Bigfoot in Mr. Mike’s Backyard: Follow-Up on Lan Lamphere’s Internet Radio Broadcast

Cutting through several hours of radio-show-host anger and ranting was hard, but I’ll put that aside and get right to the story you’re waiting to read about. I wish Lan Lamphere had done the same because in the end, when he finally got to it, I found the Bigfoot sighting information to be fascinating.

This last weekend Mr. Mike, whose location is still confidential, got a visit from two Bigfoot researchers, Jack and Jeff. The researchers contacted him, phoned several times, then arrived to find out that Mr. Mike’s property does not border the woods and in fact, is in town.

They found Mr. Mike to be a genuine, decent, honest and sincere person of about age seventy-two. He takes care of his sister, who has dementia. Mr. Mike, when younger, was a hunter and a military serviceman.

That evening they set up cameras in Mr. Mike’s yard. Of particular interest to this story, they used a FLIR camera which looks at a spot and measures differential temperature between the heat of that spot and the background temperature. In other words, it shows objects invisible to the eyes.

Jeff told Lan that when he approaches habituation sites he expects the reporting party to have a fragile mental state and that these people are always treated with respect. Lan asked if habituation sightings are common these days. Jeff responded that they are. Habituation refers to sightings that are repetitive in one location.

Jeff and Jack showed Mr. Mike some Bigfoot videos and Mike responded that they would get more good ones that evening. They said that when they returned with their equipment that evening, Mr. Mike was emotional. At 10:30 or 11:00 PM he recounted his story accurately. He spoke with utmost sincerity regarding what he believed was happening around his home.

However, that night, according to Jack and Jeff, nothing happened. No Bigfoot showed up. Then, they said, Mr. Mike mentioned that the Bigfoots were not there every night. By the end of the night he’d been convinced that what he thought he was seeing wasn’t valid. It is unclear why Mr. Mike’s story was discredited at this point. Theories mentioned were dementia and macular degeneration.

Jeff and Jack found a small hot spot with their FLIR camera.

As mentioned before, the FLIR camera is heat-sensing. They said they found a hot spot but that it wasn’t a Sasquatch. They believed that Mr. Mike is a decent person who sincerely thought he was seeing Bigfoot creatures in his yard, but that there was “no way in hell there was a Sasquatch in those woods.”

While I was listening to all this, I was in a chatroom full of other listeners. At this point one of the people in the chatroom, Winona, mentioned that the Bigfoot Mr. Mike saw might have been in a different dimension. I am open-minded about interdimensional theories of Bigfoot life, and agreed that perhaps because of Mr. Mike’s advanced age he’d developed an ability to see something that isn’t normally visible to all of us.

The plot thickens.

A few moments later Lan told Jeff and Jack that unknown to them, he had cameras installed in the trees on the property, and immediately before they got the hot spot on their FLIR footage Lan’s camera photographed something shadowy and about nine feel tall in the same location. The implication was that the creature was in the process of vaporizing when the FLIR camera sensed a tiny bit of heat.

At that point Lan told us about a Bigfoot sighting he’d had as a child. He said he clearly saw a Bigfoot around ten feet tall. His father and sister saw it as well. Apparently his sister became hysterical and his father reached for his gun and planned to shoot it. The Bigfoot turned and took two steps then vaporized before their eyes.

My thoughts on this matter

1. We cannot at this time prove that Bigfoots can travel interdimensionally. However there have been many reports of this nature and as an open-minded researcher I am fascinated by the possibility.

2. Mr. Mike may be able to see things others cannot. We’re all aware that some people have psychic powers and abilities others do not have, and there’s no reason to think this could not extend to the arena of Bigfoot sightings.

3. Both these possibilities are not unheard of, and I won’t discount them. So… the attempts of some bloggers to discredit Mr. Mike and to call him demented may be unfair and entirely inaccurate. Mr. Mike was open and sincere in his reports and is deserving of utmost respect. To treat him otherwise is wrong.

And for now, that’s how I see it. This report is based on what I heard (or thought I heard) as I listened to Lan Lamphere’s “Overnight AM” internet talk show earlier this evening.

My earlier postings on this sighting are Bigfoot Found in Backyard – Radio Broadcast Online and Report of Bigfoot Found in Backyard – a Mental Aberration?.

