Animal Sounds & Bigfoot Research

There’s a howling sound recording posted on the BFRO website. Back on May 17 Tom Biscardi went to Washington state with his expedition team including Peggy Marx, a wildlife photographer with many years experience in the woods, and Lee Hickman, her grandson, an expert tracker. They listened to that same recording and said it was coyotes howling to one another.

This is just one example of how Tom Biscardi doesn’t say something is Bigfoot evidence when it isn’t.

I liked how the BFRO posting had a soundclip of a mountain lion for comparison. I have a mountain lion visit my yard often, and it sounds very similar. This is not at all the same sound Rex (a GABRO volunteer) recorded in Tara Hauki’s yard a few nights ago. That sound is included in the videostream at FindingBigfoot.Com.

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  1. The sounds that I have been hearing coming from my yard are not the more common screeches and hollering that are heard on the sound evidence from a lot of websites I have recently been listening to, but rather the guttural clicks and whistles I heard while listening to some sound bites at

    I have been listening to these calls and calling back to them in my yard seasonally for the last two years now. I had no idea what they were at all, my thought was that they must be a tropical bird of some kind being someone’s pet that had escaped, but now that I have been investigating these sites and now have seen “Dirty Socks” twice I am beginning to believe that I have indeed been talking to a Bigfoot.

    I guess there are a lot of sounds out in the woods that sound odd to people who do not frequent them often. Have you ever heard a puma cry… Sounds like a woman screaming, or a baby crying if it is a young one.

    These sounds are very different and not a little bit spooky, even to one who is used to the sounds of the forest. The reason, if anyone is wondering, as to why I haven’t recorded them before is because I don’t own a tape recorder or even a camera. i guess it’s time i buy one, eh?

    By the way, if anyone out there reading this has ever heard these sounds I would be blessed to hear from you. This is all so new to me now that I think I know what I may have and it would be much appreciated if I could get any support by witness that I can.

    Let me know about it. Also, Read my post on this site entitled “Talking Trees” for another sound experience I have had with these creatures.

    Always open for good news,

    Tara Hauki

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