Bigfoot Research Lodging: Hotels, Motels, RV Parks, and Campsites Near the Bigfoot Scenic Byway and Bluff Creek in Northern California

Bigfoot Scenic BywayBy request, this is a listing of accommodations near the Bigfoot Scenic Byway. The Bigfoot Scenic Byway is Northern California’s Highway 96 from Happy Camp, California, to Willow Creek, California.

This is a preliminary list. I will be adding to it as there are more campgrounds to list, and perhaps more motels or cabin rental opportunities. If you know of a business or campground that should be included here, please let me know by clicking on the ‘contact’ link on the right side of this page.- ljm

Happy Camp

The Klamath River Resort Inn, 61700 Highway 96 Happy Camp, CA 96039, (530) 493-2735 (Wi-Fi. Adjacent to the Klamath River. Two miles east of town.)

The Forest Lodge Motel, 63712 Hwy 96 Happy Camp, CA 96039, (530) 493-5296 (Wi-Fi, in-town near the Bigfoot statue.)

Curly Jack Campground – operated by the US Forest Service (South of town adjacent to the Klamath River.)

Elk Creek RV Park & Campground, 921 Elk Creek Road Happy Camp, CA 96039, (530) 493-2208 (Wi-Fi, south of town in the forest next to Elk Creek.)

Thompson Creek Lodge – Cabins, 52431 Hwy. 96, Seiad Valley, Ca. 96086, 530-496-3505 (Located ten miles east of Happy Camp.)


Tsewenaldin Inn, PO Box 219, Hoopa, CA 95546, (530) 625.4294 (Pool. Internet. The only motel in Hoopa, located right next to the Lucky Bear Casino and Ray’s Market.)


Klamath Riverside RV Park, PO Box 236 Orleans, CA 95556, (800) 627-9779

Orleans Mining Company Mall, (Motel/Restaurant & Tavern), PO Box 143 Orleans, CA 95556, (530) 627-3213

Pines Trailer Park, 38030 Highway 96, P.O. Box 116 Orleans, CA 95556, (530) 627-3425

Somes Bar

Marble Mountain Ranch, 92520 Hwy 96 Somes Bar, CA 95568, (800) 552-6284

Willow Creek

Bigfoot Motel, 530/629-2142 (In town near the intersection of Highway 299 and Highway 96.)

Coho Cottages, P.O. Box 729, Willow Creek, CA 95573, 1-800-722-2223 (Wi-Fi. Deluxe or standard cottages.)

5 Replies to “Bigfoot Research Lodging: Hotels, Motels, RV Parks, and Campsites Near the Bigfoot Scenic Byway and Bluff Creek in Northern California”

    1. Beverly, a word to your friends with big RVs… large RVs are not recommended for the trip between Willow Creek and Orleans / Bluff Creek. There’s some narrow roadway high on a cliff. Absolutely unsafe for large vehicles. If they want to go to Bluff Creek they should come in through Yreka and Happy Camp. If they just want to see the Willow Creek Bigfoot Museum and go to Steven’s bookstore (Bigfoot Books) they should not plan on going to Bluff Creek unless they’ve brought a car or intend to rent one.

  1. There is a forest service campground that used to be called bluff creek but the name has been changed to E-Ne-Nuck. it is between Orleans and Weitchapec on highway 96 aprox. two hundred yards from the Bluff Creek bridge on 96.

    thanks John Harlan Jr

  2. Hi,
    Somewhere on your article you mention Clear Creek. The mouth of Clear Creek is a ceremonial ground and should only be swam in after August.
    There are other areas around Happy Camp and along the Klamath and Salmon Rivers that are sacred to the Karuk, Yurok, and Hupa and should be avoided during certain times of the year.
    Visitors are encouraged to check with the Karuk Tribe at their offices to ensure not disrupting the sacred ceremonies. Also, there are signs placed in areas so look for them also.

    Tara Hauki

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