How to Find Bigfoot

I’ve seen a lot of people come and go here in the Klamath River Valley — Bigfoot researchers looking for Northern California Bigfoot action. It saddens me that they can stay only a few hours or days — then must return to their city jobs in other parts of the country.

Yes, the Bigfoot Scenic Byway is prime Bigfoot territory and home to the Patterson-Gimlin film site, but let’s not forget that Bigfoot can be found in almost every state.

Do you want to find Bigfoot?

If you live near a forested area, consider spending more time there on a regular, hopefully daily basis. Check Bigfoot sighting databases online to see where Bigfoot has been seen in your state. Choose a nearby sighting location and make it your home away from home. The regularity of your being there will be a possible draw for a curious Sasquatch.

Oregon Bigfoot National Sightings Database
BFRO Geographic Database of Bigfoot/Sasquatch Sightings and Reports

What to do while you’re there

Offer music and food. Look for footprints and broken tree branches. Do some howling and wood knocking and rock pounding. Announce your presence as well as you can, then show yourself as a harmless, nature-loving companion that Bigfoot might consider visiting. If you play acoustic guitar or flute, take your musical instrument with you. Maybe Bigfoot will be curious to see where the beautiful sounds are coming from. A dulcimer, recorder, or djembe would work well too.

West Branch Campground
One of my favorite local areas,
West Branch Campground

I find that a few hours alone in the woods can be a profoundly peaceful experience. I usually take my journal to write in and a comfortable chair to sit in when I’m not hiking around, looking at things. I don’t take food — at least, not for myself — because I’m not there to attract bears. Many researchers leave food in the forest hoping Bigfoot will discover and appreciate it. You might like to read Ray Crowe’s article on baiting. Be aware that some counties have ordinances against feeding wildlife. Stay on the safe side of the law.

Don’t forget, Bigfoot are nocturnal. If possible, spend the night in your research location every now and then. Take a night vision scope if you have one.

Psychological considerations

I believe that motivation is a big factor in whether or not you’ll attract a Bigfoot to your research area. If your motivation is to capture or kill, they may sense that and stay away. I know many researchers have the desire to prove that Bigfoot exists, so they think only a body (dead or alive) can do that. Purify your motivations and you may have a better chance of connecting with a Sasquatch. Many people believe that Bigfoot has eluded captivity for so long because they are wise and possibly quite psychic.

Your intention to have contact with a Bigfoot may work to draw them to you. Have faith that it will happen! Put yourself in the right place on a regular basis and you’re more likely to see one than if you stayed home in front of your computer or TV.

One more thing — if you’re full of fear, will Bigfoot sense it? Be emotionally prepared for what you might see!

Establishing your own nearby Sasquatch research area is much more practical than a trip across country to see the place where Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin saw one. Of course, you’re welcome to come check it out, but Bigfoot research doesn’t have to be an occasional thing. You’ll have a better chance for a sighting if you put yourself out there every day, and that means doing it close to home.

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    1. Cambrige Maine found small trees with tops snaped broken but broken in same direction for 50 or more yards. Lots of vocals late night for the last 2 yrs in same area

    2. Parents have a camp in Cambrige Maine. my father and me driving through back of the propity found tops of sapplings branches snapped in the same direction for at least 20 to 30 yards. Theres been lots of vocals loud vocals for the last 2 years. My father thinks its a big cat moutian lion or links. I don’t think it sounds anything like that. Sounds like a deep Whooo. Don’t know what to think.

  1. p.s. they do come out during the day they love to play in the daylight.the babies and female love the sun. only the males realy love the night better but they will always leave out the two during the day to guard the land they have lived beside me since I brought the property since 2002 , but it took until 2008 before they would interact and shoe themselves.the male huters have geen eyes that are lighted from the back they will shine them when very mad and on the attack. yes they will if you push them to hard. and yes they do bend light and time if you realy see them a lot you should have found that out for yourself by now. have fun be carful!!!!

  2. I wrote a 2 page comment I live with a family of 15 to 20 bigfoot I have photos and flir vedio . why was it not posted

  3. I live with a very large group many females since 2002 they took 6 years to show themselves i have great photos and video . they play everyday.but here is the truth!!!

    they will get mad if you bring people around who are scare they have great sence they will attack if push too hard. I had 15 closing in on me and a female a day after someone I let come to take flir vedio of them made them mad it took 2 months for them to trust me again. but it is not the same anymore if the young and female get to close for a couple of days the males will back them off. then a few days go by while males out hunting they will come and play more. they will zap you bad if they can’t read you good. ie. don’t ngo out unless you happy and at peace. they do bend light and time and this is very real. no i’am not crazy I just study well and put them through tests. I have people run off and get sick with what they see here . those groups know whom i’am specking of. they to have fun but their are not here to be you friend they have a plan they are carrying out I just started putting some thoughts together and will do not fair well.if you have seen the power orbs you know what I taking about. NO their not just fresh and blood only if that was true. I show people 5 of them orb right up to the sky and if you think this is in my mind then it was also in minds of the people with me who have been looking for them for over 20 years. i’am almost there so hang in and what when they act a little different.