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  1. one morning i was going to a job it was snowing i was a mole trapper i was the only one there my tire tracks was the only thing on the ground i got out of my truck to check my traps i covered with buckets i saw these foot prints big one much bigger then mine i had to jump from one to the other i looked across the street and saw where they where comming from i walked over up the drive way i was spooked
    saw them comming from across the yard behind the house i walked back to my buckets where he walked between some tree’s 8 ft up or so you could see broken braches he walked around my buckets about 30 feet a circle then down the drive way then they just stoped nomore foot prints like he jumped 30 feet into the woods or just disapered i called in told my boss they thought i as nuts but it was snowing only them foot prints where there it was something walking upright you could tell this was in redmond washington 6 years ago around 2006 i wished i would of found this website before i know what i saw

  2. I have been doing my own personal research for well over 20 years…I’m now a well seasoned 44 year old and I still find myself amazed at the things this world has yet to offer and has yet to give up to Mankind…Our progress as a culture and our knowledge of this World and the infinite vastness of the Universe is still in its infancy in the grand scheme of things…But as a whole we are advancing at a far greater rate than the previous 35,000 years and still we have much to learn…I have had encounters with Bigfoot, UFO’s and Spirits…I believe some people are more in tune with that part of reality than others…I have studied a lot of reports of UFO and Bigfoot sightings that took place at the same time…interaction between them both…I have heard stories from very credible witnesses from all walks of life…Professionals, Doctors, Politicians, Military personel and everyday “Normal” people…We must remember that perception plays a big part of this Phenomenon…It’s a known fact that you can take 100 people and seperate them and show all of them a picture, a movie, a brite light and they will all have different interpretations of what they have seen…and because of their diversity in their description does not make them wrong only that what they have percieved varies from the next person…Perception…So if “Mr. Mike” saw a family of Bigfoot in his backyard that does not mean that you our I will see the same images if we go there and set up a vigile…and if we dont see them does not discredit this Man and what he witnessed only that his perception is more in tune than ours…It is our closed minds that keep us ignorant as a Race and Culture and stunt our development towards the future… Kyle E. Stancliff-From the Thumb of Michigan

  3. I don’t know about the vortex deal.but i have heard that in afrika there is a tribe which takes the follower’s one by one into the wood’s to have an experience with the god of herbal healing and the individual without the use of drug’s or alcohol enter the brush at a certain time on a certain day and they come into contact with a being whos half dog half human and it walks the follower through a portal and he starts to reveal the healing herbs and he also sees these other type of beings only revealed to him at that time,when he leaves the brush he has gained a huge wisdom on herbal healing in order to heal humans. COULD THIS BIG FOOT BE ONE OF THEM? Who know’s. There’s many strange things here on earth we still havent figured out or encountered, after all if they are here it’s got to be for a real good reason.good luck guy’s!

  4. why would there be prints at all if they were interdimensional? If they have that ability then would they not want to minimize any physical evidence of their presence? In fact, any creature or person who had this ability would most certainly not want to reveal it, so why ever appear in the same dimension as observers, whom you would most certainly be able to detect well before they saw you? Interesting theory, but very hard to buy at this point. I mean, even if it is possible, why would the sasquatch be the creature who has the ability and not a human subpopulation or even an alien presence?

    1. James, the possibilities are endless. We have had the experience of finding one footprint in an environment where there should have been many. But why only one? Maybe something popped into this dimension for a moment then left? And who is to say that there are not aliens also operating in more than one dimension? I believe someday science may be able to prove this. People may eventually all understand interdimensional travel… but we sure don’t. Or maybe I should speak for myself. I don’t understand it. However, I accept it as a possibility.

  5. Can they travel through dimensions? Can they become invisible? Do they really exist? All I can say is that a lot of people claim to have seen a similar creature that we named Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Yeti, etc. They can’t all be crazy, lying, or mistaking them for bears, etc. In a world where new creatures are discovered every day, why can’t Bigfoot really exist? As for travelling through dimensions or being able to become invisible, why not? Just because WE can’t do it, doesn’t mean it isn’t possible. Look at the Chameleon or the Octopus. They can change colors as a defense mechanism. So, why isn’t it possible for a Bigfoot to become invisible or go through dimensions? I have never seen one, but I do not dismiss their existence. After all, how many of you believe in God, and have you ever seen him?

