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The webmaster at Indiana Bigfoot Awareness posted good news recently. He finally had a Bigfoot sighting on July 5, 2009. That was after years of anomalies on his property and sightings by at least one of his children. His personal story started with one of his children being stalked after dark by an eight foot tall creature that originally was in the stooped “tree stump” hiding position. I’d like to read the details of his 2009 sighting!

My favorite section of the site is his rant page. His most recent rant compared GPS units. Before that he ranted about The Trouble with Sasquatchery Today, Bigfoot message boards, and people who have sightings then won’t talk about them. I do love opinionated people!

Indiana Bigfoot AwarenessIf you’re living in Indiana and have a sighting, you might like knowing there are others in your state who have seen things before. Check out the stories at Submitted Encounters and Sightings, Kosciusko County Indiana Sightings, and Bigfoot/Sasquatch Reports in Indiana. There’s a long history of Bigfoot sightings in the state.

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  1. I always wondered if they were real until May 5th 2008. I was mushroom hunting on my Dads property. When I first heard,what I thought was a beagle yipping on trail. After a few more steps,I heard it better,was’nt really paying attention the first few times I heard it. I have heard that sound before,in a zoo,by the gorillas It was grunting,I thought to myself, what is that. Then it started to run,it was not a four legged sound,but I could not see it for the leaves on the trees. so I squated down to see under the leaves. there was two dark brown leggs running,and it was heavy and making loud steps.Then I thought, oh crap! I hope it dont come this way. As god as my witness,they are real,I have no doubt.

  2. Are there any theories surrounding Bigfoot living in a dimension that is layered on ours. Many DMT users claim very similar experiences. Explaining seeing creatures that seem to almost be expecting them. Sometimes they are ambivilant to there the users presence. Across the board they almost report feeling a dimensional transfer.
    Some prehistoric dinosaurs are said to have had a additional eye. Some people believe that this eye was a lens into another dimension. It was activated by DMT excretion. DMT occurs in various plants, reptiles, and even in the human brain stem after death. No one has been able to determine why DMT occurs or what purpose it serves to animals that excrete it.
    There are some pretty wild theories from Aliens to The Jinn.
    I just wonder if Bigfoots use this to go between dimensions that’s why no one finds remains or ever captures one. I know this can make the Bigfoot believers seems even more crazy, but this theory could explain a lot.
    Look forward to the response,
    Mike —-TN

    1. Mike, YES, absolutely! I believe that there could be an interdimensional element to the Bigfoot mystery. I have been told the location of a possible local interdimensional portal by someone who says he went through a portal and stayed there six months, body and all… just gone from our dimension. Then he came back, but he won’t say what happened on the other side.

      He says the Bigfoot are using the gateway. Right now I’m working on my own physical fitness so I can hike into the area and explore. It is a long way off, into the wilderness. I’m walking around town almost every day to get ready, and hope to go there by September.

      This is not the same portal he went through and he’s looked for the one I’ll be looking for, without finding the exact spot. However he has seen Bigfoot in the area I’ll be exploring.

  3. I have two bigfoots come to my area each fall one is jet black and the other one is real tan/redish i am not the only one who has seen these two before i totally think they are real!!!!

  4. had an encounter in the mid to late 70’s (i was approx.13-14 yrs old) in Northern Titpon County.. was staying at an Uncles farmhouse and a cousin and I was staying up late watching tv on the screened porch.. started smelling a very foul odor, and hearing large moving sounds in the cornfields. The dogs were barking and carrying on something terrible, and my cousin and I became very scared. A few minutes (maybe 10-15) later the dogs ran into the cornfield (seemed to be chasing something), and the odor went away. The next morning we talked about it but did not go check out the fields.. about 3 days later the Indianapolis news station had a crew in Sharpsville Indiana (about 8 miles from the farmhouse) interviewing a man who claimed to spot and shoot at a Bigfoot on his property… I’ve tried finding the report, but have had no luck.. any help would be appreciated.

    1. Yes! Finally some one else remembers seeing a news report on the Bigfoot sighting from a news station in Indy. I Also remember the report and have tried to find info. No luck. As I remember the farmer made a size reference, creature was standing beside a very tall grave marker when he first noticed. Can also remember chasing across a creek or stream of some kind. This report I believe was aired some time in the late 70’s. I think channel 8 did the story. Hope this helps.

  5. read the book 1970’s the bible and the bermuda triangle.section bigfoot.—- answers angels in tangible forms.they take on human form.this was paperback.

  6. Okay, i know you will not believe me since my own husband won’t, but it couldn’t be anything else… Well, I worked the graveyard shift as a security guard, and had been hearing weird noises a few weeks before, when I came into work around 11:30 at night… north of the plant, somewhere’s around the kankakee river…okay, I got off work at 8 in the morning and when I started to leave the plant, there’s a small cornfield to my right, I saw something dark brown, darker than a deer,(at that time of the year) on 2 feet, running towards the road…at me…. sooo fast, I slowed almost to a stop cuz I thought it or he was gonna run out in front of my car but, nothing ever did… I looked over but saw nothing as if it was hiding behind a tree… It was definitly NOT a deer like hubby says, deer are not on 2 legs and I luv wildlife,…. I know a deer when I see one!…. The distance it travelled in that short of time and the very weird noises, not too long before…(keep in mind, I grew up in that area) leads me to believe it was a bigfoot…. I grew up in that area but was never so scared in my life!!! I do believe, but want no harm to these creatures as I am of cherokee and blackfoot decent…I love nature, known and unknown, Please don’t shoot!!!!…..

  7. I have had 2 experiences in the same spot and different times of the year. I think i no the way possibly to getting better photographs and real evidence that bigfoot exists. If interested in my theories contact me at ewalker49 at Thank you.

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