Bigfoot Watching Target Practice? Yes or No?

A woman uploaded this video to YouTube because she thought the figure running in the background (starting at about 38 seconds into the video) could have been a Bigfoot.

Do you agree? Yes or no?

My opinion is that it could have been, but it is too far away to be certain. I don’t believe the helicopter had anything to do with it. If helicopters were going to track Bigfoot, they’d have a field day here in the Klamath National Forest, if they could see past the trees. Thankfully, they’re usually not around.

The running figure could have been a man who suddenly decided he was too close to possible danger. Or it could have been a Bigfoot frightened away. It seems plausible that it could have been a Bigfoot because… why would a man sit so close to kids with guns? You would think a man would be aware that it could be dangerous.

Again, it could have been a criminal the helicopter was looking for. The area doesn’t look heavily forested enough to be prime Bigfoot habitat. Note that it runs fast on snow, something men usually don’t do.

There’s quite a lot of response on the YouTube page if you want to click through and read that.

From a Bigfoot researcher’s POV I find the film of little value in proving the existence of Bigfoot. Even if what we’re looking at is a legitimate running Bigfoot, it is too far away to be able to analyze it in any detail in the way that the 1967 Patterson-Gimlin film has been analyzed. If people still refuse to believe that Patty was a Bigfoot, how would they ever believe this?

My partner said, “If that’s a fake, it’s an excellent fake.” We stopped the video several times and noted the man or whatever it was, had a very long stride.

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  1. The video is in fact real with no enhandmentces. The object in question is in fact at the begening of the video hiding behind a rock or brush and a the end of the video after the subject in question ran across the opening it dropped down behind more brush or hill side.

  2. I think it is real, it has the typical bigfoot behaviors & body movements. If you notice how it effortlessly bearcrawls up the boulder at the end, it was extremely agile & FAST! In a suit, in the cold, on that kind of boulder… people can’t move that fast or that agile. It’s stride is also to lengthy for a person. All in this cold environment. If it was hiding from helicopter- it wouldn’t sit up on a wide open boulder like it did at the end.

  3. its fake it would have ran at the first gun shot and not the last i believe that Bigfoot dose exists but that is a person there is no doubt in my mind that’s a human

  4. If this video was fake folks? Then why was there a Chopper hovering over this small family’s heads for so long…? Do you really think that the chopper pilot was burning very expensive rich helicopter fuel? Just to check out this family shooting a couple of bottles? The truth is the shotgun blast scared the hell out of the Bigfoot as he was hiding from the chopper. So he took of running towards a new hiding place. All my life I have been a BELIEVER an I always will be. Great video!

  5. Now that I have reviewed the video I m even more critical of the bot the writer and some of the commentators though many shared my thoughts.

    The “helicopter” is NOT in the footage AT ALL which is a fact that any researcher should note. I see two people. Commentators have said that he looks right at it. From the rear of a person you can not tell what direction he is looking just because he is faced vaguely in that direction. Someone stated that he is directly “in the line of fire” which is clearly not even close to the obvious facts. Another thought that the camera operator had poor and thus suspicious positioning. Even if this were true the operator is an amateur BUT actually the camera is precisely on his subject matter, the shooters and their targets. The videographer knew what he wanted to film and does so. Someone thought it suspicious that the shooters were too far to the right of the frame. See above* the shooters HAD to be on the right and the targets the left, to catch the action and image he/she desired. Had he shot footage of just the shooters how could he have recorded their hits and vice versa. As far as comments by those claiming to understand the biomechanics of runners, I think they should withhold them. I see neither proof of it being man or not man. One other commenmentioned running on snow. First, the snow seems to be old and hardened AND it appears to me that the creature is mostly just OFF to the side of the “snow”. Another commentator thinks that all bigfoot should be giants and states that it should be bigger. Of course this person has ruled out the painfully obvious fact that there are allegedly different sub-species of the creature and of course does not consider the age of the creature, a child, juvenile or female likely to be smaller and of course it could be thin as most creatures of the wilds are in winter for lack of sustenance, again, something that a first year anthropology student understands. In primitive human societies, winter starvation is/was commonplace. Being thin is actually a point in favor of the animal being real. A hoaxer would perhaps have not considered this and may have more likely ( I believe) used a more puffy “suit” in keeping with the myth that all of these crypto-animals are giants. Observers really need to think before pushing the keyboard.

  6. My remarks above in no way are directed to the video or its makers. I have no opinion of it, Indeed I have not viewed it yet. I was criticizing the poor written analysis by the writer.