  4. They are real:
    One contacted me by his knocks in an area I have often traveled.
    They never crossed my mind before the initial contact.
    I left food (they like salty things such as pretzels,nut bar sweets,bread,lettuce,and unshucked corn on the cob,pears;they reject tomatoes).
    Here are my conclusions to date:
    1.Any ordinary sighting(crossing road,etc.)is apt to be accidental.
    2.Whether or not they make themselves known to a human is up to him-not someone hollering it up in the woods.That’s incredibly disrespectful to noisily disturb a habitat with lights,cameras,hollering & etc.since they often have younguns & elders.
    3.they have a sense of humor
    4.they are incredibly smart and can read a person like a book.I believe they have so-called esp.
    5.I believe if they are “proven to exist” it will not be in their best interest.Look at what happened to the Indians(pathogens,shot on sight,and “Federal government” solutions give me great pause…)
    6.many of us are very protective of them (refer#5)
    7.some “researchers’ have agendas to make money re.obtaining a body,getting the big money photo,etc.
    8.they can know about you and your activities great distances(hundreds of miles even-even visit certain humans)
    9.Enjoy the wild-they will not harm you unless you bother a youngster.If you are one of the “chosen” it will because of WHAT you are-not what you are doing(hollering,picture taking & etc.)
    My first & last message but please RESPECT them…

    by someone

  5. I have read numerous stories about Bigfoot in the Midwest and Texas, and i have discovered one common factor among most sightings. Most of the activity is at or near a large lake. For example; lake at Sulphur Oklahoma, in southwest Arkansas, Lake Tawakoni Texas etc;etc,. I think they use the lakes for fishing.

  6. Saw one March 7, 2013 6pm out in open with nothing near it. It was the tall-lanky nba player variety with long jet black wavy body hair, smooth long hair with a center part and a smooth beard. It’s face was long and oval and yellow-green (amazing)! It’s eyes were wide with long dark very curly eye lashes. It was easily 7 ft. tall and acted unperturbed as our van came toward it and then we swung into our driveway and he made a run for it I presume.

      1. In Spindale, North Carolina on a dead end street ending in a cul-de-sac…everywhere wooded but no leaves out on trees yet. It was a blue sky day…very sunny…nothing around it. I was expecting possibly someday to see a bigfoot but thought it would be bulky and ape-like but this was so man-like. Our house is the only house on street. He was standing on the black-topped cul-de-sac scanning the hill ahead of him. When he heard our van approach, only his head turned and tilted up slightly to squint at our van. His forehead had deep creases in it from squinting. I did not notice nose or lips as my brain needed a few more seconds for those to register but I was able to sketch him the next day. Needless, to say, very shocked and stunned and excited about what I saw. Now I am a “Knower.”

  7. Six of us had an encounter in Butterfeild Canyon. Bigfoot had us penned down in our tent. It was horrible but he did us no harm as he could have killed us easily. Going back in June. (Utah)Want to go? (208) 932-0302.

  8. And if you have followed all of my advice above, dont be scared. They may walk close to you at night out of curiosity or because they are trailing a game animal. Some weigh an incredible amount, so when they are near, their footsteps will make the gound under you shake, but once again dont be afraid. How many times I was awaked by a Bigfoot in the middle of the night I dont know. They were hunting as animals used to like to try to use my camp as an escape route. Id go Huh? wake up and just go back to sleep. If you look out you wont see anything much unless there is moonlight. And Never shine a light at them. It confuses them. Youre supposed to be their friend then all a sudden youre shining lights at them. They dont understand why and will stay away from you. I did that once and that was the end of my Bigfoot contact in that area. You MIGHT get away with a one or two camera flash, but once again, unless it is a special camera you might not get much. Always have a light though if you are Bigfooting in unknown areas. Those u might need to scare Away. I flashed a light at one just off the trail, it was peaceful, but its eytes were huge and luminescent. They know to immediately close their eyes at lights. They know how reflective they are. Thats how they see so well in the dark. U also can try looking for platforms. Bigfoot like to scavenge pieces of plywood, cardboard etc to sit on at night between hunting forrays. U might encounteran aresa with 15 or so. They leave a young on one in a thicket so they can hunt sometimes. There are other species out there too i dont know what they were, like claw-footed things hiding their prints in mine, and I also had to filter out a lot of Ghost activity (voices) as there was a lot there also. So at times I wasnt 100% sure if it was my Bigffoot freineds or a spirit voice. Well, hope this helps. Gotta run.

  9. Hello, I was a Bigfoot Contactee in the mid-2000s. You may catch a glimpse of one at night, but i wouldnt say that it is totally safe. I have been in the presence of both those that knew me, and thoise that did not. The ones that knew me, it wasnt a big deal for them to be spotted by me in the dim moonlight. They still would rather not be seen, but the ones that didnt know me? Forget that, you dont wanna go there. They can act confrontational, push down trees, growl, whatever to make you regret your being there. This is while camping of course. Just walking trails at night might prove some success, but. The only way to befriend Bigfoot is to camp out for a couple of months straight. Its easy. You do whatever you have to do during the day, then just return there to sleep. Start leaving out different foods, see what they like. Cooked chicken, pork, sausage I have had luck with. Pretty soon, they will trust you and begin checking the spot you leave treats at, might even give you a nickname. They used to call me “The Guy” or “The guy on the bike” . Yeah, they speak, thats to your advantage if you ever get into a situation, you can say Im only here to visit, to learn, I dont mean any harm. They wont speak directly to you, im not sure why, so forget about that. Oh, and dont camp in a secluded area. I have had bad exp. with that. Those kind dont want any human contact. Look for a campsite in an area closer to housing developmenets. Because the ones around there are more to have a land-sharing mentality with you and wont be as aggressive. Happy Bigfooting!!!

