Kentucky Bigfoot

Kentucky Bigfoot is the home of a compelling article about an ancient Cherokee burial ground that may have Bigfoot skeletons in it. The entire section on Bigfoot sighting reports is absolutely fascinating.

When you get close to the bottom of the page you’ll see the headline, “Henderson County – Spottsville, Ky. -1975,” and there’s a link to the entire story. Don’t miss this one… it is webmaster Bart Nunnelly’s story of the Spotsville Monster that terrorized his family when he was a youngster.

The Spotsville Monster story is especially fascinating when you read the neighbor’s experiences which include telepathic communication from the monster, and an apparent interdimensional gateway. The neighbor said the gateway was a few yards wide and looked wavy like hot air rising, and that he saw these monsters (Bigfoot?) emerging from it. Whether you believe in a paranormal Bigfoot or not, the story is worth reading. Bart Nunnelly is a great writer – his sighting stories are riveting.

Kentucky BigfootThere’s a nice selection of photographs on the site including one that could be some Bigfoot sitting with their back to the camera. But why are these photos always so blurry!? There are some drawings further down on the photo page that will make you wonder if Bigfoot is really that much more frightening in Kentucky. Very scary stuff indeed!

There’s a sighting report form on the site and a page full of new sighting reports. I’d call that essential reading for anyone who lives in Kentucky!

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  1. Tim, sadly enough some people don’t believe in anything that they haven’t seen but even worse then that, if they ever do have an encounter it just might be the very last thing they ever see, depending on how the encounter goes and what kind of mood that Bigfoot happens to be in at the time. I’m a believer in Bigfoot and many other cryptids!!

  2. How do the nonbeleavers bigfoot is’nt real? You beleave in God you never saw him have you? Theres things out there….

  3. I believe that something is out there. We live very near the Cuyahoga valley national forrest and I have heard vocalizations that are unrecognizable.
    I am very interested in this legend.

    1. david you didnt see it my brother saw it close up maybe no more than 40 feet in broad day light , nothing in the way Who do I believe him or you !

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