of it. I find myself not sharing my excitement for fear it will be harrassed or worse. but I REALLY want to know more “real” facts & talk to someone not concerned with money or glory. and I want to learn more about how to comunicate to it that Im not a threat to it & don’t mind it hanging around as long as there is mutual respect. yeah… I realize how crazy I sound but Im the one who has to live here & I have a neighbor that I NEED to understand. What people think of me doesn’t change that fact. Any “positive” advice would be very appreciated.

  2. Hmm, I’v never thought about the hair doing that but it does make sense, at least it may be one of its many senses. At the risk of sounding nuts, one of my teen daughters & I (we both have long hair) have always had a way with animals -domestic & wild. We also both seem extremely sensitive to weather, sounds, people’s emotional states,”being watched”, etc.”. Our hair may have something to do with it but its likely only a part. I believe some people are just like that for any number of reasons. If humans can be so sensitive there is no doubt a sasquach would be 100 x more so. After all-“domestic” dogs can sense when someone has good character or has shadey intentions.

  3. i was watching “monsterquest” the other day…i am very much a skeptic

    but was interesting the original bigfoot 16 mm film had “bigfoot” opening his mouth as he walked away…i bit hard to do with a mask…but still not convinced…too many phony and gulible people out there trying to make a buck

  4. hello bigfoot fans.I am native american how come nobody ever asks us about bigfoot ,we have been living here longer than anyone.It is true I have seen it twice heard it 3 times while camping.I always carry a camera from now on.I have been hunting it for the last 7 years.I am from canada in northern ontario by the shores of hudson bay.This specialist I wouldnt mind taking him out where bigfoot lives.When it walks his feet are roughly 18 inches long with a five foot stride from the tip of the toe to the heel.9-10 feet tall looks walks and thinks methodically like a person with human characteristics,but is not human.A carnivore in the shape of a human.

    1. George, maybe people are afraid to ask you about Bigfoot! I think most Bigfoot researchers value the information and opinions of Native Americans very highly. If any Bigfoot researcher in your area wants to contact you I’ll be happy to put you in touch with one another. On my Bigfoot Videos page the first video is about an experience in the Ontario area.

    2. I have worked on reservation’s in saskatchewan and manitoba I have had experience’s out there my friend’s from these reservation’s would tell me about bigfoot on the reservation’s. One friend told me he got chased out of the bush from bigfoot ‘s and has a photograph of an eighteen inch foot print. Here in the Algoma district of Ontario I have been chased out of the bush myself and the smell is just outrageous so I know they are here

  5. long time ago in 1900,indians from canada used to trap and fish.an old man related to my dad that he had an experience and that is why he was always shaking.he said that he was in the bush and he was face to face with some creature in the woods. he said the creature had full set of teeth and had body covered with hair. he said he dropped every thing and ran home miles and miles without stopping.it took him quite a long time
    before he told his encounter. he said he couldnt quit shaking.i saw him when i was a littlle girl in the 70s.

  6. The fact that an individual might hope to make some money from a perceived public interest in Sasquatch does not necessarily invalidate the possibility of the critter’s existence, a position, if memory serves, into which Roger Patterson comfortably fit. Of far greater concern is whether this individual’s documentary is an honest scientific inquiry that further substantiates the existence of an unknown hominin, or is yet another installment in the pathetic and(sadly) growing chronicles of charades and hoaxes that have consistently buggered the limited number of opportunities to have this phenomenon taken seriously by the scientific community. So. Another Ivan Marx gussied-up with phony DNA, or a serious investigation . . ? Should be fun. Cheers!

  7. On the sighting that Lee Browning posted from the Flaggstaff area;
    I am an artist who has been doing sketches of eyewitness sightings. If this man, or anyone, has had a good sighting and would like it drawn, I can work with them to try to get it. I don’t charge for this, as it’s my way of learning more and hearing their story. My ‘regular’ art can be seen @ http://www.alexaevans.com and I can be contacted through that site. I’ve done some very close up sightings for people and given them some peace of mind when they can ‘see it again’ and have a copy on paper. Thank you all for a very interesting site and intelligent comments and thoughts.
    Alexa Evans

  8. I hope everyone is not holding their collective breath waiting for something to come of this. They alledge involvment since 2005 with, as yet, no published report, picture , video, etc. They also seem to have an arangement with Todd Standing of Sylvanic hoax fame. I don’t know if Adrian Erickson is a hoaxer or the victim of hoaxers but this, in the end, is the same old nonsense.