  10. They are real, no big deal. But getting evidence is tricky. They knbow the score, evidence means discovery and lack of security/safety, so an intelligent creatire isnt going to pose, or be around during the daylight much. And night pics/video is problematic because it looks so bad, people will say oh thats somebody in a suit or whatever. Haifr samples are the best way, but the testing that has been done is somewhat inconclusive. Back to square one.

  11. I hope they exist! For centuries the pointed headed
    intellectuals told us rogue waves didn’t exist, their formulas said so. The sailors were right.
    I’m a novice at big footing. Correct me if I’m wrong, but it appears that men happen upon a big foot. While frequently they go to a woman. My question is what were the women doing, or, were they ovulating or on their period and the big foot sensed this and came looking. If so, woman could be used as “bait”. Next time you go out go with the ladies. Sounds crazy, might be worth a try.
    Several of us are going big footing and the ladies are part of the trip.
    Thanks for reading.

  12. It is one of my greatest dreams to see a bigfoot. I spend a lot of time in the woods, sometimes solo, sometimes in areas where there have been sightings. I’ve heard growls and knocking. It never frightens me even though I am aware of the size and power behind these creatures. I’m a female. I often wonder if my chances of seeing one are greater because I am a woman, especially when I am alone. My vibe in the woods is not one that is tainted with fear. I’m just there respecting nature, hoping that some day one will reveal itself to me. Call it a pipe dream. In spite of all of the hoaxes, my heart tells me they are real. Its one of the few things that I actually feel quite strong about.

    1. Hello, I was a Bigfoot Contactee in the mid-2000s. You may catch a glimpse of one at night, but i wouldnt say that it is totally safe. I have been in the presence of both those that knew me, and thoise that did not. The ones that knew me, it wasnt a big deal for them to be spotted by me in the dim moonlight. They still would rather not be seen, but the ones that didnt know me? Forget that, you dont wanna go there. They can act confrontational, push down trees, growl, whatever to make you regret your being there. This is while camping of course. Just walking trails at night might prove some success, but. The only way to befriend Bigfoot is to camp out for a couple of months straight. Its easy. You do whatever you have to do during the day, then just return there to sleep. Start leaving out different foods, see what they like. Cooked chicken, pork, sausage I have had luck with. Pretty soon, they will trust you and begin checking the spot you leave treats at, might even give you a nickname. They used to call me “The Guy” or “The guy on the bike” . Yeah, they speak, thats to your advantage if you ever get into a situation, you can say Im only here to visit, to learn, I dont mean any harm. They wont speak directly to you, im not sure why, so forget about that. Oh, and dont camp in a secluded area. I have had bad exp. with that. Those kind dont want any human contact. Look for a campsite in an area closer to housing developmenets. Because the ones around there are more to have a land-sharing mentality with you and wont be as aggressive. Happy Bigfooting!!!

  13. Bigfoot is as real as anything else in the world and if people say he is not true then they didnt do research. If anyone has any sightings or anything please tell me the location. Im only 11 and i have researched Bigfoot my whole life. I agree with alot of you he is real and i was thinking of going to a location to find him. I would just like to see him. I would never ever even consider trapping him or anything like that. If someone trapped him for the money then fooey on them. Bigfoot is a majestic creature and he does not want to be captured. Would any of you like that?

    77 COLA DEW 77

  14. I live 50 miles east of Cincinnati, Ohio in a rural area where the farmland meets the forest. For the several years I have heard of stories of Bigfoot being in the local area, and that a strong musky odor was present with the sighting of this creature. On several occasion for the past three years I have been working in my barn when I noticed a very strong odor of musk hanging in the evening air. On each occasion, I closed up the barn and went to my house just a few hundred feet away. Not really knowing if this thing is for real, I did not want to take a chance. Then in the early morning hours of February 17, 2012, my wife and I hear a very clear and loud howl that made the hair stand up on the back of my neck. My wife asked what the heck was that, I advised that I thought it was a Bigfoot. That following morning I found some You Tube videos with audio recordings of what is thought to be a Bigfoot, (You Tube search; howl 11-18-2010) and my wife and I agree that was what we heard. What ever it was that howled was something that I have never heard before. Having lived in the country for that past 25 years I know sound of all kinds of animals, but not this one…. I am now watching the woods a bit more carefully.

  15. Bigfoot is very much real. I have spotted him in the northern woods while I was in south America. He threw a tree at me and when I tried to run away he completely flipped out and threw a rock the size of a baseball and it hit my friend right on the head in the temple area. She suffered from a loss of 20% of the information she had learned in the past month. If you do ever spot Bigfoot, stay clear for he is visiuos.

  16. Bigfoot is sited is small wooden areas by the pacific ocean and the gulf of mexico. He is known to be very violent. He may throw a tree at you. So be careful when you go to look for Bigfoot.

  17. well i’m not so sure as what to comment on here seems the folks here range from sincere down to earth researchers —to the pompous xxl know it all experts^… i guess i’ll attempt to communicate with the latter,,, i.e. linda,tom– well i’ll get right to the point’s getting into late winter here in maine ,foodstuffs are getting pretty lean ,,todays date is 1/20/12 and has anyone had any fresh encounters as of late here in maine /n.h./ver.,,, ? it’s been quite sometime for me ,,been almost a year since hearing some good vocals around the meddybemps area ,,,any help would be greatly appreciated—–,, p.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  18. remember sasquatch are very sneaky creatrues and you should stay quite. remember the more sasquatch calls you do the more the sasquatch know your a human.

