About Bigfoot Sightings and the Comments Here

Here on Bigfoot Sightings, there are a lot of fascinating comments. Many visitors to this site have posted comments about their sightings, and some Native Americans have posted about ancient knowledge related to Bigfoot. But these comments might be hard to find or read if site visitors have to wade through a lot of nonsense.

I just went through the comments and deleted a lot of spam, silly and annoying comments that looked like they came from junior high school age kids, and comments with obscenities tossed in. I’m usually not into deleting comments, but why should I let my site be a forum for someone else’s trash?

I want to respond in particular to one comment that suggested I only post when I have been on a ‘successful’ Bigfoot expedition. I guess that would mean an expedition where I found Bigfoot or some evidence of his existence. Well, sorry, but that kind of success is rare, and if I wanted to post only about that, I’d have few postings here! So what I post about here are about sightings others have had, or about our research activities.

No, I don’t have a lot of pictures of Bigfoot here. Though my cabin is surrounded by places where Bigfoot sightings have taken place (within a mile of where I live) I haven’t seen one! I have this site to talk about my research and things we’ve learned about Bigfoot. I won’t make up a sighting incident or print false information, so you won’t find me telling you wild stories about how he visits our home or contacts me regularly. I honestly WISH I could tell you these things, but I won’t because it isn’t true. What I can tell you about is what it is like to live in an area known for sightings, and what it is like to look for Bigfoot in the Klamath National Forest.

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  1. I’ve read over 20 stories thus far and am wondering if anyone wants me to fund a full on “lets find” one of these guys and catch it event?

    Let me know. The reason is that I find it very hard that so many sightings and close calls where this hairy guy is just either fake and/or real.

  2. i was walking my dog chuffs down the hil in to a big wood it was creepy and i was on my own
    i herd noises to chuffes barcked some thing was waching us in the bushes and i let the dog of the lead and he jumped in the bush i herd a grall and the dog came back out of the bush with claw marcks on him the cry came again i looked on the other side of the bush and saw blood on the floor leadin in to the wood i called the bigfoot gyes and i herd nothing more andjust in case u wonderd how the dog was he was fine i still have him now bye

  3. Hi, my name is Ed Crawford. I live North of Seattle, and spent alot of time in the woods. I like to fish for Steelhead and Salmon. I have been to remote areas here and I am a firm believer in Bigfoot.I came across tracks in 2005. I got in touch with a local Bigfoot researcher.Rick Noll. I gave him pictures and a location. He invited me to volunteer on that upcoming weekend In a remote area where a team of researchers already were. I accepted, and found the Location. There I met Professor Jeff Meldrum, some professional trackers and Naturalists in the Group. I enjoyed meeting and working with them, and it was an honor for me to be in such company. I was invited there because my belief in this creature is real. About 2 years ago, I had what I am sure was an encounter with one. I was in the same general area near where I found the tracks 2 years before(this area is now closed to the public, because of the Wild Sky enactment) and I was walking around a small lake when I heard a VERY loud bellowing. This was no Elk. It was louder than that, and I was taking into account the possible echo factor. I was armed, and the sounds made were like maybe what a Gorilla might do as a warning. I have to say, I never saw what was making the noise. It really scared me and I was in no condition to go looking for it. I have seen Elk and heard some of thier noises. It drives me nuts I never saw anything, but I can tell you with all truth, This animal followed me back to my vehicle, always staying back so I could’nt see it. I never went back there. Have you ever heard of something similar? I would like someone to tell me i’m not crazy! Ed Crawford….

  4. This is your site and your free to delete anything you like. It’s hard to moderate any kind of forum if it’s public. Keep up the good work.

  5. bigfoot sighting in great falls tribune of great fall montana fire chief fallowed tracks in to canyan found half eaten animal

  6. P.S. Tracy: I just looked through all my deleted comments and didn’t see anything written by you. The kind of silly comments I delete are things like this sample:

    “when i was camping i saw a fat gross lady wearing a mumu…AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!”

    Unless you were posting something that inane your comment is probably still on the site somewhere.

  7. Tracy, sorry if your comment was deleted in error. I will look for it and see if I can restore it… I don’t delete anything except spam and comments not intended seriously, or those posted in an attempt to injure others.

  8. i see my comment has been deleted, it must’ve been considered “trash” and i’m also a junior high schooler. my comment was about the comment before mine, when someone said(in not nice language) about linda complaining about her photo’s and someone talking trash about her. which i don’t agree with myself. my point about my comment was that when you use the internet as a public means to support a topic, no one should be bashing or demanding anything, expect that it is going to go somewhere! come on! and the way this site has been set up, reminds me of controlling tree huggers and therefore in short, i will never publicly share my experiences with bigfoot that i’ve had in the pacific northwest. i am very selective, as ours was an uncommon experience, so to the people who create these websites and think they are owner/operater of all, you may want to reconsider public comments. thank you.

  9. a few days ago, i was out camping with some buddies. a few hours after we went to bed, we heard somthing outside our tents. when we went to se what it was, we saw that something was throwing rocks at our tent! when we walked over to the bush where the rocks were flying out, we heard something scurry away! we called the cops, and all they found was thick fur around, and in, the bush and a bunch of huge footprints that led us to a cave that smelled like crap!

  10. Hi my name is Don. In brief,I was 16 years old and in job corps of america in darby montana.I was there for 1 year and studying to be an electrian.One summer evening, A bunch of us went into the forest behide the camp for a stay all nighter.As we was getting firewood, we heard strange noises coming from the other top of this hill we were on. We went up to the top and knew we were getting closer to the noise.We sat there for a while in hopes to find out what it was.Suddenly, we heard something behide us.Something threw a big tree branch at the group of trees in fron of us.We took off and went back to camp to tell the others what had happen.They all laughed at us.It was hard for us to sleep that night.In the morning, we went back to show the rest of the guys what we saw.There we found the brach which was 3in round and at least 11 feet long. It didn’t look as if it just fell from the tree it looked as if it was torn off.All of us searched the ground around the group of tree where we first heard the noises.We found foot prints that we have never seen before, and there was this brow looking hair with gray in it sticking from the side of a tree.We took the hair back to the job corps site and gave it to the head teacher there. He later told us that it was nothing to worrie about and that there were no bigfoots out there and he thought we were making the whole thing up.I tokk him to where the footprints were and he said they were fakes! He thought we were doing this all in fun.Well I packed up my stuff and came back home to ohio.I have told alot of people of what we saw and heard and most think I’m crazy. I was 16 then and now I’m 48.I still believe in what I saw and heard,and soon I will try to find somebody who wants to comment the rest of his days trying to solve the mystery of bigfoot.Hopefully I will find a place I can go to work on this.

  11. I have not seen one either. I lean toward beileving they exist, but I have problems with a couple of things:

    (1) only one good picture.It just looks like there would be more.

    (2) why hasn’t even one major wildl life photogropher tired to find them?

    (3) so many sightings they near towns or highways. surely they would never go anwhere near such places.

    this is not a problem but, I would like to know have you ever found a Forest Ranger who has seen one? It looks to me like people who are in the woods a lot would see them. I know a lot of sightings are from hunters, but why is it rangers and research biologists never seem to see them.

    I know there are a few scienists who believe in them, but they have not seen them. Jeff Maldrum has not seen one.

    I also want to tell you I like your blog. I view it regularly and I found it a year or more ago.

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