Do Bigfoot People Research Human People?

Bigfoot people will protect their families. I’ll bet they sure do…

In fact, I’m guessing that a lot of our sightings happen when curious Sasquatches come into our territory to see what we’re up to.

A good example is Dr. Matthew Johnson’s sighting at Oregon Caves. He and his family were innocently walking on a trail behind the caves when a Bigfoot started tracking them, while standing behind trees for concealment. The only reason he was seen was that Dr. Johnson climbed the hill. Because he was off the trail in a place the Bigfoot didn’t expect him to be, he got a glimpse of the Sasquatch looking down at his family.

According to Dr. Johnson’s report, this Bigfoot was keeping an eye on passing humans – possibly as a protection for his family or tribe.

Happy Camp, California
Happy Camp, California – surrounded by wooded hills.

I live in the Klamath River valley near a small town, Happy Camp, that is surrounded by hills. Every hill is covered with trees. There is plenty of space for ridge-walking Bigfoot people to look down at the town and keep an eye on our activities. There is no need to wonder what their motivations might be.

For the last two centuries European-Americans have encroached on Bigfoot territory here in the US Western states. Old newspaper accounts place Bigfoot people living in the areas of Central California and even the San Francisco Bay Area. These Bigfoot habitation areas have, for a long time, been taken over and settled in by humans, and our modern civilization has no doubt caused many thousands of Bigfoot people to have to resettle into more remote locations.

Do they communicate with one another? You betcha! There have been sightings of Bigfoot people chattering away at one another. Even without those reports it is common sense. All species of animals can communicate with their kind. Ever seen a flock of birds all change direction together at one simultaneous instant?

Recently a new site, BigfootHub.Com, posted a fascinating report of a Bigfoot who spoke English. Is this so hard to believe? If Bigfoot people are hyper-intelligent (and they must be, to avoid humans so well,) surely they have brain power enough to learn our language.

And surely they have brain power enough to watch our activities and … research us!

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  1. Bigfoot does exist!! Most non-believers will waste your time giving you hundreds of reasons why the Sasquatch is not real.. Well.. after a sighting in 2007 …I know the reality..and they do roam the forests.. There are MANY unxplained mysteries in this world…and the Bigfoot is one of them.. To my knowledge and belief.. this creature is a wonderful part of nature..and his existance to man should be left a Mystery.. Why subject such a being to research and media exhibits ..Let the legend live on…Bigfoot is the Lord of the Mountains..a place where he makes the rules..and lives in peace, and is best left alone… Del Macfall/ Portland-Maine

  2. I believe that the strongest evidence of an unidentified, sizeable, bipedal primate is presented in the case of the Orang Pendek widely reported in Sumatra and Souteast Asia (Indonesia). The evidence and the plausible exsitence of this creature is such that even the scientific community has been swayed. For example, footprint casts and hair DNA have been investigated by British scientist and researchers at, for example, the University of Cambridge with the conclusion being that, “..this points towards there being a large unknown primate in the forests of Sumatra” (Chivers, 2003).

    The temperate conditions, food sources and the isolated geographical location would support a sizeable breeding population of unidentified, upright primate. In addition, sightings of this creature have been reported for hundreds of years by both the indigenious communities and Western settlers, explorers and scientists. Most tellingly there is archeological evidence of primates existing in the area. It is not a case of ‘if’ the scientists discover it, but ‘when’?

    So why don’t you check it out? Or would people rather pay attention to the disgusting tricksters, fraudsters (who I personally think should be subject to criminal charges and either fined heavily or imprisoned), and con-men who have done nothing but bring the possible existence of Bigfoot into disrepute.

    A lot of the time, Bigfoot is nothing but an excuse for ‘big men’ to go out with their ‘big guns’ on some ‘big adventure’ with no real interest in getting to the truth. It’s just grown up men playing and trying to recapture their boyhood.

    Check out the Orang Pendak…….

  3. The sighting of any type of bigfoot is likely to be witness exaggeration, or a man in a suit or a flagrant hoax. Now I know a female bounty hunter who has said that if these things exist, they won’t be in the US, but in areas like Tibet, Siberia and China and North East India each of these areas have their own version of the Bigfoot.