  19. you need to go out in the woods where sasquatch have been spoted camp out in heavly sighted areas for a few days (if you are a person with nothing to do stay about 5 days or up to a week) do some sasquatch calls look for prints ask around the area and see what people know.

  20. I very much agree with you.The big guy has extra senses that we will probably never understand. I have had only one encounter years back on a backpacking trip in the Adirondacks in central NY.My buddy took me for a much needed trip after a one year recovery from an electrical accident.We were climbing Sawtooth mountain in the winter.Decided to bivy at around 3500 feet,well off the trail near a rock ledge for wind cover.there wasn’t any snow near our camp just broken ice and tundra.Temp was very cold around zero.Just as I was falling asleep I heard the biggest footfalls heading toward us.I struggled to open my bivy but coudnt locate the zipper or my headlamp.I asked my buddy if he was awake in his bivy and if he hears that noise.He was trying to do the same thing.The thing was growling and all I could think of was to bark like a dog! Even though it was winter my mind was made up that it was a bear,and I know black bears don t like dogs.well, it ran back the way it came and we finally emerged from our bivies,very nervous.Ive had black bear encounters before and really never worried about them .This was different.we never saw anything so we never talked about it again.I havn t seen my buddy in over ten years.The only other thing it could have been was man but there wasn t a moon that night and even with a headlamp hiking those trails at night is extremely dangerous.

  21. I know that they exist and are real. While on a hunting trip in southern Washington me and my cousin saw two of them. I was only 12 years old at the time. It was early morning and while the grown ups went hunting me and my cousin left camp to fish the nearby river. It was a beautiful morning in a big open area on our side of the river. The bank of the river was round river rock with a huge log protruding out into the river from the bank. We walked the log hoping to get closer to the center of the river to cast our poles. After casting my pole I looked across the river and saw two bigfoots walking along the other side of the bank towards us. We both frozed scared watching them as they were watching us and still walking. They were walking with unbelievable stride a grace along side each other as if they were mates (like man and wife). Once they saw we were no threat they just continued their same stride and veered from the bank of the river into the tree line. We stood there still in shock and awe until they were completely out of veiw and then we both dropped our fishing poles and ran freightened back to camp. We were too afraid to discuss the event to anybody out of fear that they would think that we were crazy. I now live in Oregon and am much older. I enjoy the outdoors but if I am in the woods and I begin to think about them, the hair stands up on the back of my neck. I admire them and fear them at the same time. They seem to appear to want no harm. I would hate to see them hunted. I hope that if I ever run into one again that it will do me no harm.

  22. I live in CT and have read about sightings here. Although you do not hear about bigfoot sightings in CT a lot, I believe this could be a great location for them to be living while eluding people. There are forests, farms and deer. I have hiked and have come across unusual wood structures that looked like forts but back then, I didn’t know what to look for. Unfortunately, my work schedule is pretty busy. But I would love to take some time to go back in the woods and do some field research. If I saw one, I would not post it on you tube. Thanks for all of the great info on the big man…

    1. I live in Eastern Ct.
      Heard loud, long moans, and rapid woodknocks in my backyard around 2013.
      Lasted about 5 minutes.
      Bigfoot never crossed my mind.
      But after 2 years of not identifying the moans online, I stumbled across the Ohio howls.
      Bingo! That’s what I heard. Whatever that was they recorded.
      I got chills.
      Looking on various web sites, there have been a lot more sightings in Ct. then I would have thought.
      Several in Northeast Ct.
      Prints this past February. A sighting just over the border in Mass in January.
      I intend on exploring this spring as summer.
      It’s taken this long to accept, what I heard, may very well have been the big fella.

  23. My partner is a Marine in the special forces. Every so often, he looks at me and says “Theres a squatch in these woods”..he says it like he is in the mentally challenged forces. We agree that Matt Moneymaker and his band of ‘Sqatchers’ is beyond finding a word to put after beyond.
    Thank you for your advice. We are planning a camping trip up into Divide Ridge in Yakima, and hope to attract an encounter. We will leave behind the infra red cameras and instead bring some wonderful food offerings.

  24. I agree with the writer of this topic; there are things we can do to increase our chances of an encounter. Much of what the author says is good advice. Some is not.
    As far as Bigfoot being psychic: very probable…to some extent. Intelligent mammals are very psychic. I base that on a lifetime of big game hunting, (subsistence) trapping and careful observation.

    Recent DNA findings are hinted at: the sasquatch is possibly more human than animal. mtDNA studies show a 100% human genome (maternal). This would certainly explain much of the mystery. There may very well exist more than one tribe or type. Reappearing examples of Indian lore reference warring factions. Reportedly a northern group is considerably larger and quite aggressive as compared to the North-Western US examples. I believe that true reverence and respect is required when entering possible sasquatch territory. I believe sasquatch understand and recognize firearms and ever on the alert for them. Firearms are not necessarily a bad thing to carry afield as long as they remain totally hidden and never used except in extreme life and death situations. A firearm being available to a qualified individual may go a long ways towards a relaxed and less fearful attitude. The field researcher MUST though, carry a large can of bear spray. Read Stephen Herrero’s book: Bear Attacks, their Cause and Avoidance.

