David Paulides Responds to the Bigfoot Massacre Issue

While checking out David Paulides’ North America Bigfoot Search website yesterday to verify a statement in my first posting about Tribal Bigfoot, I noticed that Paulides has added an undated “blog post” that seems to be a response to the Bigfoot Massacre hooplah/outcry that started on Cryptomundo with Loren Coleman’s postings of MK Davis pictures and videos compared to responses by John Green. Coleman’s posts included a couple derisive mentions of Paulides’ name which set me off, and I responded with a few blog posts of my own, shocked that Paulides would be associated with such an outrageous theory. Perhaps I should have kept it to myself, but I was very upset by the issue, especially after seeing David Paulides’ name mentioned! Plus I thought the photoshopping on the videos Coleman linked to was outrageous!
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