Just the Facts, Please

From Linda Jo Martin, Editor, Happy Camp News:

I notice a lot of misinformation exists about Tom Biscardi’s videostreaming project. I can understand how frustrating it must be to deal with such misunderstandings, and Tom is way too busy right now to pay them any attention whatsoever.

So I’ll reply:

At the Strange Happenings weblog Tom’s project is compared to Jill Miller’s Waiting For Bigfoot – and it is stated that “Tom Biscardi is planning on doing the same thing ” … well … it is NOT the same thing at all. And I can testify that Tom had no knowledge of the Waiting For Bigfoot project until only a few days before he arrived here in Happy Camp to launch his videostreamed expedition.

I’ll explain the differences. First of all, Jill’s project is conceived of as an art project. She has never seen Bigfoot, and has no experience researching Bigfoot. While I admire her project, it appears to be just a web cam picturing her campsite. That’s fine – and I don’t wish to detract from her art project which I find to be a very cool thing indeed. However Tom’s project is focused on a known Bigfoot habitat. He didn’t go to a random campsite hoping one might wander in by chance. He’s got his cameras focused on a spot where Bigfoot is known to have been in the very recent past on several occasions. MUCH DIFFERENT.

Tom Biscardi also has thirty-two years experience researching Bigfoot world-wide. He’s seen Bigfoot five times. This man is an expert and knows what he’s doing, what’s credible, and what isn’t. He doesn’t waste time on going to areas where Bigfoot has been spotted years in the past, hoping it might show up again. He only investigates the most recent sightings and hot on the trail, he collects evidence such as footprints, photos of bedding, scat and hair samples. So far as I know Jill Miller’s art project is not like this at all.

And the reason I know Tom wasn’t aware of Jill’s project until a few days ago — is because I told him about it myself. I was on the phone with him late one night right before he arrived back here on Aug. 4 – and I asked him if he’d seen Jill’s site and what he thought of it. He didn’t know what I was talking about and I had to give him the URL and we discussed it then. While he had nothing bad to say about her project we agreed that although there was a similarity as cameras were involved, it simply isn’t the same thing.

I won’t go into the equipment differences but will say Tom’s project is original, comprehensive, and illuminating. He introduces our town, Happy Camp, shows where recent sightings took place, and gives a broader picture of Northern California. He’s already videostreamed an investigation in another Northern California location, and since I know some of what’s planned for the next few days I can say it is going to be exciting and eye-opening. We’re talking about action and adventure, scientific information, and more. He’s not in our area right now but will be coming back.

I guess you could say that’s one more difference with our project. It isn’t stationary – focused on one campsite. We have two surveillance cameras on the local site – but also the project’s camera 3 is of filming being done in various locations not only here in Northern CA – but soon to be on location out of state at an undisclosed location as well. I will be watching the new footage along with everyone else who’s registered – with the same anticipation.

Well, I have lots of work to do today. Tara is arranging for a Great American Bigfoot Research Organization booth at the Bigfoot Jamboree this year – and we’ll also probably be in the local parade. This will be on Labor Day Weekend – just a few days from now. If you can make it – we would love to meet you so look for our booth in River Park.


Oregon Bigfoot

Oregon Bigfoot has a beautiful website and very helpful national database of sightings including a few from here in Siskiyou County.

The most recent was in 2002 when a girl near Yreka said she saw two sasquatch in the field near her house.

The website is owned by Autumn Williams who claims a childhood sighting of her own. She’s been working on her bigfoot research since 1996.

Bigfoot Research Organization

The Bigfoot Research Organization is the best site I’ve found on the subject so far. I looked around the site for a way to join but haven’t found it yet.

There’s lots to learn here, including all about what we need to take with us on expeditions.

There’s a sighting report form and a huge database of reported sightings.

There are twenty reports from Siskiyou County. How exciting is that?

Our most recent sightings are not reported there yet. We need to change that.