    I would severely admonish against the use of infrared camera devices, call blasting, woodknocking, hooting, howling or rock throwing etc. The use of these instrumentalities assures that the creature will remain unobserved while laughing at you. He might even mistake you for one of Moneymakers yahoos and die of laughter, that wouldn’t be good! Since we don’t understand sasquatchese, we have no sense of what we may be inadvertently communicating to a sasquatch. (other than “look at me, I’m an idiot and I’m over here”.) Regarding baiting; Ray Crowe’s article on baiting; Crowe seems to sell the sasquatch a bit short on intelligence. Other than that I pretty much agree with the article. But…I believe that each circumstance is quite different and depends primarily on the particular creature’s experience with humans. They know when and what food is left for them and when the researcher develops the attitude of non-invasive wonder,. respect and curiosity the sasquatch will respond accordingly. I don’t call it “Baiting” that implies I’m trying to catch something; rather I say “gifting” and I’m trying to give a gift to someone I care about. Big difference.

    I personally would not worry about attracting bear with your bait items. If there is much bear sign in your study area you might as well find another area anyhow. Bears are very fearful of sasquatch and vacate sasquatch proximity quickly. While in BC on two occasions 20 years apart I’ve watched bears (one 150 lb black, and one 600 lb brown / grizzly) suddenly become terrified as if Satan himself had appeared, and for no apparent reason. If you ever see a truly terrified bear’s mannerisms and facial expression you will never forget it. Some short period after these observations I began having extreme piloerection on my neck, scalp and arms and unreasonable dread. In both instances I never saw or heard anything unusual other than the birds becoming silent. My impression at the time was one of being near an approaching tyrannosaur. I now believe I was near the big guy but didn’t know it. IMO gift with the nicest and biggest food gift practical, and yes do so in the same spot consistently at regular calendar and time intervals.

    I’m not trying to be an expert here, only offer some added advice based on my woods experience and knowledge of animals etc. I offer this in the hope to make classification and protection for sasquatch a soon reality.

  25. I have never had any experience with Bigfoot. However, I do believe these creatures exist. I started researching Bigfoot in the past year. There are a lot of hoaxes out there and false information but there are facts as well. I want to have an encounter. I have read some of these comments and one in particular bothered me. The one where he said he would take a tranqualizer gun with him. I am not an expert but according to the research I have found that would not be wise. These creatures I believe are not alone. According to what I have read, they travel in herds and are very protective of each other. Native Americans seem to know more about them than most. According to them, if you make any aggressive moves on one, you will be taking your last breath. Shooting one with a tranqualizer gun would be an act of aggression. Don’t do it. Just leave them alone. I want to them to survive. I think if you just show friendliness and be calm, you’ll be alright. I don’t want scientists to prove they exist. I think we should just leave them alone. If you want to go and find one, just remember to be kind and not scared. Try to communicate. But I think if you see one, you are probably surrounded only because they are so cautious. My opinion.

  26. Somebody needs to give some lessons on how to find bigfoot, because no one seems to know how, lol.

    If he’s out there, someone will find him. Meanwhile, keep up the good work.

    Bigfooter Steve

  27. “Bigfoot” or whatever you want to call “it” is real. It isn’t mean or cruel. It likes and looks out for humans. People that live and frequent ares where “it” lives won’t tell you about it because it will be hunted and killed for “science” just leave it be… Proving it exists will only get it killed. Never once has there Neenah a report of a “Bigfoot” killing a human. Just leave it be… It will cause you no harm. If you hear the howl know you are being protected. Just leave the poor creature be…

  28. I frequent the coast range (and cascades) of souhtern Oregon everyday. I hike, camp and fish in these thick foirests all the time. And when I am working I am driving through all of the back roads in this region. If you are going to venture into these woods looking for bigfoot beware of private properties and pot growers. If you wander onto a pot farm turn around and go the way you came. Some of the growers can be very nervous about strangers.

    Even though I have never seen anything like a sasquatch, I do believe they are out there. I keep my eyes peeling all the time out in this country. I do know of others that swear they have seen it. And some of these people are very trustworthy. Maybe sometime I will see it. But while you are out enjoy the scenery, hiking, fishing, gold panning, or mushroom hunting. Enjoy the clean air and the wild berries. Bigfoot would just be icing on the cake.

  29. I have seen footprints heard vocalizations wood knocking but no sightings yet I Am somewhat apprehensive I think they should be protected if discovered

  30. You people are crazy, very crazy. What else do you believe in? A supreme being, ghosts, aliens? A bunch of wackadoos.

  31. Hi Linda. Sorry I havent been on here in a while. I would like to show you the pictures. How do I contact you directly ? I can email them to you if you like. I am skeptical of them myself, but who knows ?

  32. Hi Linda, sorry I have been as illusive as a Bigfooticus but I have been very busy with partial redaction of my book so I can release most of it without disclosing key info. that might endanger their safe havens. I however do want to release the first ever closeup picture of an aprox. 9 month old infant looking at the camera with her SMALL cranium and robust australopithecine shaped head and massive cheek and zygomatic skull features. I have named her Zuzu. You are the first person on the planet to whom I will reveal the names of the six (6) individuals whom I have discovered. So Linda – here goes. In the order of my discoveries in 2008 – Teddy, Buddy, Zoe, Zuzu, Clarence Oddbody and in 2009 – seven year old Tommy Boy ! If you haven’t been keeping up – I finally released a full skeletal reveal on my sites at & My hand raised Barn owl and Osprey nesting platform pictures are also on those sites. Hope you enjoy ! Of all the so called BF sites – you seem to be the most open minded and are not predetermined to promote them as monsters or half apes which they are not. They are shy non-aggressive Hominin Beings. Thank you again on their behalf ! Tom

  33. hi my name is morgan i am nine years old. I am enspired by bigfoot and every one i ask do think bigfoot is real they say no.i have been beging my mom for some sientific stuff so i can research them.i put a add on facebook comment if you think bigfoot is real ionly got 4 responce’s.