    There have even been reports of wildmen in the UK, but that is of course going to be fake. For all of you in the US, the UK is the United Kingdom made up of Scotland, England, and Wales. It is a country, an island, in fact, and not part of France.

  4. Hey Shane thanks for the information. I went and did a quick search and I see Blue Man is just their name for Bigfoot.

  5. there are also alot of stories Ive heard and read about from reliable hillfolk in southern Missouri tha t will blow your mind-one is the blue man of southern Mo. check it out-look up the Missouri mystery mounds too-very interesting

  6. I am moving to the Anchor Bay are of N Cali here pretty soon,I have always been interested in it .I was a Marine myself for four yrs and have lived in the mountains of Idaho,Wyoming and Montana(actually living in the woods)under a tarp,but I always have my dog who can alert me before something is close.I have never seen a bigfoot,but dont doubt it…..there are pieces of immense woods all over this country where it is almost impossible for people to even get thru and you have to be somewhat crazy to go into some of those places…hell,there are places in Kentucky ,where Im from that are so,snakey and swampy and like I said,almost impossible to get thru-people I know who are in thier 80’s have never been thru them and they farm the more habitable lands surrounding them.
    I plan to do some 5 to 7 day hikes into the most dense woods I can find once Im out there and maybe I will have a story for you myself in time.Semper Fi till I die and take er easy greasy-Shane

  7. Wait a minute, Bigfoot is fake but the Yowie is real? If you don’t believe in all of this then why are you even out doing any type of research? Do I see it as following some type of religion? What brought that question on? I was raised hard core penticostal and am now non denomination. I believe in one god and I will never serve false witnesses. I wish somebody would tell us of another something that has happened to them so bigbrain can use his big words, dispute it and mock it.

  8. Interesting question, and I for one agree with your conclusions. Which brings up a question re: human/bigfoot interaction; We research and watch them, why is it not improbable they do the same? Every species protects their own in some way, so, in respect to the P/G film, and having watched it many times over, has anyone given thought to the idea that this creature was drawing Patterson and Gimlin away from the area? After all, This has been the only valid, (though some quetsion it) recording of a Bigfoot ever made. If the Bigfoot was simply running away, why the slight pause to look back at the two men? Is it possible Patterson and Gimlin were about to stumble into a semi-permanent encampment of Bigfoot? Was this filmed Bigfoot in fact trying to draw attention away from something else?

  9. Tim, of course, I believe everything that Simon Cowell says! The fact that you know so much about American Idol suggests that you follow it closely yourself and spend a lot of time on your couch watching the television.

    As for going out there and looking around; I have been up to Eureka to examine so-called hominid sightings and have stayed by myself in the Australian bush (60 miles/120 kilometres from the nearest town) and have spoken to local people about Yowie sightings. This is probably more than you have done and I have concluded that, having travelled to the US and Australia, there is very little evidence of large bipedal primates living in these continents. How much more ‘getting out there and looking around’ would you suggest that I do?

    As for believers vs. “non-believers” with regard to the Bigfoot, it is exactly this terminology and dichotomy that makes me think that those who dogmatically support the eistence of the Bigfoot are up there with those who also believe the tooth fairy, Easter bunny and Santa Clause exist. *Although, having said I did think that the Easter bunny used to visit me when I was about five years old!

    Tim, do you see belief in the Bigfoot as similar to following some kind of religion?

  10. I laugh every time I see a non believers comments on here. Usually the non believers are the ones sitting on their couches watching t.v. shows (for example Big Brain) and making their judgement from that. Why not get out there and look around and see what you can see for yourself and quit listening to the t.v. I bet you also believe everything Simon says on American Idol.

  11. I tell you what does creep me out; the Yowie. I’ve stayed in the parts of Australia where this creature has supposedly been seen. Reports suggest, that in contrast to the possible non-aggression and shyness of Bigfoot (if it exists), the Australian Yowie is an aggressive predator that stalks and attempts to ambush many human walkers with the intent of harming or killing them. This is very scary and suggests that it is highly dangerous and malevolent. Creepy.

