Bigfoot Research – Where to report in Northern California

Although the Great American Bigfoot Research Organization’s tracking team left town we’re not stopping our Bigfoot research. Anyone who has a Bigfoot sighting in the Klamath National Forest can come to Happy Camp to report it. JavaBobs Bigfoot Deli will be providing report forms. I will be doing interviews but will not release all my findings until the time is right.

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  1. Hopefully Tom Biscardi will come by and read this, or one of the other team members from the Great American Bigfoot Research Organization, or you could go by their site to email them, but when they were here they were mainly just looking for very recent sightings so they could send a tracking team into the forest.

    I will make a page here for each state so we can compile reports – and of course there are other sites doing the same thing – I plan to make a list of them on this site sometime this week.

    Thanks for posting – I find these reports fascinating.


  2. I went into the mountains around the cottage grove oregon area, about three years ago with my children and a freind to pick chantrelle mushrooms and we came up a hill to a knoll and Icould smell something very bad in the ai, almost like something that hadn’t taken a bath in years. The hair on my neck went up and a chill up my spine and then, I walked down about 50 feet over a log and found foot prints, they looked like human prints but these were very big., I could place 2-3 of my own feet into one track. All ofus decided it was time to leave , I know that these were not bear tracks because we have hunted and tracked bears in the woods before and these did not even look close to a bear track. To this day I have never been back there . I do believe that these were tracks of a bigfoot. the area gave you an erie feeling of you were being watched the whole time. I would like to find out who to contact about this sighting and see if it can be found out just what was there. There was not just a few tracks they were all over the place on the mountain. The stride was so big that I literally had to almost jump from one print to the next print. The print were embedded deep into the forest floor, so whatever it was had to weigh alot, because I barely left a noticeable print on the ground.

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