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Received in email at my webdesign email address:


If you don’t think that you are part of the laughing-stock in actual Sasquatch research. -Check out what’s being said on the Bigfoot Discussion Forum (BFF.) But then everyone understands that your type is from the making money end of it.

We wish you luck with this…

From: Name withheld

I believe this virtual lynching was fueled in part by Loren Coleman’s multiple acerbic, antagonistic emailed comments about Tom Biscardi after appearing with Tom on the Coast to Coast Bigfoot Roundtable. Maybe Coleman doesn’t like to share the spotlight – or maybe he didn’t like how Tom revealed to the world that Coleman has no PhD and isn’t a doctor of any kind, though many have mistakenly referred to him as such.

My response:

No you don’t wish me luck. Why lie to me?

I’ve already realized that many of the people who think they’re involved with Bigfoot research have degraded themselves with derision, mockery, and abuse of others. I don’t care what they say as I don’t respect such people. I am staying with what I know and by God’s grace will not be moved by this nonsense.

Linda Martin

I would like to add: About the comment, “…your type is from the making money end of it” — you people don’t like people to make money, and I’ll bet you don’t like people on welfare either. What will satisfy you?

I think you’re jealous because Tom figured out a way to make Bigfoot research support itself by creating a reality TV show. Do you also hate Loren Coleman because he’s making money from a book he wrote about Bigfoot? And I’ll bet you really hate that according to Peter Byrne, Coleman took Peter Byrne’s photographs and sold them twice behind Byrne’s back. Last night on Coast to Coast AM Loren Coleman claimed this was just a misunderstanding. I don’t see how selling someone else’s photographs could be a misunderstanding, and Byrne saw it as an outright THEFT.

For more information on Peter Byrne: Sasquatch Odyssey

Also you might like to read my other posting about Loren Coleman.

Posted by: Linda

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  1. I exposed Coleman in my blog because Coleman keeps bringing up Tom Biscardi’s distant past and trying to use it against him. I believe that Coleman should be judged by the same standard he judges with, just as Jesus suggested:

    “Judge not that ye be not judged. For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.” – Matthew 7:1-2

    Same with the rest of you.


  2. Linda, what does Loren Coleman have to do with this latest Biscardi scam?? I don’t care about any problems Coleman may have had 15 years ago. The issue at hand is Biscardi, and why he scammed people in the Bigfoot community. I don’t know why you and Tara continue to tap dance around all of the questions.

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