  7. I’d like to comment on the remarks in the article above:

    “Why would a man sit so close to kids with guns”? First, the writer infers that the shooters were there first. It is clearly the opposite. The creature, human or otherwise, was there first and then ran off when the shooting started. Not only perfectly understandable but this same scenario happened to me some years ago when I was enjoying nature and some gun nuts drove up to the meadow only 50 yards below me, exited their vehicle and began shooting almost directly at me apparently thinking that no one was in the line of fire or just plain not caring.I was in plain site in desert terrain wearing clothing that clashed with the surroundings as was my 1 and 1/4 ton, 11 ft high camper van not more than fifty feet from me! I am a responsible shooter but have seen few others who are. Not only were they recklessly blind they did not take the time to walk to the area they were targeting to clear it first. Not surprisingly when confronted, they blamed it on me saying that I should not have been there! Typical moron response. Mz Marrtin is evidently not a detective. I am also a writer and try to think before I put my …hmmm…well…stupidity in writing.

    The sentence following…”You’d would think that a man would be aware that it could be dangerous”. is equally poorly considered by the writer. First it presumes that a human being is more at home in the wilds than an animal (which is exactly the opposite.) and would be more likely to sense another man’s presence. (Again exactly the opposite of fact.). Most wild creatures DO KNOW that man is dangerous and they also have better senses to tell them when he is nearby. The presumption that animals must be somehow inferior than man,( I suppose because they don’t read, write or use cell phones.) in all things is arrogantly absurd. I suppose the writer thinks that man swims better than fish for the same reason.

    As far as the one man looking directly at the fleeing figure? Human ( and most animals) eye site, is attracted to movement but that does NOT follow that because they look in that direction means they see what it is that that the movement attracted them to. More than once I have been struck by another motorist that looked directly and me and then moved into my path anyway, claiming later that they “didn’t see me”. This is common human behavior I am sorry to say.

    As for the helicopter I have no idea what it is doing there but as a pilot I can say that it is similar to my remark above about the motorist. If the aircraft was not looking for a creature on the ground clearly he would not see it and as with the motorist, had he been looking for it he could easily have missed it.

    Martin made a similarly ignorant remark about the terrain being open and not likely to be “Bigfoot habitat.” She is supposed to be a researcher in this field but has never heard of the Yeti that lives in completely barren landscape, the desert bigfoot sitings, and the sparsely forested areas such as San Diego County which is also a bigfoot hotspot. Not all of these creatures, if they exist, live in thick, dark forests.

    Bigfoot research will forever be unsuccessful while the leaders in the field are so blatantly ignorant of the simplest rules of nature or even of the subject matter of which they profess to have knowledge.

    This is the first time I have been to this site. I was hoping that it would be a breath of fresh air compared to the dog and pony show put on by Matt Moneymaker, a complete charlatan, but I guess I too am showing my ignorance.

  8. i think the video is fake because if you look closleythe guy cept looking in that direction and stared right at it and if it was real the guy would have said (hey what is that)

  9. if u look at the video at 00:45 u will see that is is now on all four feet/hands at the top of the rock in the top right side of the screen. and i couldn’t be a bear cause they wont run like that. but why would it stop an watch them like a gorilla would? i think it would be fake because the guy would have noticed by look at the same direction like 5 times.

  10. If its a bigfoot where are the tracks.Also bigfoot runs better than that,also has a big chest.This guy is way too skinny.

  11. Very few people can understand / interpret / analyse what they see, whether fake or real. Exceptionally good vision coupled with distance and depth perception is an absolute requirement in determining the size of any object (animate or inanimate) and how far away it is from the viewer.
    If the creature in this video isn’t a “bigfoot” it certainly cannot be a human being for the stature, length of stride and the quickness of movement is greater than any man when viewed at that distance. I’ve met face to face a huge male grizzly bear and lived to tell about it. That bear would look small in stature (when compared to this creature) from the same distance.

  12. FAKE. the person stands there the whole time their shooting the guns,just make where his feet are and you will see, and why is the camera pointed more to the left of the targets and everyone else is out of the frame on the right, and yes the guy in the hoodie is looking right at him running. all planned out. when he got the signal to run after the shotgun he did. sorry.

  13. I noticed some discrepencies. in the film that the creature runs after the shotgun blast at 38 sec. the creature seems to be standing in a semi crouched position, but in the annylized film the creature seems to be completely crouched down, and its the same video as far as i can tell. why would the creature appear in two very different positions in exactly the same film.