  34. I myself have had expieriences when I was a small child twice in the same location. I have heard its call and also seen its face I am an anid believer in the big guy. I just think they have learned to stay clear of us to them we may pose a threat and thats why we dont see them on a day to day basis I am no scientist but I know they are out there.Best of luck to anyone trying catch a glimpse and safe travels.

  35. Hi Linda. Im back from my trip to San Francisco. It was a long drive and while I didnt get to do as much searching as I would have liked, I did briefly stop at a couple places like Klamath and the trams at that Trees of Mystery place. I also stayed at the Oregon Caves Chateau. We hiked the Big Tree Trail and I actually have a couple pictures of what could be footprints. Wondering if I could email them to you to see what you think.

  36. Thank you for appreciating my websites Linda !
    My book will be out in the not too distant future. I do think laws need to be passed as our evidence indicates that non-believers may mistaken them for a bear standing up and once they see the human-ness of the Being they have by accident – murdered – they abandon the body.. It is best that the public be made aware that they are RARE – 100% real Beings – living in our forest – and very close genetically to humans. Currently my sites are & Soon my site with all of my evidence of the six (6) discovered individual living Beings will be up on with all the evidence that supports the scientific name which I have given them of ” Homo robustus bigfooticus ” – I know it sounds kind of funny – but so does Homo sapiens and Homo sapiens neanderthalensis and Australopithecus robustus etc. Their most likely ancestor is ROBUST – A. boisei who happens by fossil record – to be the longest lived hominin at more than one and a half million years. There is no evidence that Sapiens hunted them to extinction or they could not cross breed with early Homo such as Habilis or Erectus. Lucy was the likely great grandmother to all hominins after 2.5 million years ago. These Beings are exceptionally intelligent with adult cranial capacity nearing 1000 cc which overlaps both H. erectus and H. sapiens. Human adults average 1350 cc and Chimpanzees are near 400 cc which is just larger than a human newborn. My evidence shows that their young’s cranial size is about 40% that of human newborns yet are very much more agile and alert than their contemporaries of all great apes including of course – humans. Their young however have a brain and skull growth period that is near twice as long as humans. I have many other discoveries which I will soon share with the world. Currently we are in USA TODAY and the title of my book is -BIGFOOTICUS and THEIR BABIES Our Living Hominin Kin “HOMO ROBUSTUS BIGFOOTICUS” TM by: Tom Miller DISCOVERER of the INDISPUTABLE EVIDENCE OF 6(six) Individual BEINGS that PROVES they are REAL! & the scientific evidence of WHO & what they are & how they got here! Scientific Classification BCC 001 Order Primates Family Hominidae Genus Homo Species Homo robustus bigfooticus Nicknames: Homo Robustus TM (c) Bigfooticus TM (c) Copyright 2010. Since the media is very skeptical – I am being very cautious in my release of information. I do not want to be the cause of even one individual being harmed. On behalf of our cousins– I Thank you for your excellent site. Tom Miller

  37. Anybody know if the exact location of the Patterson video is accessible ? If so are there exact directions ? The best I have so far is just above Notice Creek somewhere between Onion Mountain, Bee Mountain and Fish Creek Butte. I looked at the area on Google Maps and I saw Bluff Creek Trail runs through a lot of the area. Is the trail a walking trail ? Was the exact location of the sighting on the trail ? Im wanting to go to the exact location myself in a couple weeks. If it’s possible. Through help from Linda ( thank you Linda ) I already have directions to one location Im interested in. This location would be great aswell. Thank you to anyone who can help.

  38. If a person were to shoot and kill a bigfoot, something tells me his (the bigfoot) or her friends and family would be quick to rescue their fallen member. What on earth would someone do with a 600-800 pound creature anyway? load it in their truck? That is, if their truck happened to be right next to the kill. I think the shooter and his buddies would go missing and the bigfoot would be mourned and burried by his family.

  39. I have discovered 6 (six) distinct individuals aged very young to 30 supported by visual evidence.. I have studied them and done detailed analysis of them for two years. Their reproductive and survival strategies are unique. They are not half man / half ape, they are at least 99.7 % the same as Sapiens and comparative extrapolations show 99.8 + % the same DNA as humans. They diverged from our common ancestor more than 1 million years ago. They are strong, agile, very shy (more so during the day), mostly nocturnal, omnivorous, and gentle. They seem to love fish. Their children experience a much longer sustained period of brain growth than humans. I believe the U.S. Canada and China should adopt protective laws. My skull and skeletal shape analysis which I will release soon shows that they should be classified in the genus Homo. For more information visit

  40. I can assure you that at least in Florida, the Bigfoot is real. I have seen and studied a local group of them for 15 years and learned much about them. It is my greatest hope that this creature is never captured, killed, or molested in any way. I want to get some legislation in the state of Florida to protect this magnificent and peacefully sentient creature. To learn more about the Florida Bigfoot go to where I have provided much information about it.

