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  1. I’m sorry you fellows feel the way that you do about this creature. Unfortunately it is people with opinions like this that lend to the hype. I have seen a bigfoot in my yard twice now in the last few months and because of this I am now very interested in finding them, studying them, and protecting them. I don’t need a picture to believe that they aren’t fake, nor do I need to listen to so much derrogatory language. My I.Q. is 147 so maybe I am a little out of my league here with you gentleman, but maybe if you got your cameras and got off your !@$&”s and went out and spent some time earnestly looking, you yourselves could have a real picture of a bigfoot that some other yahoo can make inflammatory remarks about.

    Happy hunting,

    Tara Hauki, Bigfoot witness

    P.S. jimmy, I hike @ 10 miles a week. How ’bout you?

  2. I can see there’s a lot of antipathy in the Bigfoot research movement. I met the woman who took some of those photos and she didn’t seem like she’d fake anything. These are very sincere people who have spent thousands of hours in the wilderness seeking Bigfoot.

  3. This website sucks you guys post alot of fake shit. why don’t you get your fat ass’s off the bed and go out in the woods and find bigfoot and take some real photo’s of bigfoot .

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Bigfoot Pictures – Ivan Marx – Peggy Marx – Tom Biscardi

Another restored blog posting from 2005. I no longer consider these to be genuine Bigfoot pictures!!!! But if you want to see some of Ivan Marx’s Bigfoot photos, here they are.

There are bigfoot pictures posted now at Coast to Coast AM thanks to Tom Biscardi of the Great American Bigfoot Research Organization.

Update, June 1, 2012: Just a few notes about these photos. You will have to click on the thumbnail photos to see the larger sized photos on the Coast to Coast AM website.

The first one was taken near Spokane, Washington in 1980 according to Biscardi. It shows a Bigfoot charging at the camera. He explained to me that the Bigfoot saw him with Ivan Marx and Peggy Marx near the roadside and that before they could retreat to their car it charged at them, but stopped short when someone (Ivan?) shot at it with a rifle or shotgun. Obviously it looks like some human peering out of a furry mask. Biscardi never explained that to me.


Tom made a big deal out of this photo, laughing because of the Bigfoot’s genitalia, pointing at it, showing it to everyone. He said they were hiking by and just happened to see this Bigfoot taking a bath in a stream or swamp.


More of the Bigfoot bath. These three photos were taken in 1981 at a place called Beaver Swamp, California, according to the Coast to Coast AM website. I couldn’t find a Beaver Swamp, CA on Google maps, but there is a Beaver Swamp in Washington state.


The last of three Beaver Swamp Bigfoot bath photos. Biscardi said that this is how they bathe, but picking up water and splashing themselves with it. Seems like a swim across a river would do a better job. He also hypothesized that this could be a way of escaping from biting insects.

The probability that Ivan and Peggy Marx, with Tom Biscardi, would all luck into seeing Bigfoot in 1980 AND 1981 seems improbable. That they had cameras available is somewhat less believable as the Marx’s were wildlife photographers. I’ve been in Peggy Marx’s cabin in Burney and saw the amazing collection of beautiful wildlife photos on her walls.

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