  14. Just because the guy is looking in the direction of the figure means nothing. We don’t know what he was looking at. After the thing runs behind the tree, it goes down to all fours before the camera moves away. When the camera pans back that way again, you can see the creature looking towards the boy, on all fours again, like a gorilla. I believe this is a legitimate video, but as you say, it is too far away to be conclusive.

  15. Its not a real dill. He is looking right at it to watch it run like he knew it was going to run right after the shotgun shot.

  16. this is on the same hill as “Bigfoot family sighting” posted by “johnny11”. This is lower downslope so the little road the kids slide acrossed in “sighting” is now midslope & some snow is melted. This video (I think) was origionally posted by MegaFrightful with the typical ‘oh look isn’t this scary’ faker type poster leadin. compare these two before you decide.

  17. Looks like a Big Foot to me. It doesn’t run like a human does, it has a different run to it. Yes it’s on 2 legs, but it moves differently than a human would, especially in snow on a hill. It is on all fours when it stops and is looking at the people then swings it’s butt like an ape would do. Once again, not normal human behavior. It’s not wearing any clothes. Even a person dressed up like a Big Foot, it’s movement and mannerisms is very different than it would be with a person faking it. How about someone dresses up as one, goes to the same spot with some one video taping and see if they can replicate it.

  18. I think that was a lucky find , I love the woods and spend allot of time in em and i can move fast over all types of terrain but not like that figure did with those strides if its a fake its a good one personally i think its real, by chance did they go back to the area and look to see if they could find anything?

  19. Creatures of forest, jungle, valleys don’t wait and watch as humans fire gunshots in there homes, they run away .They Run…

  20. im 14 and im really interested in bigfoot i watched this video and observed it more closley every time and when it runs it takes long strids and seems to run really good on snow and the height made me think it was a bigfoot but watch it once remember were the bigfoot started running he just sits there after he runs across watch again when he sits it kind of looks like he sits with a lean like a monkey and since i believe in bigfoot im gonna say yes it is

  21. When this video was first posted, by the original posters, you could go to youtube and see that they had created several other videos where a Bigfoot was magically in the background as their family enjoyed an outing. I just tried to go back and find them, but they appeared to be removed. They also created the video where a bigfoot family appears during a sled riding outing.

  22. I don’t think the video is a fake. I agree the video would of diverted to what was happening in the background. I had a video of a haunted location and I didn’t see the paranormal activity until after viewing the tape afterward. Now I know if i post it people will say its a fake.

    I think the video is plausible.

    1. Now that you mention it, I knew a woman who took a photo near a lake in the mountains, and when she got it developed after going home, discovered a bear nearby looking at her. But when she was there, she didn’t have a clue.

  23. Looks like it could be.At the end you can see where the thing stops behind the rocks looks again, but then the camera goes away from it.

  24. FindBigfoot on Facebook did some close-up analysis of this one. Look there. Still, it is too low in resolution to prove that it is anything more than a man running and trying to avoid stray bullets or the helicopter folks viewing him.

  25. I thought the first time I saw this that after the shot gun was fired the guy looked in that direction of the “being” running. How did he not notice this and make a comment at that time. Again there is nothing concrete to determine one way or another.

  26. I watched it again and if that’s a foot then I’m gonna suggest it eat a sandwich or something. That thing is scrawny. Looks like a 180 pound man in some type of costume.

  27. Honestly Linda, I think everybody is looking for their 15 minutes of fame. You said it yourself when you said, there is quite a lot of response on youtube. I am sure the video has recieved several hits.

  28. Tim, I thought he was looking at his other son – but then why didn’t he see the person in the background running? That makes no sense. You’re right, this could be just another silly fake.

    I don’t know why people like to make fake Bigfoot videos, but there have been lots of them!

  29. Its hard tot ell with such a far away object. If the person had noticed when recording and zoomed in on it, then I might be able to make a decision.

  30. After further review, this video is a fake. If you pause it at 3 seconds the guy is looking in that direction. (I guess to make sure his buddy is in place) Then watch closely at 39 to 41 seconds and you will notice when this thing(person) takes off the guy looks directly at it. So you’re telling me he looks directly at it and doesn’t see it and if he did he doesn’t tell everybody to look? Come on give me a break.

  31. First let me say my group has found evidence in more populated places then this. I don’t think it was faked just for the simple fact, normally the camera will focus on the object and these people stayed focused on the targets. But just like every video somebody claims is a Bigfoot, there isn’t enough evidence. But I agree, it did run good on snow. At this point and time all you can do is chalk it up as a mystery.

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