What I learned tonight

What I learned tonight from my experience with Coast to Coast AM…

1. There’s a lot of heartless, foolish, self-absorbed people out there who will not listen.

2. I don’t have time for people who are cruel and mean at heart. My life is about love and sharing it. Why bother with loveless people?

3. We must maintain our integrity and stay close to God and then everything will fall into place.

Posted by: Linda


I always say that all is not lost until you’ve lost your sense of humor. Well, since so many self-proclaimed self-righteous “legitimate researchers” have decided to skewer me on the internet because I still like Tom, I have been losing my sense of humor, and this is something that doesn’t happen to me often.

Last night my teenage son wanted his 12-year-old hyper friend to spend the night. I was not in the mood for a sleep over, but being the nice mom, I agreed to it. Then they wanted me to drive them to the store to buy some treats before it closed at 10. Being the nice mom, I agreed to that too though I really wanted to stay and listen to the beginning of Coast to Coast AM.

At the store my son’s 12-year-old hyper friend purchased two 2-liter bottles of Mountain Dew. And that’s when I lost my sense of humor. I told him he was absolutely not going to be allowed to sit up at my home all night drinking Mountain Dew. After all the hell people put me through on the internet for the last 2 days, I needed my sleep and wasn’t going to let someone ruin it for me by drinking extremely caffeinated sugary soda and going wild. I took him back to his house to drop off the soda and then he decided to stay there because I wasn’t being my normally nice self.

My sense of humor still hasn’t returned, so I feel the need to spend the day writing. Like yesterday, I will probably go out into the woods somewhere, sit by myself, enjoy the peace, and spend a good part of the day reading and writing, my two favorite activities.

May all of you out there who have lost your compassion, your loving-kindness, your humanity… and your humor… have it restored to you at this time.

Posted by: Linda

Where’s the Bigfoot?

Tom Biscardi was on Coast to Coast AM a few minutes ago announcing to the world that there’s a Bigfoot in captivity. He’s under a lot of stress and has been for days now. That came through in his voice, and he wasn’t willing to tell the whole story.

Considering that he’s expecting to get possession of the Bigfoot soon, I don’t know if he’ll come back to Happy Camp… desperate times make desperate people.

I haven’t seen him since he left here three days ago. But as I understand it from what he said on the radio, he’s still going through negotiations with whoever has the Bigfoot, and there’s a lot of conflict at this time.

I hope they get it straightened out soon. I’d like to see this Bigfoot myself.

Posted by: Linda