    1. Absolutely, Timbo… there is just too much evidence that we don’t know everything yet. People used to think the world was flat. Maybe 500 years from now people will say, “People used to think there was only one dimension to this world.”

  6. Hi, I’m working on a school assignment, and I’m trying to figure out more about Bigfoot. Please email me if you want to help out.
    Chelsea Brinson

  7. in my opinon big foot can only be seen when they want to im native american and i believe there are alot of things in this world that not everyone can see , because seeing is beleiveing (thats not always true) people see things and then they are diagnosed skitso.and disapearing yeah i do believe they can they may be spiritual beings who knows there hasnt been one caught yet or so they say .just think about that skull they say they have of a caveman it kinda looks like to me they have a skull of a bigfoot and dont even know it i dont think that our bodys have changed like the white man say GOD MADE US but like i said thats my opinion.

    1. Crystal, I tend to agree with you that Bigfoot are seen mainly when they want to be, and that they can be spiritual or inter-dimensional. I’m just saying that because of the many odd sighting reports I’ve heard.

  8. The native Americans belived in bigfoot. They believed bigfoot had the power to hypnotize. They could use it to disapear or blend in. If they exist they are very elusive, maybe this myth opens the door to a very strange possibilities.

  9. I wish there was more financial support given to the bigfoot research community because the government is obviuosly not concerned enough to look into this. People go missing everyday on hikes or climbs and we all sit back and assume they fell, got lost, or just came across the wrong bear. Well what if they didnt, what if they are being killed ,or even worse, being held by sasquatch? The government has the equipment needed to look into this. They are being sued right now for privacy issues regarding their black silent helicopters that can see through ceilings when they are scouring the city for potential terorists. They watched a man and woman during a sexual act for 3 minutes or something. They showed the picture quality on the news report and it was amazing. From there helicopter they could see everything throught the roof! If they could see that they could see bigfoots in the woods if they just looked more than 2 days in a row. Every bigfoot researcher I read about is on a two or three day search. People that live in those areas only see them 1 or 2 times in their life. They need to be out there longer, and they need financial support to be able to do it!

  10. I believe it, Bruce. My wife & I rented a cabin just outside the entrance of Mt. Rainier National, sw entrance; as you know, not far from Elbe.
    We took a walk at dusk into the park and eventually spent a good chunk of time just sitting by the Nisqually river (my wife likes to meditate by rivers & streams), just across from the Gifford Pinchot Forest.
    One followed us back to our cabin later that night. We heard him, but didnt see him. I was too scared to walk into the woods to look!
    That whole general area is home to them I’m sure.


  12. I recently started studying these creatures about 6 months ago after meeting someone on fb that had been studing Bigfoot’s for twelve years. After he showed me how easy it is to find these creatures I set out on my own journeys and low and behold I found some just like he said. Here is a picture of a baby sasquatch I saw in the base of a dead tree.!/photo.php?pid=31416516&op=1&o=global&view=global&subj=10150169543715721&id=1444628504

  13. Hi, I am a recently converted Bigfoot believer – I live in New Zealand, and in the Summer holidays my family and I rented a unit in Honeymoon Bay, Kaiteriteri which is near Nelson. Native bush surrounded the area, and twice we woke up in the morning to see what appeared to be a Bigfoot stalking accross the lawn, which has appeared to quite traumatize my daughter Emily.

  14. Chanda, you are corrct in many ways. The bigfoot that was letting me know that they exist backed away when my stories went public as well. I still sit here in my window waiting to see him on that hillside, but I have basically backed off trying to track him pretty much anymore because he has abandoned me ,I believe because of my online involvement. I have seen him on 2 occasions and had him screaming at me in the night on several others. My contacts with this creature started when, as a BF skeptic in 1999 (or a year or two later, sorry im gettin old and have crs), I accidentally came across a hunting perch with my brother and sons. I do know that this creature tracked us back to the cabins and shook our cabins that night. This made me start thinking harder about BF. Not until several years later did I actually see one on a few occasions and become a serious believer. I did not have cameras or equipment that second time, or you all would be seeing some crazy stuff. It is , in my opinion, not in your favor if you are out there with guns,cameras, and a band of people looking for this thing. They arent stupid. I also believe that they know about all these internet sites, and it is possible that they read and even surf the net. Without proof of what they are, we have know proof of why they are here or what they are doing here. They could be watching us, or measuring something, who knows. We need ambasadors , and thats what I wouldn’t mind being. I believe its not about being the one that finds proof, its about being the one that makes contact. I know they are real….so they are getting the coverage they are expecting when they revealed themselves to me. =)

