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Compensation Disclosure

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Amazon: Linda Jo Martin, owner this website, is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.Com. I have these links on the site because (1) I frequently shop at Amazon.Com and appreciate the prices and service, and hope you will too, and (2) I’m able to link directly to products that I feel may be of interest and value to people using this website.

Always perform your own due-diligence search when purchasing products from Amazon or from any other advertiser you may reach through links on this website. I cannot guarantee products or services.

Cookies, information gathering by advertisers: Advertisers on this site may collect information about people who click on their ads. For example, they may leave a cookie on your computer to track what other ads you click on. If this bothers you then delete your cookies using the options function in your browser. For more information on how that is done, go to: How to delete cookies. Advertisers may also use a web beacon to track the number of times their ads are displayed. A web beacon is simply a transparent image file. By the way, this is done on every site with Google or Amazon advertising, not just this one.

Google: Google is now using something called a DoubleClick DART cookie. This tracks your interests by tracking what pages you visit on the internet. The intent is to display advertising that matches your interests. More information and opt-out here.

Questions or comments about products or services advertised on this website: If you have any questions or comments, please address them to: This is the email address for the owner of this website.

No Guarantees: The website is provided ‘as is’ whenever available – there’s no guarantee that the site will be up and running at all times.

Copyright: All content on this site is copyright protected. It is owned by Linda Jo Martin unless attributed to someone else. Do not reuse it without permission from the owner of this website. You can reach her via email: If you believe your copyright has been violated please notify the site owner at the same email address, explaining your claim and providing the URL of the page your intellectual property is found on.

Privacy Policy: I will not share your email address with anyone. Do not leave personal information in the body of your comment postings.

To have your information or comments removed from this site:Minors Privacy: If you are under 18, don’t post here, or use only your first initial instead of your name. I will alter your name myself if you use more information and I’m aware that you’re under 18. I will not give your private information to anyone. If you leave your email address I will delete it. If you leave any other identifying information, I will delete it.

Limits of Use: Your use of this website is limited in that not all comments will be posted.

Editing: I reserve the right to lightly edit comments for grammar and spelling, or to remove information that is too personal or that I might think could cause problems for you in the future. My intention here is to protect you, and not to change the meaning of your comments in any way.

Risk: You assume all risk for use of this website, comments you make, and information you impart. I cannot guarantee accuracy or completeness of information and am not responsible for loss resulting in your reliance on my information or your comments on my site.

Obscene or Offensive Content: I am not responsible for obscene or offensive content posted on this site. If you see something you don’t like, please notify me at so I can remove it.

Legal Matters: I am not responsible for any direct or indirect damages from loss of any kind arising from use of this website. My total liability for any claim arising out of use of this website will not exceed $50.00 and that amount will be in lieu of any other remedies. All claims will be subject to confidential binding arbitration to take place in Kootenai County, Idaho, USA. In using this website you agree that the laws of Idaho govern all dispute resolutions, and that each party will be responsible for their own dispute arbitration and legal fees, and that all dispute resolution will be confidential except in the case of copyright infringement claims I may make against you.

Questions or comments about use of this website: If you have any questions or comments, please address them to: This is the email address for the owner of this website, Linda Jo Martin.

Changes: These terms of use may change or be terminated at any time without prior notice. If you are concerned about this please re-read this page each time you log on. This page was most recently updated on 9/4/2015.