  9. I also believe that the knowledge of the whereabouts or existence of these creatures would best be kept secret for their own sake. If I have a habituation or sighting in East Texas/Oklahoma I’d tell no one ( with the exception of my spouse).My wife is of Native American heritage and owns acreage inside 30+ million acres of Weyerhauser timber land, 20 miles from a paved road fronted by the Little and Beaver rivers ( I think I’ve only been there twice), east of Broken Bow area, but we plan on going more often when we come back from Idaho/ Utah area next summer. Any info of sightings in SLC Valley and Lava Hot Springs…I’ll ck out before we go.

  10. this is so wierd because the pictures are real but people dont believe bigfoot is real. i didnt come from no monkey, but he looks pretty real and human-like to me!

  11. I agree with Tim & Linda’s comments in that is it really in the best interest of the animal to be “proven” and exposed? If the estimated population #’s given within the pre-documentary video above are even close to accurate, they seem to be doing just fine without our efforts. Until “man” has the consciousness to NOT want to destroy everything he doesn’t understand, perhaps they should remain a mystery?

  12. The following is a response from a hunter/fisher i received when asking for any sightings near Flagstaff.

    Hay read your post and found it quite intersting. I was born and raised here in flagstaff im almost 50 yrs I hunt and fish and have since i can rembember. so what im about to tell you my seem far fetched and what not, But i saw what i saw. About 10 years ago i was on my way to do some cat fishing at upper lake Mary, I had just passed the lower lake dam just passes the country store some Elk where crossing the road but thay where crossing pritty fast. as thay all passed i watched them through the head lites on my car, as i started to continue to upper lake Mary this figure bounded over the guard rail and was chaceing the Elk it was about 40 yards or so from me 7` + and i would say around 400-450 lbsBrownish black and looked to be carying a somthing in its hand and the creature was wet like it just crawled out of the lake then it was gone. I seen alot of cool things but this one stops and makes you wounder if im crazy or are you crazy for listening to me. if you want to chat about this let me know this really happened to me

  13. I am adopting a ‘wait-and-see’ attitude. I’m certain that many reading or posting to this forum have been disappointed many times when the best efforts of well intentioned individuals have come up empty (not to mention hucksters who promise the moon and deliver nothing).

    I’m certainly not downplaying the Erickson teams efforts; I wish them all the best. Perhaps a breakthrough is on the horizon after all. I’m just not getting my hopes up too high.

  14. Honestly, why else would somebody want to prove the existance of Bigfoot for any other reason then money. All of my family and friends know what I believe, some poke fun at me and some don’t. It’s usually the ones that have never stepped foot in the woods that poke fun. I really don’t care who knows and who believes. I only know what I have seen and heard out there and that is proof enough for me. I don’t need to prove anything to anybody.

  15. Bigfoot/sasquatch = a cryptozoological/shape-shifting “nephilim” being (evidence from the book of GENESIS and the apocryphal records from the book of ENOCH).

  16. I hope this is not a “money” thing also. I have seen a good many people involved in this topic to be making “money” off of it. I photograph old mines, towns for historical purposes in remote areas of the North Cascade mountains in Washington state. I am a former state police investigator and military veteran. I have been asked by several persons in these areas who have had sightings of something?? in the areas I am visiting. I have agreed to look into these areas to ascertain what they actually have seen. I also agree if some primate species exists they should be protected. If I find anything unusual I will of course share my findings with the scientific community and persons who I am doing this for.

  17. Tim, I have to agree. My feelings about FINDING Bigfoot have changed. I used to be one who just wanted to see one and then tell everyone about it. Now I’m more concerned about the well-being of the species. If they don’t want to be found, I can’t blame them! Their privacy is important to me. I admit to a complete change in focus. Now if I were to see one I’d possibly never tell anyone. I honestly think that if it were in my heart to tell, the creature would pick up on that and shy away. Motivation is everything.

  18. Steven, yes, I too hope it isn’t just a money thing, but I believe he’s serious about seeing a Bigfoot at age seven and that probably put him on the track of wanting to prove it is real. I hope he can prove it. Maybe then people wouldn’t roll their eyes when they realize I’m a Bigfoot blogger.

    A few days ago I attended the annual meeting of our chamber of commerce. Happy Camp (small town) … there were only twenty business owners there. It was sort-of a business fair event, where everyone got a table to display their stuff. On one side of my table I put a sign for Bigfoot Sightings, along with my Friends of Sasquatch business cards and a printout of How to Find Bigfoot … and only one person took a printout! She said, “I don’t believe in them.” LOL I’m sending the rest of my flyers out to the chamber’s display table at the Yreka Sportsman’s Expo.

  19. GREAT to see you back, Linda!
    I am hoping this video project lives up to all of the talk and hype about it. I am especailly really hoping Erickson is in it for more than making some money.
    Willow Creek

  20. Remember when the Legend of Boggy Creek came out? We had everybody and their dog in the woods looking for Bigfoot and that’s the last thing we need. That is all.

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