    1. Laurie, about Bigfoot protection legislation – here in California there’s a law for hunters that details exactly what they’re allowed to kill. Bigfoot, of course, is not on the list. I think that’s protection enough (as far as the law goes.) I wonder if there’s anything similar in Florida.

  41. Not only that Linda, but humans for the most part tend to destroy. Right now, we dont know if Bigfoot exists or not so the only people who bother to pay attention are people like us. Imagine if it was verified that he actually exists ? He’d be hunted like a deer by people who dont give a damn. Id rather not put that attention on him.

    The mystique is what makes Bigfoot so interesting to people like us. Its like a hockey or a football game. The intriguing part is not knowing whats gonna happen. As soon as its over what do we do ? Click. Change the channel. Same thing would happen once we found out Bigfoot exists. The unknown is far more interesting than the known. It’s best we keep Bigfoot in the realm of the unknon for sure so he will always belong to us and not the rest of the world who would only attempt to hunt and kill or turn him into a zoo animal.

    My girlfriend and I are planning a trrip to San Francisco in September to go watch my 49ers. We’re not sure wether to fly or drive. Im hoping to drive. I want to map our route and visit some Bigfoot hot spots. Driving from Alberta. Cant wait. She’s not interested in this sorta stuff but Ive always been.

  42. Ive never had an experience but I would like to. I believe they exist.

    I almost think it’s better that we dont find out for sure one way or another. The only way to find out for sure is if somebody kills one or tranquilizes it for us all to see. I dont like the idea of either one of those options. We can never prove that it doesnt exist. But if it’s proved one day that it does exist, than what ? Where do we go from there ? It will be as exciting as a bear or a caribou. Though Id love to see a Grizzly in the wild. But you get my point/ The aura of it is gone.

    The best way for us all to know is to just be fortunate enough to see it for yourself and have the tale to pass on to others. Nobody needs to believe it. But deep down you will know what you saw and wil be intrigued enough to return to where you saw it in hopes of seeing it again.

    Its better left that way than us all having that concrete evidence and turning a legendary, mysterious creature that excites and captivates us all into a zoo animal for the world’s own selfish need to know.

  43. I am seriously anticipating spending my honeymoon deep in the forest for two weeks in search of the elusive creature sasquatch. I am from the Northern Kentucky area and was hoping someone could help with some info about bigfoot in my state. Also interested in what to take, expect, and do on a bigfoot research trip? Thanx everybody for staying enthusiastic!

  44. Mr. Kurt Christensen, thank you very much for your comment. Pure and simple scientific logic, not meant to insult, hurt, or destroy the hopes of others who want to know what “bigfoot” is. I hope we all find out soon. G’day sir. LAB

  45. Ok everyone is saying that bigfoot is not real well there right yet there wrong because there use to be apes larger than man but do they roam this world now nowbody knows.

  46. Is it possible to get info on the campgrounds or hotels in the area of willow creek or bluff creek areas? If someone has any suggestions i would like info on them please. I want to spend a week or 2 up there in Bigfoot country and expierence this as i have been interested in Bigfoot for about 30 years… Thank You Much!

  47. Belief is always a sketchy thing. We tend to believe in what we personally experience, i.e. what we can see, touch, hear, smell or taste for our selves. Some may say that they “feel” that something is true or real, and there may be some validity to that, but a belief of that nature is very difficult to prove or to pass on to others.

    Seeing is believing, but sometimes seeing is deceiving. Film and even most (but not all) encounters can not truly prove anything with absolute certainty either. We see many things in cinema and TV that look absolutely real, but we know that these images are comprised from elaborate costumes or CGI. Some of the costumes look absolutely real, even extremely close up, and I would not be surprised if someday some kind of Rick Baker prodigy type pulls off a hoax or two that challenges even the most hardened skeptic.

    A previous post stated “If you don’t believe in Bigfoot, that’s because you heard others say that Bigfoot is not real”, however, the transverse is equally true, that just because you heard others say that Bigfoot is real, you should not simply believe for that reason. Either way the burden of proof lay upon those who say that we should believe, and all the websites, testimonies, photos, footage, hair samples, foot castings, dermal ridges, or Monster Quest episodes in the world will still never truly suffice.

    The bottom line, we need tangible empirical evidence. We need to find an actual specimen of flesh and blood. Anything less is just belief, and when all is said and done, belief is just belief.

    I personally “feel” that these forest dwelling giants are real, but I will not say that I believe until I can say it with the utmost conviction of the facts.

  48. I’ve had personal contact with Sasquatch. They are warm & loving beings. They don’t want to be captured, killed, put on public display, or examined by “scientists”.
    Think about it. Would YOU want to be taken captive, poked, probed, experimented upon, put in a cage on public display?
    Well, neither do they.

  49. i have seen bigfoot in the woods in my was the scariest moment of my life.i have been wondering about bigfoot and what he looked like.

