Is It Real? – An Analysis of Bigfoot Evidence

Is It Real? is a web page with a fascinating analysis of Bigfoot photographic evidence. Author Jack D. Davis of Elmira, Oregon started researching Bigfoot evidence after learning about Dr. Jeffrey Thompson’s sighting at Oregon Caves National Monument in 2000.

The site starts with a careful analysis of one frame of the Patterson-Gimlin film, compared to a photograph of a Sasquatch taken on Silver Star Mountain in Washington state, in 2005. Using TurboCad Jack Davis compares the shape and proves they are nearly identical. He also compares them to the faces of gorillas and humans.

Is It Real - Jack Davis

Next he takes a look at the back of the Sasquatch in the Patterson-Gimlin film and compares it with a Silver Back Gorilla’s back, and the back of a man in a Bigfoot costume. Though he’s admittedly not a scientist, he’s great at noticing details that might escape others. He shows the clear resemblance between Patty’s back and the Gorilla’s back, and then points out how certain elements of the costume shot clearly show it is false.

Do not miss his page on Measuring Patty Using CAD Software, as he comes up with a plausible theory on her height and weight using photo and footprint measurements.

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