Bigfool Nonsense

Received in email at my webdesign email address:


If you don’t think that you are part of the laughing-stock in actual Sasquatch research. -Check out what’s being said on the Bigfoot Discussion Forum (BFF.) But then everyone understands that your type is from the making money end of it.

We wish you luck with this…

From: Name withheld

I believe this virtual lynching was fueled in part by Loren Coleman’s multiple acerbic, antagonistic emailed comments about Tom Biscardi after appearing with Tom on the Coast to Coast Bigfoot Roundtable. Maybe Coleman doesn’t like to share the spotlight – or maybe he didn’t like how Tom revealed to the world that Coleman has no PhD and isn’t a doctor of any kind, though many have mistakenly referred to him as such.

My response:

No you don’t wish me luck. Why lie to me?

I’ve already realized that many of the people who think they’re involved with Bigfoot research have degraded themselves with derision, mockery, and abuse of others. I don’t care what they say as I don’t respect such people. I am staying with what I know and by God’s grace will not be moved by this nonsense.

Linda Martin

I would like to add: About the comment, “…your type is from the making money end of it” — you people don’t like people to make money, and I’ll bet you don’t like people on welfare either. What will satisfy you?

I think you’re jealous because Tom figured out a way to make Bigfoot research support itself by creating a reality TV show. Do you also hate Loren Coleman because he’s making money from a book he wrote about Bigfoot? And I’ll bet you really hate that according to Peter Byrne, Coleman took Peter Byrne’s photographs and sold them twice behind Byrne’s back. Last night on Coast to Coast AM Loren Coleman claimed this was just a misunderstanding. I don’t see how selling someone else’s photographs could be a misunderstanding, and Byrne saw it as an outright THEFT.

For more information on Peter Byrne: Sasquatch Odyssey

Also you might like to read my other posting about Loren Coleman.

Posted by: Linda


I always say that all is not lost until you’ve lost your sense of humor. Well, since so many self-proclaimed self-righteous “legitimate researchers” have decided to skewer me on the internet because I still like Tom, I have been losing my sense of humor, and this is something that doesn’t happen to me often.

Last night my teenage son wanted his 12-year-old hyper friend to spend the night. I was not in the mood for a sleep over, but being the nice mom, I agreed to it. Then they wanted me to drive them to the store to buy some treats before it closed at 10. Being the nice mom, I agreed to that too though I really wanted to stay and listen to the beginning of Coast to Coast AM.

At the store my son’s 12-year-old hyper friend purchased two 2-liter bottles of Mountain Dew. And that’s when I lost my sense of humor. I told him he was absolutely not going to be allowed to sit up at my home all night drinking Mountain Dew. After all the hell people put me through on the internet for the last 2 days, I needed my sleep and wasn’t going to let someone ruin it for me by drinking extremely caffeinated sugary soda and going wild. I took him back to his house to drop off the soda and then he decided to stay there because I wasn’t being my normally nice self.

My sense of humor still hasn’t returned, so I feel the need to spend the day writing. Like yesterday, I will probably go out into the woods somewhere, sit by myself, enjoy the peace, and spend a good part of the day reading and writing, my two favorite activities.

May all of you out there who have lost your compassion, your loving-kindness, your humanity… and your humor… have it restored to you at this time.

Posted by: Linda

No Bigfoot

I got the news a few minutes ago – Biscardi was scammed by a woman in Nevada. There was no Bigfoot after all. I hope they didn’t lose much money on this fiasco. He will issue a statement on this soon I’m sure. I’m so glad it is over.

Like I told Vickie when I left JavaBobs Bigfoot Deli this afternoon… this has been a GOOD day because now we know the truth. It is so much better than chasing around after somebody’s lie. And whatever doesn’t kill us will make us stronger. I learned this a few days ago when I nearly fell off a cliff. And this situation is the same.

Though it is a big disappointment and embarrassment to be scammed like this – going through this can make our team stronger in many ways. And we can get back to business – what this project was started for – to capture a Bigfoot and prove they exist.

Yay… I feel that we’re on the right path again.

I heard Tom filmed an apology from the woman’s husband, and I hope he adds it to the videostream! It’s all part of the story of this expedition. Very exciting stuff if you ask me.

Posted by: Linda

Bigfoot Footprints

This morning I filmed Rex and Tara looking at the footprint Rex found yesterday. They started looking all over the hillside for more prints and found some in a line from uphill, moving in the direction of her house. It was very exciting!

Tom, Bob, Rob, Tim, and Elbert are still out of town trying to secure possession of the Bigfoot that was injured and operated on in another state. They will add Bigfoot videos to the videostream as soon as they’re able to film it – and get the film back here to encode it.

Posted by: Linda

Where’s the Bigfoot?

Tom Biscardi was on Coast to Coast AM a few minutes ago announcing to the world that there’s a Bigfoot in captivity. He’s under a lot of stress and has been for days now. That came through in his voice, and he wasn’t willing to tell the whole story.

Considering that he’s expecting to get possession of the Bigfoot soon, I don’t know if he’ll come back to Happy Camp… desperate times make desperate people.

I haven’t seen him since he left here three days ago. But as I understand it from what he said on the radio, he’s still going through negotiations with whoever has the Bigfoot, and there’s a lot of conflict at this time.

I hope they get it straightened out soon. I’d like to see this Bigfoot myself.

Posted by: Linda