  12. @BigBrain – were you talking about the Patterson-Gimlin film? There’s been a lot of study done on the film and the general consensus is that it is real. I will be reviewing Chris Murphy’s film book on this blog soon. I’ve never noticed anything that looks like pant legs and … as I understand it the skill for making this realistic type of costume wasn’t developed at that time.

    @Susie – Intriguing story! My first thought was that it could have been a gold prospector, because I live with one that likes to wilderness camp … and the Trinity is very popular with prospectors. But then you said it sounded like an animal … and had a scream type voice … so, very interesting! Of course the area around the Trinity River and the Trinity Alps is prime Bigfoot country. And to hear it saying something like “shut up” … LOL. I hope the party kids got the message!

    @anonymous – I’ve met Dr. Matthew Johnson and think very highly of him, so I have a hard time thinking of him as delusional. I know he had a brain injury early last year, but he’s nearly recovered now. And of course his sighting took place long ago – July 2000. I met him in 2006. So, though I will go acquaint myself better with Daniel Perez’ material, I would definitely not think of Matthew as delusional. He’s said he received so much harsh criticism regarding his sighting that he’s been conducting his ongoing Bigfoot research quietly and on his own for the most part, with only a very few trusted friends. He’s had some success at that but I don’t feel at liberty to discuss it here.

  13. Susie, it would not be possible for the Bigfoot to have shouted “Shut-up” because of underdeveloped vocal apparatus making the pronounciation of the /-s/ phoneme nigh on impossible. The individual who made that sound was more than likely a wanderer, traveller or hermit or something like that. Why would it have to be Bigfoot?

  14. Linda, ask Daniel Perez about the truth of the Matt Johnson Story. Johnson is delusional, no bigfoot was watching people on that trail, forestry people interviewed all that came off that trail.

  15. Nobody will probably believe me either, but I know it happened and so does my girlfriend (a State Biologist for Fish & Game) We were horse camping in the Trinity Alps; at the trail head the first night, a group of drunk young people came in to camp. They were partying, and some of them started yelling and screaming. They certainly “upset” the peace and quiet of that place. Our horses were highlined. They did not seem to be paying much attention to the humans, but then, all of a sudden, they were looking across the creek and became agitated. We both got out of our tents to see what the horses were spooked at, and then we heard a loud, volumnous, scream type voice that almost sounded like: “Shuuuttt….uppppp” . There were no roads over there, only wilderness. We looked at each other with disbelief, and said, “Bigfoot!” We both “knew” what it was for some reason, and sensed that “he” was upset because of the humans partying and fighting. There was no other animal that either one of us have ever heard that sounded like that!

  16. Also the BGF seems somewhat fake to me because you can clearly see where the torso part of the ‘costume’ ends and is separate from the furry ‘trousers’. It looks like the person wearing it would have put the leg coverings on first and then stepped into a specially contoured torso and mid-section. It is certainly possible that there are large organisms such as sizeable mammals and aquatic creatures that have avoided detection until now. However, some cases are less plausible than others and this to me includes the ‘Bigfoot’ or ‘Sasquatch’ in North America and the Loch Ness Monster in Scotland, UK. Examples of more credible criptozoological cases include, the thylacene (Tazmanian tiger), unidentified big cats (even in the UK), large deep sea reptilian or amphibian species, and the yeti (even the brilliant Sir David Attenborough has endorsed this as a possibility).

    Anyway, it’s an interesting website.

  17. You gotta be kidding me? You don’t believe this stuff do you? Bigfoot speaking English! Next you’ll be saying that you know someone who sat with Bigfoot one afternoon, chatting over tea and cucumber sandwiches.

    1. LOL … I believe in keeping an open mind. And if Bigfoot exists it seems evident that they are intelligent . . . so, I’m saying . . . MAYBE so! There are multiple reports from Native Americans that Bigfoot people understand their Native languages. And if they can do that, then why not English as well? It is sensible… one thought leads to another. We’re talking logic. But it definitely is against the common paradigm (set of assumptions) we humans now have, so I know it would not seem sensible to many, at first glance.

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