  15. Oh, I know all about that. I have been on the habituation side of the coin, both as observer and also as a long term witness. I did a documentary that allowed someone into their territory and they were very suspicious after that. I never brought anyone near them again. People DEMANDED things of me and I simply refused. It’s my life, my experience and I want to LEARN about them as a people…their culture, their language, their ways. To me, it doesn’t matter if the skeptics have proof because I’m living the most amazing experience being around them without everyone’s opinions and nasty interference getting in my way and ruining my days and nights anymore. Who needs the negativity? I’m a very educated and intelligent woman who can hold her own in an argument, but alot of country folks are very put off by the nasty behavior Mr. Mike was forced to endure. I’ve had to move away from my former home and switch jobs due to nasty individuals who would exploit me and the Ss. It was only a matter of time before masses of idiots with cameras and guns flocked to Mike’s home to do their usual damage.
    I’ll tell you all what, a face to face encounter and the memory that it paints in your mind and upon your soul will be worth alot more than a blobsquatch photo. Learning the name of one of them is worth a thousand times more than having a dead body that cannot tell you a thing about themselves other than the FACT that they are of the Homo Genus. Seeing one demonstrate their mastery of electromagnetics to deflect light and render themselves camoflaged is worth more than a night out tracking sounds. There is much to be learned from them, and people RUIN their chances to experience the most beautiful and magnificent culture and people in their own element. Serves them right for serving themselves first and lacking any consideration for others, including for the Ss.


  16. It’s very convenient, is it not…that when two gung-ho researchers arrive, the quarry lay low, disappear and because they did not get their “proof” within a day they label the witness with dementia. If I were the witness, I’d slap a slander suit so fast on the ones who made such an official report that their heads were spinning. How dare they?! Are they psychologists? Are they really even credible researchers considering that they gave up after ONE day? Please. Even being a habituator, I know that close up sightings can be few and far in between and reliant on the comfort level of the Ss individuals. You can bet that if they haven’t already left, they’ll consider the witness suspect now. You all just need to leave these forest dwellers alone! And shame on you researchers who let your high handed egos get the best of you that you’re relegated to picking on an old man who HAS MORE SIGHTINGS THAN YOU. That’s what it’s all about, isn’t it? Jealousy. You spend weeks, months, years, sometimes decades without a sighting and here is some regular person without a clue about them at all…and THEY get to see them up close. THEY get to learn and witness. That should be your first indication about what you all are doing wrong. Maybe if you just sit back and live your lives, open your minds a little,put the stupid camera down and forget the childish forums, you’ll get to see something incredible too. There are many plausible basic and quantum SCIENTIFIC answers to the elusive nature of these people that walk the forests. But you’ll never know the reasons behind it for all your failed research methods. The very things that make you think you’ll get closer only push you further away.


    1. Chanda, your point is well-taken by me. I have realized that Bigfoot research as it is practiced by most of the people involved will probably never have positive results. In fact, I have seriously questioned the wisdom of ever telling others if contact is made, because as soon as we run to make the sighting public (like a feather in our cap) the Sasquatch will back away.

      So… I’m totally on your side in this matter.

  17. William — EXACTLY. They’re not going to show when the cameras are up. More’n’likely. Works every time… put up a cam and they disappear. But since Lan isn’t a Bigfoot researcher per se, he probably wasn’t aware of that phenomena.

  18. So a bunch of people come in putting cameras all over the place. Then the bigfoot didn’t show up. What should you expect? They were in the woods watching it all. Then they decided Mike was crazy because they didn’t see any bigfoot. I believe Mike did see some bigfoots but the “researchers” ran them off. Another golden opportunity gone to waste.

