Bigfoot News Room

The Bigfoot News Room is found at FriendFeed.Com, a social media site where you can get links to Bigfoot news, comment on them, and interact with other Bigfoot researchers. Currently this news room brings in feeds listing new YouTube Bigfoot videos, Google News on Bigfoot, and links to blog postings from a variety of Bigfoot blogs.

Here’s the link: Bigfoot News Room.

The blog feeds I add are chosen based on the Bigfoot information content of the blog, and on no other criteria. I choose not to exclude anyone. We are all in this together.

So far, blogs included are Bigfoot Sightings (of course – that’s my blog!), ThunderHawk’s Bigfoot Blog, Search For Bigfoot, Cryptomundo, Nick Redfern’s “There’s Something in the Woods…”, Blogsquatcher, and Paranormal Bigfoot, which is Regan Lee’s blog. MORE TO COME!

If you are a blog owner whose Bigfoot blog isn’t included in the feed, please leave a comment on this page with the link. Your blog must have a RSS or Atom feed to be included.

I hope you enjoy getting all the Bigfoot news in one place as much as I do.

[Note: If you need more site information, here’s a page on How To Use FriendFeed.]

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  1. For the past few years I have seen footprints heard wood knocking growling whooping sounds in the area I live in Android walk my dogs daily also other strange happenings what should I do or concact

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