  50. they are as real as you are i are and there are many different colors of them , black with black faces , black with brown faces , brown with brown faces , brown with black faces , redish with carmel faces , white with black and brown faces , and they all have different personaitys just like us , the stories you hear about bigfoots that try to scare people by screaming or throwing rocks or branchs at them or usally a teenage male that is alone because he was pushed out of his famialy group by the domaite male and hes on his own untill he matures and starts his own famialy , think about it when we were teenagers and by our selfs and exspearancing something for the first time that made us nervous the testosaterone was flowing and thats the only way we knew how to deal with at that time in life , because when you are lucky enough to be in an area with a famialy group alot of that scarey stuff dosent go on because they are more relaxed and feel more secure knowing that theres a famialy member close by , and as far as them being able to read our minds i really dont know but what i do know is that they can smell our emotions just like dogs can , example i just took a freind up to a winter migration area and i knew he was a little nervous but i didnt realize how much untill a little juvenile showed his teeth and i never have had that happen to me ever , and as far as you being able to find them , they will find you first , and you just need to go back and spend time in the woods and if you are a desent person they will show them selfs sooner or later and i truely hope that your first exspearance is as amazing as all of mine good luck

  51. I think he is real cause ive seen him one night i was hungry so i got me something and i saw a ape looking creacher

  52. Mr.Thomas Richardson, good luck on your quest, should it happen. I hope you are able to gather tangible evidence and data supporting the existence of bigfoot. In fact, I hope you find concrete, indisputable proof. As you say, it would be an amazing find. Take all precautions and please share with us the outcome. LAB

  53. @Denny

    “I have had five sightings of bigfoot. ”

    Do you have a proof?
    Any pictures or videos?
    I need evidences to believe in this ape.

  54. Im a hunter and i know that every animal big and small leaves a sign. Like skat, foot prints, hair, and sign where they have been hunting or been beding down. We only found foot prints, and hair. But i still think he is out there. So im thinking we can go to one of these bigfoot sites and camp out with a thermal camera and a tranquilizer gun. This is one way we can be absolutely sure that bigfoot is really. It might seem bad at first but think of it. It would be an amazing find.

  55. Not so. In a lot of animals, showing teeth is an act of defense or aggression. Showing your teeth could actually provoke a large animal. For instance, you would want to stand up and smile at a silverback gorilla. When he comes at you, the thing to do is cower, and do not make eye contact with him, or you would a new definition for pain I would imagine.

  56. Showing teeth might not be a wise gesture to make to any animal. It could easily be interpreted as hostile. Take a dog for example. When it shows it’s teeth there is usually a mean intent behind it. Open hands with palms up held waist high signifies that you are unarmed and have nothing to hide. Show a wide smile, but leave the lips closed, don’t show teeth..

  57. I agree Linda, a smile is the universal language but not in certain areas of Detroit. I had an interesting experience last October in Northern Michigan. It was 3:00am and I saw something that I can’t explain. I saw it from the waist up covered with long hair with its back to me. My friend was a 100′ away from me, I was to nervous to make any noise so, I just watched it for a minute with my night vision binoculars. I changed my position to get more comfortable and then it was gone I didn’t see what ever it was leave.

  58. I have a lot of questions about Bigfoot. But first of all I know they exist from my own personal experience. My question is: If I should and hopefully will get into a situation where I’m face to face with Bigfoot (like 20′ apart) what should I do? Its obvious I won’t be able to outrun one. And I certainly do not want to harm them. I know they are a magnificent being. Thank you, Tom….

  59. There is a lot of thing that most bigfoot researchers don’t know or understand about bigfoot and the sooner they learn it the better off they’ll be. Bigfoot is more like a human than an animal.He is able to basically read your thoughts. He knows what you are thinking and what you have planed to do. It is almost impossible to out think him. He’ll always be one step ahead of you . When he’s ready for you to see him that is when you’ll see him. There are some rare times when by some strange chance you get to see one.Yes I agree that the more times he sees you the better are your chance of seeing him. I have had five sightings of bigfoot. All sightings were within 50 feet. Two of those sightings it was less that ten feet from me. He is also able to put you into a relaxed state to where you are so relaxed that you really don’t want to move or care if you move or not. I tell you this because I know this from experience.

  60. Vic, the point you make is ‘bang on’. Any person has the right to believe in whatever he/she wants to. But anybody calling themselves a ‘scientist’, surely has an obligation to their work, to research and study the mountains of evidence that exists?
    To simply say these animals don’t exist, without investigation of any kind, totally contradicts the job they are supposed to be doing.

    1. Very good point John. First for starters…all ape species show massive intelligence. In fact so.. some chimps for the first time being observed recently in the wilderness show them picking up rocks and sticks and using them as tools. This is a well known fact. Just recently in the Congo a whole new species of apes that numbers in the thousands were able to avoid human contact all this time. This is also a well known FACT!

      What does this mean? . It would be massively easy for these creatures to avoid humans, especially in these remote sections of wilderness. Most people get the impression that we have explored everywhere…but that is far from the truth. There are areas even in CALIFORNIA !! that have been very little explored, if at all

  61. Bigfoot is real.
    And to be perfectly honest, Those who say these animals are not real, haven’t spent any time in researching for themselves.
    And this tells a whole lot about the type of person that you really are.
    You believe something without proof.
    What do I mean?
    Well, if you don’t believe in bigfoot, that’s because you heard others say that bigfoot is not real, you didn’t do anything personally to come to that conclusion, you just took their word for it.
    If you believe they are in fact real, That’s most likely because you studied the research of others or you’ve done the research yourself.

    It’s very easy to say they don’t exist. All’s that you have to do is say it.
    But for people like me, I say something because I know I’ve done the research myself.

    Any scientist says it doesn’t exist, is saying so because they have done no research on them.
    And that isn’t science.
    It’s fraud.

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