  19. I also wanted to state that I have actually had a print(2 inches deep), vanish as if the ground was never walked on when I returned to cast it the next day, and the first one was run over right in front of me by a truck pulling a trailer into a field. Also, some of the reports here in the BlueMountains near walla walla are of mystery prints that appear in a field then vanish. The flying contraption I saw mine on would explain these mytery vanishing prints.
    Also, I have some ideas on BF tracks: If one walks in another dimension, then will there be an electrical/dimensional trace…one gophers are attracted to?. do the gophers unplug the goher trails that were plugged by weight? Have you ever noticed those gopher hills in a perfect stride of about 9 feet for many yards on wheat fields? I see them on hill sides all the time around here. And what about those patches of grass,etc, on hill sides resembling a stride of tracks? is it possible they pick seed up in one field leaving voids and deposit them in an unseeded field making patches? Just some ideas… We have alot to discover yet, but an open mind will get you further along I think.

  20. It is about time I actually heard someone admit that it is possible (shapeshift, teleport) of BF from the respected community that I feel you are part of. Now you all are starting to have an open mind, thus you will get closer to understanding, asI feel I am coming to understandd myself. I too think there is a portal link and the nephalim and the Jinn are good examples of this type of idea. I started to uncover some deep stuff on this following the clues from the SOLAR WARDEN project and some other secret missions our government was involved in involving teleportation. Anyways, Thanks for sharing this and keeping an open mind. I too believe Mr Mike and think he sees them . I think he may be a link to understanding we must have in order to actually figure this mystery out. TY again for your great reports.
    I must say, that , I am 100% sure that BF exists, I have had my proof. But I think that there is a reason we have not made contact with one or seen a skeletal proof….Mainly because I think they are not apes or primates and that they can evade by intelegent maneuver back into what ever dimention they come from. I even feel that the large hump on the back of our famouse BF footage and the deer cross bone braids may be Wings folded and the tips of the wing elbows showing. Wouldn’t that change the worlds view if it turned out these creatures were winged? All siad and done, and crazy as it seems, this too is a possibility of what they are. I think they are the fallen angels from what I have come to figure…but still…no proof. I may not want that proof if it were true.=)

  21. i think bigfoot is real but, info like this does more harm than good.
    do u really think they live in a different dimension say that of angels and demons? how many dimensions do u think there r? how would they leave foot prints in our dimension?
    ect ect ect

    1. I didn’t say I believe they live in a different dimension, but that I’m open-minded about it. Big difference!

      I stay open to the possibility because there are so many accounts of Bigfoot disappearing. Lan stated that the one he saw “vaporized” in front of him, his sister and his father. I’ve heard other stories, similar to that.

      One thing we need to remember is that there’s a lot about this world we’re not aware of yet. There are still scientific discoveries to be made.

      About the footprints, if they were inter-dimensional they could come here, leave footprints, then go back into another dimension.

      Have you seen… What the Bleep Do We Know, and Down the Rabbit Hole?

  22. my theroy/opinion on the bigfoots having the ability of using interdimentional portals i find believable,i’m a 14 yr. seasoned bigfoot researcher/non-kill bigfoot hunter,and i’ve hunted in southern georgia(okeefoenoekee swamps),southern florida(everglades skunk ape),and,northern florida as well,and now for two years in the pennsylvanias allegheny national forest, i have documented several pieces of bigfoot evidence and the bigfoot always seems to be one step ahead of me,i’m always changing up and using new and differant methods,but yet he still eludes me,so i have to be open to this possible theroy,not to mention i too had my own personal expieriance with a vortex when i first moved to pennsylvania 2 1/2 yrs. ago in the allegheny national forest,when this vortex opened up on me in the broad day light it transported me over 5 mles. away from where i had been standing, this is an absoulutly true expieriance, i don’t drink,nor do i do drugs,and nor due i have any mental health issues,before this very scary incident happened to me i was’nt open minded to interdiminsional travel of the bigfoots,but now i’am after my horrifiying expieriance,that was also one of the most scary expieriances in my entire life.

    1. Okay, I’ve heard some strange ones before, but I’ve never heard of a vortex transporting someone. That does indeed sound terrifying. And because it is something outside our normal expectations of existence, it is even more frightening because it would be entirely unexpected.

      I appreciate you telling us about it.

      I’d love to know more details, like how did it start, were you conscious the entire time, and how did you realize it had happened? Was there any experience of time loss?

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