Evidence of Bigfoot in Willow Creek and Happy Camp

The evidence for the existence of Bigfoot in Northern California, in the forests surrounding Willow Creek and Happy Camp, mounts with each passing year, yet critics and skeptics still devise ways to discredit eyewitness testimony, footprint casts, and DNA evidence.

Klamath River Bigfoot Territory
There are numerous Bigfoot sighting reports coming from the forests between Willow Creek, CA and Happy Camp, CA.

Last year the documentary series Boogeymen, by CMJ Productions, explored the area, interviewing people in both towns. JavaBob Schmalzbach was on hand to tell the Happy Camp end of the story, and several Willow Creek citizens also participated, as did Dr. Matthew Johnson who lives north of the area in Oregon and Washington. I still find Dr. Johnson’s sighting reports to be credible, compelling, and convincing.

Bigfoot Sighting Location China Point
Location of the 2005 China Grade Bigfoot sighting.
JavaBob mentioned in this episode that China Point has been the site of more than one sighting. I’ve explored that area and saw the footprints in 2005 before they were cast. Later the Forest Service razed that area removing most of the trees in the area where the 2005 China Point Bigfoot sighting investigation took place. It seemed to me to be a shocking and suspicious forest destruction project. As I hiked the hill in 2012 I saw none of the landmarks that I’d witnessed in 2005. I wondered if the disturbance to that area’s soil would make Bigfoot footprints easier to find. The area I’m talking about is on top of the hill JavaBob discusses in the China Point portion of the 2014 Boogeyman Bigfoot episode.

The Bigfoot Scenic Byway (Highway 96) connects the town of Happy Camp with Willow Creek, 90 miles away.

The Bigfoot Scenic Byway (Highway 96) connects the town of Happy Camp with Willow Creek, 90 miles away.

I noted that the man who narrated the episode got one detail wrong. He said that an ordinary human being couldn’t climb that steep hill. Wrong. I’ve seen it done, and so has JavaBob. I’m sure JavaBob would have mentioned that. It is very steep and I would not attempt it but I’ve seen a 40-something year old man do it, just to prove it can be done. He could very well have destroyed evidence while doing so but I was not in charge of that investigation – all I did was observe. At the time I was there to report on the incident for Happy Camp News.

The Bigfoot Books owner, Steven Streufert, is interviewed extensively in this episode. He’s the publisher of Bigfoot’s Blog, a good place to get information about current Bigfoot investigations. His store in Willow Creek is also a good source of Bigfoot books (as well as books on many other topics.)

JavaBob Schmalzback’s book is Monsters Myths and Me.

Monsters, Myths and Me by Robert Schmalzbach

The Boogeymen documentary series has investigated many related phenomena including Mothman, the Bellwitch, the Hodag, Tatzelwurm, Ogopogo, lake monsters, the Jersey Devil, Thunderbirds, Chupacabras, Yowie, and more. This well-produced series is worth watching for anyone with an interest in cryptozoology.

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  1. I would love to talk with you. I am Producing a television show and will be shooting in your area in March. How would I arrange an interview

  2. My Father lived in Ohio and I remember when he said that sasquatch is living surrounding with his family. There are females, youngsters, and males. They been in United States before the American Indians.

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